Manei Domini

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Manei Domini
Organization Profile
Type Religious Organization
Parent Organization Word of Blake
I regret that such theatrics are necessary, but there had to be retribution. Understand this, Regulan Prince: we could lay this entire spaceport—and everyone within it—to waste in the time it just took to break the bones in your arm. Do not mistake our restraint for weakness. As surely as we have the power to shatter Frail bones, we have the power to shatter your entire Frail nation.
  — Precentor Apollyon[1]

The Manei Domini were an elite group of cybernetically enhanced soldiers who served the Word of Blake from approximately 3060 into the early 3080s. These soldiers were considered their own subgroup within the Word of Blake organization, forming the Shadow Divisions but also often operating as individual agents or in small teams. They were largely unknown to the wider public until the Jihad began in 3068.[2] This warrior-culture answered only to the Manei Domini leadership. Their leadership included the Precentor of the Manei Domini, an individual named Apollyon, who answered to an individual known only as the Master.[3]

Their Latin name supposedly means Hands of the Master,[4] though it has been acknowledged in-universe that the translation is actually inaccurate ("bad Latin").[5]


Early History[edit]

During most of the 3060s the Manei Domini were reportedly operating strictly as a special operations organization. Intelligence agencies began hearing reports on the Manei Domini starting from the Dragoons' Wolfnet on Outreach. They made their first appearance on the Periphery world of Helios, where the wreckage of a Manei Domini vehicle was found with a Bloody Hand symbol on it (their name in some reports was sometimes mentioned as the Manei Atrocis, or Bloody Hands[6]). Their primary area of operation appeared to be the Chaos March - where the unit wiped out the Capellan-backed Zhanzheng de Guang insurgencies on Caph, Fletcher, Hall, Keid and Liberty - however there was also evidence of their activity in the Marian Hegemony and Circinus Federation.[7]

The exact nature of the Manei Domini was not fully understood at this time since they were apparently waging war against the Dragoons' Wolfnet and Seventh Kommando, isolating the Dragoons' intelligence network from the rest of the Chaos March so it could not operate properly. Their campaign included the exposure and brutal murders of many Wolfnet operatives, and even the HPG station on Outreach itself was firebombed on separate occasions. The result was that the Dragoons' intelligence network was forced to divide their attention between this new threat and the greater events taking place in the rest of the Inner Sphere.[7]

The Manei Domini were also believed responsible for attacking the other Great Houses' intelligence agencies along with ComStar's ROM. Despite their extensive activities very little was known about the group during this period. ROM was able to gather that its members were fanatical agents, highly augmented with cybernetic prosthetics and myomer implants, extensively trained in terrorism, espionage, insurgency and counterinsurgency operations, and completely amoral. All attempts to capture these operatives alive ended in failure due to the surgically implanted self-destruct devices in their bodies, which often left few remains to study. At best it was surmised the group was backed by a powerful organization, possibly Capellan in nature, with access to tremendous resources.[7]


It was not until the outbreak of the Jihad that the Manei Domini were organized into thirteen military-style “Shadow Divisions”. These forces were initially raised, trained and equipped for a genocidal showdown with the Clans, as most of their augmentations are aimed at besting the genetically enhanced Clan warriors. However with the fall of the Second Star League they were soon unleashed on an unsuspecting Inner Sphere.

The conflict saw the massive expansion of the Word of Blake Protectorate which formed in 3066, and the Domini's Shadow Divisions were dispatched with regular (formerly hidden) Word of Blake Militia Divisions to attack various strategic targets. These missions ranged from crippling the major Inner Sphere nations' capitals and industries to securing vital resources needed to bolster the Protectorate's integrity. Though used to supplement the Militia Divisions, Shadow Divisions were not under direct command of WoB High Command.

