Melissa Humphreys

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Melissa Humphreys
Character Profile
Born 19 December 2528[1]
Died 18 February 2624[1]
Affiliation House Humphreys
Title(s) Duchess of Andurien[1]
Duchess of Xanthe
Position Minister of Foreign Affairs[1]
Military Governor of Canopus[1]
Profession Noble
Parents Richard Humphreys (father)[1]

Melissa Humphreys was a Free Worlds League noblewoman, Star League diplomat, and the political leader of the Andurien Province.


Early Life and Career[edit]

Only daughter of Duke Richard Humphreys, she was raised to be his heir and given an extensive education which included; Economics, Military Schooling, and Politics. She briefly had a successful military career and went into politics where she arose from regional assembly to the Free Worlds League's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[2]

Highlights of her Political Career[edit]

As Minister, she played a pivotal role in negotiations that led to the formation of the Star League. Melissa proved her mettle during the negotiations by standing up to the leadership of the Hegemony and her own nation. She would witness the signing of the Star League Accords and received one of the pens used to sign the document in 2571. She remained as an important diplomat through the Star League's first decade, where at times she served as proxy for the Captain-General.

During the Reunification War, she was instructed to prepare plans for the reconstruction of the Magistracy of Canopus.[3] After the Magistracy's surrender to Star League forces in 2588, she was dispatched to take over as their Military Governor.

As governor she put into action her plans to rebuild the nation which included; Rebuilding nation's infrastructure, creating a Central Committee to keep control the Magestrix and universal suffrage for men.[4][5] Her governance of the Magistracy was first marred with unrest, however as time went by her benign rule subsided this unrest. As time went by while working with Magestrix Crystalla Centrella.

Her reconstruction efforts which would later be called the “Good Neighbors” policy, bring in funding that outmatch the Star League aid to rebuild. By 2604, she would turn over control of the Magistracy back to its government and retire from Star League service and become special ambassador to Captain-General.In 2614 she would return from retirement become aide to dying Captain-General Rhean Marik for remainder of her reign.[6]


Melissa's efforts and belief in ideals of the Star League led to prosperity of the Magistracy of Canopus which she credit for.[7]


Under AToW RPG System, Melissa Humphreys has +1 modifier for any Negotiation Checks if she is in the party (+2 if she takes direct hand in the negotiations.) and +1 for any Administration Action Checks.[8]


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