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  • February: The Second Taurian Pride and the Taurian Defense Force V Corps battle for control of Gaul.
  • April 2nd: Peter Steiner-Davion kills Nondi Steiner in single combat in Tharkad City.
  • April 5th: Forces under the command of Morgan Kell and Peter Steiner-Davion secure Tharkad for the Allies.
  • April 20th: The Second Battle of New Avalon ends in victory for Allied forces under Victor Steiner-Davion. The FedCom Civil War ends.
  • May 8th: A Trial of Possession is fought between Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Nova Cat over the WarShip Rasalhague.
  • August 12th: A raiding force from the Tortuga Fusiliers is defeated by the planetary militia on Charleston in the Taurian Concordat.
  • September: The Third Taurian Lancers forces on Hyalite retreat in the face of resistance from the Second Albion Training Cadre.
  • October 15th: Wolf's Dragoons attacked on Outreach by Word of Blake-supported mercenaries.
  • October 15th: The Word of Blake Jihad starts with a Blake-supported attack by underemployed mercenaries.
  • October 24th: The Lyran-hired Bloody Stoats kill a Free Worlds League general and several cadets in a botched kidnapping attempt.
  • November 3rd: Clan Snow Raven assaults the planet of Antallos.
  • December: The campaign on Luthien begins.
  • December: The Voice of the Dragon compound on Luthien is captured by the Kokuryu-kai in the last week of the year.
  • December: The New Avalon Cavaliers are decimated by the Blakist naval bombardment and initial landings at the New Avalon Institute of Science.
  • December 5th: The Word of Blake assaults Tharkad, with a bombardment by the LCS Invincible.
  • December 11th: The Battle of McCarel Farm takes place on New Avalon.
  • December 15th: The Northwind Highlanders are blockaded on Northwind by the Word of Blake.
  • December 20th: A Word of Blake flotilla arrives in the Outreach system and destroys two Wolf's Dragoons' WarShips.
  • December 28th: The Word of Blake blockades Outreach.
  • December 30th: The Black Dragons gain control over Luthien.
  • December 30th: Blakist forces conquer Epsilon Indi.
  • December 30th: Blakist forces conquer Fletcher.
  • December 30th: Blakist forces conquer Tall Trees.




Special BTW Note

The year 3067 is the standard date for when the storyline is picked up by FanPro, after FASA sold the BattleTech franchise. As such, many sourcebooks are set in 3067, including the Handbook series, A Guide to Covert Ops, and Field Manual: Updates.