The Magestrix is the elected ruler of the Magistracy of Canopus. Technically the position is open to any woman within the Magistracy, but by dint of their popularity House Centrella has dominated the role since the nation's founding. Once elected, Magestrix serve until death or incapacitation, and while they cannot designate a successor they can let it be known whom they would prefer succeed them.[1][2] The Magestrix traditionally rules and maintains her Royal Court on the capitol world of Canopus IV, along with the rest of the Canopian government.[3]

The Magestrix is the head of state and commander-in-chief of the Magistracy Armed Forces, and has near-absolute control of both foreign and domestic policy for the Magistracy. While possessing tremendous autocratic powers, their rule is tempered by the Magistracy's democratic institutions and cultural traditions. A new Magestrix must first win the nomination of the Canopian Electors before being presented to the Central Committee for a final vote; if they do not win two-thirds of the Committee's vote, a new Magestrix must be nominated by the Electors. Once in office, the Central Committee has the power of reviewing all legislation proposed by the Magestrix and vetoing any which does not garner a two-thirds majority of support. The Magestrix can likewise veto legislation passed by the Central Committee, and with each side having differing goals the two frequently butt heads, though the need to compromise helps to protect the Canopian democratic system.[1][2]

The Magestrix is also obligated under the Canopian Constitution to "promote the general welfare of the Canopian people." Given the nation's history of strongly promoting personal freedoms and liberty, the best way of meeting this obligation has traditionally meant ensuring the government stayed out of people's way and let them live their lives as they saw fit. Should a Magestrix attempt to start legislate something as personal as morals or religion, they would quickly find themselves out of a job.[4]

List of Magestrix[edit]

Name Reign Descent
Centrella Magestrix 2530 - 2584
Kossandra 2530 - ****
**** **** - **** Daughter of Kossandra
Floral **** - 2550 Granddaughter of Kossandra
Coranna 2550 - 2569
Crystalla 2569 - 2584
Military Governors 2584 - 2604
General Ian Marik 2584 - 2588
Military Governor Melissa Humphreys 2588 - 2604
Centrella Magestrix 2604 - present
Rinalla 2604 - 2612 Daughter of Crystalla
Carla 2612 - 2654 Daughter of Rinalla
Celine 2654 - 2656 Daughter of Carla
Gorraine 2656 - 2680 Sister of Celine
Acting Magestrix Kim 2680 - 2683 Granddaughter of Gorraine
Kim 2683 - 2712
Jehan 2712 - 2738 Daughter of Kim
Acting Magestrix Vanura 2738 - **** Daughter of Jehan
Vanura **** - 2760
Janina 2760 - **** Daughter of ****, Magestrix during the Amaris Crisis
**** **** - ****
Rwannah **** - **** Daughter of ****, Magestrix during the 1st Succession War
**** **** - ****
Michaela **** - **** Daughter of ****, Magestrix 2840
**** **** - ****
Tamara **** - 3012
Kyalla 3012 - 3040 Daughter of Tamara
Emma 3040 - **** Daughter of Kyalla
Naomi 3073 - **** Daughter of Emma & Nicolas Ramilia, wife of Sun-Tzu Liao
Ilsa **** - **** Daughter of Naomi and Sun-Tzu Liao


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