Rinalla Centrella

Rinalla Centrella
Character Profile
Born 23 May 2563
Died 7 January 2613
Affiliation House Centrella
Profession Magestrix
Parents Crystalla Centrella (mother)
Children Carla Centrella

Rinalla Centrella was the first Magestrix to rule the Magistracy of Canopus after the Reunification War.


Described as pretty and doll-like, Rinalla Centrella was the daughter of Crystalla Centrella and the direct descendant of the founding ruler of the Magistracy of Canopus, Kossandra Centrella. Born in 2563, Rinalla hadn't yet celebrated her fourteenth birthday when the Star League declared war on the nations of the Periphery.[1] Although the Star League went to war with the Taurian Concordat first, on the 14th of May 2577 the formal declaration of war was delivered to Rinalla's mother[2] - nine days before Rinalla's birthday.[1]

Although Rinalla displayed a coquettish attitude, she was keenly intelligent and the Reunification War framed both her childhood and education; too short to undergo the MechWarrior training[1] her mother had undertaken[3] Rinalla trained as both a medical orderly and as an ambulance mechanic.[1] The invasion of Canopus IV in April 2584[4] exposed Rinalla to the horrors of war firsthand, working in a makeshift medical station that had been set up in the grounds of the palace[1] in Delphi.[4]

The war continued after Crystalla was captured - the deposed Magestrix famously refused to assist with efforts to force the Magistracy Armed Forces to surrender[5] - and during the occupation of Canopus Rinalla returned to her favorite pursuit: hedonism. Rinalla came to regard the officers of the occupying Star League Defense Force and Free Worlds League Military as playthings for her amusement, although her subsequent friendship with future Captain-General Rhean Marik exposed a more serious side to Rinalla's character. While Rhean was the perfect foil to Rinalla, Rhean being academic and socially repressed in contrast to the happy-go-lucky Rinalla, they remained friends,[1] and as the 2590s went on[6] Rinalla demonstrated both determination and steely resolve to improve the lives of her people.[1]

Sixteen years after the occupation of the Magistracy began, it was judged appropriate to withdraw the occupying forces and restore civil law; Crystalla was approached by Melissa Humphreys - the Star League's civilian administrator responsible for the Magistracy - to take up the title and role of Magestrix again[1] with the restoration of the government in 2604,[6] but Crystalla refused, arguing that it was time for the next generation to rule.[3] Rinalla was both the natural choice and a popular choice to become Magestrix and became a dynamic leader, whose reign was greatly beneficial to the Magistracy.[1] Rinalla continued the economic policies enacted by Melissa Humphreys that had proven so successful when the Magistracy was rebuilding, and once Rinalla had taken up a spot on the Star League High Council she also pledged troops to the SLDF - a far greater percentage of the MAF than the size of the Magistracy dictated, thereby allowing her to build up her armed forces through the SLDF.[7]

Rinalla's reign was destined to be a short one, however;[3] Rinalla was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer in 2612 and stepped down from the role of Magestrix, passing the title to her eighteen-year-old daughter, Carla.[8] After a brief struggle against the cancer Rinalla died on the 7th of January 2613,[1] eighteen months after the death of her own mother.[3]



  • Rinalla has the Attractive Trait.[6]
  • Rinalla has the Gregarious Trait.[6]


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