Zhanzheng de Guang

The Zhanzheng de Guang (or War of Light[1]) was a pro–Capellan Confederation terrorist organization that incited insurrection on several Sarna March worlds prior to Operation Guerrero.


Though active after the Fourth Succession War[2], the organization supposedly founded by Xu Ning first came to widespread notice when it attacked police units and garrison forces on Aldebaran, Zurich, Styk, and Gan Singh in 3056. Throughout the rest of the year members continued their attacks, expanding to Acamar, Fletcher, and Nanking. As 3056 and 3057 continued, the Zhanzheng de Guang members committed bombings, bank robberies, and other acts in order to strain the local government's law enforcement capabilities. As soon as Operation Guerrero commenced, the Zhanzheng de Guang stepped up their efforts, and took control of Zurich, establishing the "People's Liberation Party."[3]

The Zhanzheng de Guang prior to 3054 was an semi-organized and undisciplined group of criminals. In 3054 Maskirovka agents landed on multiple worlds and provided training and guidance.[4][5] The Zurich cell was particularly effective; They overthrew the planetary government.[6][7] By contrast, the Fletcher based organization tried to overthrow the planetary government but lacked any external support, largely destroying the organization on that world.[8] In 3067 the Maskirovka continued to fund Zhanzheng de Guang cells that still operated in the Chaos March.[9]

Prior to the Jihad the Manei Domini had managed to eliminate Zhanzheng de Guang cells on Keid, Hall, Fletcher, Caph, Bryant, Sheratan, and Liberty.[10]

In 3128 the Chancellor would repeat these tactics to trigger a revolt on Liao.[11]


  • A more proper translation of this somewhat awkwardly phrased term is "Light of the War."


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