By midway through the War, Shadow Divisions began to strike against Protectorate controlled worlds masquerading as House units for unsuspected reasons. Intelligence reports indicated that the Precentor Manei Domini was being accused by Precentor Martial Cameron St. Jamais of dispatching the Shadow Divisions to strike at Protectorate worlds in 3075.[8]

Overview of Manei Domini[edit]

While cybernetic-enhanced operatives were not unheard of in the Inner Sphere, the Manei Domini stood above all others with the complexity and number of their enhancements, and no equivalent to them could be found even among ComStar or the Clans. Outside of actual combat however they were rarely encountered by the general public, and in such instances almost never more than six were seen at a time.[9]


Once a member of the organization many Manei Domini considered their previous life over, but to be inducted into the ranks of the Manei Domini was a rare privilege.[9] The organization was extremely selective in who it allowed to join the "Hands of the Master" - only Blakists who had demonstrated fanatical devotion to the Word, even at the expense of their well-being and with no ambition beyond serving the Word. Even applicants who met this high bar of fanaticism were chosen only after having suffered grievous injuries which required radical reconstruction and implantation as, in the eyes of the Manei Domini, their first sacrifice of flesh must be performed without the promise of replacement.[10]

Characteristics and Combat Style[edit]

Manei Domini soldiers were known for their fierceness, fearlessness, and fanatical devotion to their Master, and were rated as elite warriors regardless of rank or duty. In addition, they trusted their fellow Manei Domini kin without question and harbored few ambitions beyond serving the Master, further compounding their combat capability. This level of indoctrination made it nearly impossible to convince a Manei Domini to change their mind or turn against one another. Only by getting through their automatic distrust of non–Manei Domini and appealing to their belief in the Master's will would a person have any hope of a chance.[11]

Manei Domini in combat were lethal, ruthless killers, but they were not just berserkers who killed all in sight with no regard for tactics or discipline. Manei Domini would regularly engage multiple targets at once so as to be as efficient as possible, whilst occasionally adding the odd gory or grisly kill to demoralize opponents. Manei Domini never retreated out of fear but, unless a last stand was conducive to the will of their superiors, they did make withdrawals when the situation proved untenable. For the same reason the Manei Domini never surrendered or allowed themselves to be taken captive, either activating their self-destruct implants themselves or through remote trigger by friendly operatives, unless again it served the Master's will, e.g. getting close enough to kill an enemy commander.[11][10]

Those times when the Manei Domini interacted with the Inner Sphere in a nonviolent manner, they often displayed an attitude of dispassionate superiority. After all, the Domini were merely humble servants of the Master, sacrifices for the redemption of all humankind. Such indifferent contempt for the "frails" showed itself in a number of areas: for example captives were rarely mistreated, at least if there wasn't a tactically beneficial reason to do so. The exceptions were those of noble birth or otherwise directly connected to the Great Houses, whom the Manei Domini saw as responsible for the dissolution of the Second Star League, and members of the Clans, the enemy for whose destruction they had originally been created. Such was their hatred for the Clans that most captives taken by the Manei Domini were summarily executed on the spot.[11]

When interacting with other members of the Word of Blake, the Manei Domini were noted to have an arrogance ironically similar to that displayed by Clan warriors when dealing with lower caste members. Indeed the fact that the Manei Domini were not formally a part of the standard command structure often caused friction with "common" Blakists forces, though such internal rivalries were little more than passing interests to the Manei Domini. Indeed whenever the Manei Domini served alongside these forces in battle they often saw it almost as a favor to them; if they followed the orders of a conventional Blakist officer it was only so long as said orders were seen to serve the Master's will.[11]


The Manei Domini utilize their own language, aptly named High Dominus, which is a mix of ancient Greek and classic Latin. Used in ceremonial occasions, Domini regularly intermix High Dominus with more well-known languages such as English, which understandably confuses others not of the Manei Domini who hear it. Usually it is spoke in greetings to fellow Domini as well as in special chants.[11]

Manei Domini Ranking and Classes[edit]

