Handbook: House Marik

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Handbook: House Marik
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills
Primary writing Chris Hartford
Pages 176
Cover Artwork Franz Vohwinkel
Illustrations Attila Adorjany
Robert C. Atkinson
Doug Chaffee
Earl Geiger
Chris Lewis
Gerhard Mozsi
Klaus Scherwinski
Franz Vohwinkel
Matt Yo
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code 35019
First published 2005
ISBN-10 1932564535
Era Civil War era
Jihad era
Agency League Parliamentary Archive Services
Universe Date 5 October 3067
Series Handbook
Preceded by Handbook: House Steiner
Followed by Handbook: House Davion


Handbook: House Marik is the definitive book on the Free Worlds League, having incorporated all previously written materials on the Successor State. This volume contains a detailed history of the League and House Marik up to 3067, brief histories of some of the League's more important planets, and an explanation of how its Parliamentary form of government works. The book glosses over the Free Worlds League Military and SAFE, since those organizations were detailed at length in Field Manual: Free Worlds League and A Guide to Covert Ops, respectively. The source information wraps up with an analysis of the many cultures of the FWL and what drives its economy, including a detailed list of the League's most important companies. The book ends with additional rules to be incorporated into Classic BattleTech and CBT:RPG games. These include expanded sub-regions, skills, and new life paths for roleplayers, and new environments and unit types for war gamers.

From the back cover[edit]

Wracked for centuries by civil wars, House Marik's Free Worlds League has endured by virtue of the tenacity and diversity of its people. Now, led by the strongest Captain-General in half a millennium, House Marik has stretched its wings, pushing the shadows of its influence across the Inner Sphere. Both by its revitalized military and an economic might that challenges even the ages-old dominance of House Steiner, the eagle soars proudly, as do the people who wave its banner.

The second in a new, dynamic Classic BattleTech series, Handbook: House Marik compiles the crucial history, politics and cultures of the Inner Sphere's first Great House. More than just a sourcebook, Handbook: House Marik includes rules for both Classic BattleTech and Classic BattleTech RPG campaigns, including new support vehicles, creatures, personal weapons, life paths and more!


  • Free Worlds Government
    • The Captain-General
    • Parliament
    • Federal Government Ministries
    • League General Accounting Office (GAO)
    • Local Government
    • League Nobility
    • SAFE
  • Society and Culture
    • Peoples and Cultures
    • Crime and Justice
    • Education
    • Religion
    • Festivals and Traditions
    • Media and the Arts
    • Clothing and Style
    • Science and Technology
    • Social and Political Movements
  • Economy
    • National Economy
    • Military Engineering
    • Naval Engineering
    • Civil Engineering and Agriculture
    • Services
  • House Marik: Rules Annex
    • Classic BattleTech RPG Rules
    • Sub-Regions
    • Traits
    • Skills
    • Additional Life Paths
    • Creatures
    • Personal Equipment
    • Vehicles
    • Cost of Living in the Free Worlds League
    • Roleplaying in the Free Worlds League
    • Classic BattleTech Rules
  • Index
  • Record Sheets


  • Technically, in-character, there are two publishers of this document: Dagger Publications, which released Handbook: House Marik in September 3067, and the League Parliamentary Archive Services, which licensed and published a large portion of Dagger's release for public briefing documents on 05 October of the same year (and appears to be the one in the hands of the in-universe reader).
  • The trademarked title was Classic BattleTech Handbook: House Marik.