Handbook: House Liao

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Handbook: House Liao
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Author Jason Schmetzer
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Pages 167
Cover Artwork Klaus Scherwinski
Illustrations Jason Banditt Adams
Justin Adams
Stu Barnes
Doug Chaffee
Pat David
Nate Furman
Tariq Hassan
Alex Iglesias
Jason Juta
David Kegg
Chris Lewis
Aaron Miller
Mark Molnar
Matt Plog
Ryan Portillo
John A. Schmidt
Anthony Scroggins
Chad Sergesketter
Alex Tooth
Hugh Vogt
Christopher Wilhelm
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35204
First published 2011
ISBN-10 1934857734
ISBN-13 978-1-934857-73-1
Era Civil War Era
Agency University of Sian Press
Universe Date 3067
Timeline 2086 – 3067
Series Handbook
Preceded by Handbook: Major Periphery States
Followed by Handbook: House Kurita


Handbook: House Liao is the fifth in the series of books detailing the nations of the Inner Sphere and is the definitive sourcebook on the Capellan Confederation. This book provides information on culture, history, and faction information up to 3067.

From the back cover[edit]

Assailed for centuries by enemies on every side, House Liao’s Capellan Confederation faced its own oblivion time and again. Now, nearly forty years since the realm teetered on the very brink of collapse, the Confederation has returned, reclaiming the pride and unity lost when the armies of Steiner and Davion rolled across their worlds to shatter them. Led by the crafty and charismatic Sun-Tzu Liao, and embracing the spirit of Xin Sheng—rebirth—House Liao once again has become a political and military power to be reckoned with, defying those who would see them fail, and deadly to all who oppose them.

Handbook: House Liao compiles the history, politics, and cultures of the Inner Sphere’s smallest—and perhaps least understood—Great House. This sourcebook also includes game rules for use with Total Warfare, Tactical Operations and A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG, including new support vehicles, equipment, creatures, and more!

Handbook: House Liao™ continues the faction-based Handbook series that updates the political, economic, and historical details of the major realms in the BattleTech universe.


  • Strength in belief
  • Confederation
  • Genesis
  • Capellan maturity
  • Outreach
  • Justin Allard Redux
  • Justin’s Revenge
  • Dynastic Heir
  • Ascendance
  • First Lord of the Cart
  • New Birth
  • Shell Games
  • St. Ives Gambit
  • Standing Firm
  • Reintegration and Trinity
  • Touring the realm
  • Government
  • Chancellors of the Capellan Confederation
  • Ministry of Resources
  • Ministry of Information Standards
  • Ministry of Trade and Exchange
  • Ministry of Development
  • Ministry of Social Education
  • Ministry of the Military
  • Ministry of Allied Relations
  • Capellan nobility
  • House Liao
  • Other Nobles in Government
  • Sub-national governments
  • Commonalities
  • Duchies
  • Warrens
  • Demesnes
  • Training
  • Command
  • Divisions
  • Military
  • Structure of the CCAF
  • CCAF High Command
  • Regional Commands
  • Talon Zahn
  • Major Training Centers
  • Unit Types
  • Uniforms and Insignia
  • Xin Sheng and Historical Ranks
  • Ranks and Insignia
  • Medals and Honors
  • Society
  • Capellan Citizenship
  • The Capellan Caste System
  • Education
  • Media and the Arts
  • Arts and Literature
  • Science and Technology
  • Annual Art Shows
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Politics and Movements
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Economy
  • National Economy
  • Major Industries
  • Military-Industrial Complex
  • Rules
  • Creatures
  • Personal equipment
  • Support vehicles
  • Cost of living in the Capellan Confederation
  • Roleplaying in the Capellan Confederation
  • BattleTech Rules
  • Index
  • Record sheets