The Manei Domini’s ranking system uses both the standard Word of Blake ranking system and their own, in addition to a separate classification system. Rank seniority went by seven characters from the Greek alphabet, with the first being the lowest rank, and signified how many and what types of cybernetic enhancements could be implanted. In addition to this rank were secondary designations, named after mythological creatures of an undead nature, which signified their basic function. While enough overlap existed for "cross-class" operatives, only rarely would a Domini change class by completely removing their implants and installing new ones to fit their new role.[12]

Low-ranking Manei Domini retained their birth-names, though they were referred to by their formal title with Word of Blake military rank and last name. In some instances their military rank would be modified by their Manei Domini rank and, though rarely used by Domini, their full formal title also included their designation.


Once an exceptional Manei Domini achieved the rank of Sigma, they were awarded a "true name" at an "ascension" ceremony. Also known as an "ascended" name, these took the place of their birth names and were modeled after the names of angels or demons (never gods) in ancient religions, related to their duties to the Master. These Domini were also known as the "Ascended" and with their new rank came a Division-level command or other important sub-command within the Shadow Divisions or ROM.[12]

Example: A soldier's birth name is Sarah Marshal, her WoB rank is Adept and Manei Domini rank is Omega, and her occupation is a MechWarrior. If being addressed to, she could answer to as Adept Marshal, Adept Omega Marshal or as Phantom Adept Omega Marshal.

Word of Blake Manei Domini Officer Ranks
Word of Blake Rank Adept Adept Adept Adept Demi-Precentor Precentor Precentor
Manei Domini Rank
Alpha Beta Omega Tau Delta Sigma Omicron
Word of Blake Manei Domini Classes
Class Designator Primary Function Cybernetic Implants Required Notes
Ghost Reconnaissance Ear or Eye Implant Battlefield reconnaissance agents, Ghosts were trained in stealth, surveillance, wilderness survival and tracking, along with how to use (and abuse) communication and security systems, and when necessary how to perform interrogations. They were quite handy with melee weapons.
Wraith Infiltrator Cosmetic Implants (non-horror type) Wraiths were battlefield infiltrators, using cosmetic enhancements to appear as outwardly normal as possible. Skilled in demolitions and cryptography, Wraiths also knew their way around communication and security systems, were able to disguise and hide themselves from the enemy and, if caught, trained in ways to fast-talk out of a situation.
Banshee Defense Full-Body Myomer Implants These defense specialists were trained to use a wide variety of melee, small arms and support weapons, as well as any form of martial arts. Adept demolitionists and tacticians, Banshees also knew how to operate sensor and electronic countermeasure systems, along with survival techniques in hostile environments
Zombie Assault Enhanced Prosthetic The shock troops of the Manei Domini, Zombie agents were skilled martial artists and tacticians, trained to use any weapon from melee to support-class. They could intimidate an opponent into surrendering or draw a weapon and kill them with it before their opponent had a chance to react.
Phantom Vehicular Pilot Vehicular DNI Implant Phantoms piloted everything from battle armor to 'Mechs and fighters, were trained in how to operate and repair the various systems necessary for their function, and skilled in individual and small-scale tactics.
Specter Command Communication Implant The organization's military commanders, Specters were one of the few Manei Domini who could be encountered outside of battle, often acting as advisers or representatives of the Master alongside "normal" field commanders and administrators. Besides training in leadership, tactics and strategy, Specters were cryptographers and knew their way around communication and computer systems. They were also proficient in navigating administrative and bureaucratic systems, and could perform negotiations and interrogations.
Poltergeist Special Operative Any Implants These perceptive agents could appear anywhere on or off the battlefield, operating by themselves or in conjunction with ROM. Trained actors, Poltergeists were skilled in the arts of deception, seduction, negotiation, and interrogation. They could blend in among the lower and the upper classes, knew how to hide and survive in hostile environments, conduct surveillance, and crack security systems. Melee weapons were their weapon of choice.

Manei Domini Equipment[edit]

The Manei Domini employed a vast variety of equipment, weaponry, cyberware and vehicles, all of which were used to terrifying effect, fear being a primary weapon of all Shadow Divisions and Manei Domini. With their initial conception of totally eradicating the Clans, the Manei Domini had no qualms about using weapons of mass destruction, whether they be nuclear, chemical or biological. In addition to their own unique gear, Manei Domini had access to any combat vehicle, battle armor, fighter or 'Mech produced by the Word of Blake or Free Worlds League and, if part of an occupation force, were not above using captured enemy equipment against their foes.[13]

Manei Domini Vehicles[edit]

The Manei Domini possessed a special array of 'Mechs, battle armor, combat vehicles, and aerospace fighters, with most of the designs being enhanced versions of standard vehicles used by armies before. However, sometime after their formation the Manei Domini came into contact with the military engineer Doctor Devon Cortland, who was able to develop many new series of armor, fighters, OmniVehicles and OmniMechs. Cortland, also known as Precentor Vapula, designed this technology for exclusive Manei Domini use by implementing cybernetic interface systems in almost all Manei Domini equipment. One seemingly odd omission from the list of equipment used by the Manei Domini however was the highly advanced Raptor II covert reconnaissance & search-and-destroy medium BattleMech, which does not appear to have been used by them, or at least not routinely.[14] A possible exception to this though may have been the Opacus Venatori.

Celestial Series of OmniMechs[edit]

One of Doctor Cortland's first endeavors was taking over the failed Grand Crusader II OmniMech project[15] which had foundered.[16] In 3070, the Celestial series' premiere shocked many observers who expected to see only one 'Mech design but were greeted with six instead. These six designs were each named after angelic beings from various religions and were made to appear menacing to all who opposed them, thus adding merit to the designs' namesakes.

The Celestial Series OmniMechs
Light Medium Heavy Assault
Malak Preta Grigori,

Machina Domini program[edit]

The Machina Domini program was an attempt to improve the survivability of Manei Domini MechWarriors while also saving BattleMech tonnage and internal space. The Machina Domini system consisted of a specialized PA(L) suit that connected to the pilot's VDNI, while at the same time integrating itself in a specially designed cockpit in the 'Mech. The suit took the place of the 'Mech's cockpit control systems, with the 'Mech reading the VDNI and bio-feedback directly from the suit. The system even eliminated the need for a gyro. Only a number of prototypes were manufactured, consisting of a single class each of 'Mech and battle armor.[17]

The Machina Domini program
BattleMechs Battle Armor
Gestalt "Machina Domini" Interface Armor

ProtoMech program[edit]

Historically, Inner Sphere powers showed little to no interest in developing their own ProtoMechs. One of the major stumbling blocks was the need for an Enhanced Imaging system in order to control the machine; even if it could be copied, the moral and ethical problems associated with the system would prevent widespread use. Inner Sphere scientists also lacked the technical knowledge to recreate the special internal structure, armoring and heat sinks which went into ProtoMech construction, which would have resulted in bulkier, less-effective units.[18] The only Inner Sphere faction known to have moved beyond theoretical discussions was the Word of Blake, overcoming the control and pilot size issues with the development of an advanced pilot interface based off their Vehicular Direct Neural Interface technology, encasing a limbless Manei Domini in a life-support apparatus that was then sealed within a ProtoMech, the pilot maintained via intravenous nutrients and recycled biomatter. During the early experimental stage, the technical limitations preventing the construction of Inner Sphere ProtoMech chassis were sidestepped with the Word utilizing captured and reverse-engineered Clan models. The only known combat deployment of these hybrid ProtoMechs was during the Blakist strike against the Capellan Confederation world of Necromo in late 3071 and it is not known whether they were the first of their kind or a technological dead end.[19]

Demon Series of Battle Armor[edit]

Designed to accompany the Celestial Series OmniMechs in battle, the Demon series first appeared in 3070[20] in various hot-spots on the battlefields of the Jihad. Like the Celestial Series, these Battle Armor seldom appeared outside the ranks of the Manei Domini. Also in line with the Celestial Series, the Demon Series of Battle Armor were each named after various demons of ancient lore and were aesthetically designed as such.

The Demon series Battle Armor Suits
Light Medium Heavy Assault
Djinn Asura,
Tengu Nephilim,

Spectral Series of OmniFighters[edit]

The Spectral Series of OmniFighters began to appear on Gibson in late 3071.[21] The three designs share similar design features which include a small cockpit and collapsible wing structures. The collapsible wings were designed to reduce the fighter's profile in space, thus allowing it to be mistaken for an escape pod or small shuttle. However this advantage was more accidental than intentional by Doctor Cortland: his goal was to improve the vector thrust characteristics of the fighters in space.[22]

The Spectral series OmniFighters:
Light Medium Heavy
Shade Rusalka Striga

Serpentus Series of OmniVehicles[edit]

The Serpentus Series was the name of the Word of Blake's ground Combat Vehicles series, which made its first appearance in the early 3070s. Only one of this series managed to reach production, which was named the Bolla.[23] The names or types of vehicles which were slated to be part of the Serpentus are unknown.

Spectral LAM Series[edit]

The Spectral LAM series were a trio of new Land-Air 'Mech designs, utilized by the Word of Blake's elite armed forces in very limited numbers. The series first emerged in 3075 and saw limited action a year later, deployed from both factories on Terra and Gibson. The Spectral LAMs utilize a combination of old Star League and Clan technologies to increase these new designs' potential. However, each of the designs disappeared due to a lack of parts after both factory sites were lost in the fighting.[24]

The Spectral LAM series:
Light Medium Medium
Pwwka Yurei Waneta

Omni Configuration Names[edit]

Like all Omni related vehicles/'Mechs/etc., they have a number of configurations. However, instead of using common configuration names such as "Primary" or "A Configuration", Latin terms are instead used. Other follow-on OmniVehicles and OmniFighters have used the same naming conventions.

Manei Domini Omni Configuration Names
Conventional Omni Names Prime A B C D E S U
Manei Domini Names Invictus Dominus Infernus Comminus Luminos Eminus Caelestis Exanimus

Manei Domini Cybernetics[edit]

This is a brief listing of the array of cybernetics that are offered to the members of Manei Domini. All Manei Domini agents receive enhancements, however their availability is dependent upon the job and rank of the individual. In addition all Manei Domini implants contain either an explosive, incendiary or chemical self-destruct which could be triggered by the operative themselves, remotely by another Manei Domini, or automatically go off if the agent is killed or incapacitated.[13]

Manei Domini Cybernetic Availability
Manei Domini Rank Alpha Beta Omega Tau Delta Sigma Omicron
# of Implants (Min/Max) 2/3 3/4 3/4 3/5 4/7 4/8 6/10
Max. Implant Level 2 2 3 4 4 4 5
Level 0
Cosmetic Enhancements Prosthetic Limbs (Type 4 & 5)
Level 1
Enhanced Prosthetics Secondary Power Supply
Level 2
Pain Shunt Cybernetic Ear Implants Cybernetic Eye Implants Cybernetic Speech Implant
Communications Unit Recorder Unit Receiver Unit Transmitter Unit
Level 3
Improved Enhanced Prosthetics Prosthetic Leg MASC Pheromone Effuser Vehicular Direct Neural Interface
Boosted Communications Unit Boosted Recorder Unit Boosted Receiver Unit Boosted Transmitter Unit
Multi-Modal Eyes Multi-Modal Ears Multi-Modal Speech
Level 4
Toxin Effuser Dermal Myomer Armor Implant Triple-Strength Myomer Implant
Level 5
Enhanced Multi-Modal Implants Buffered Vehicular Direct Neural Interface


Shadow Division Force Specific Abilities[edit]

BattleTech has special Force Specific rules that allows enhancement of gameplay when playing against a specific faction. The Shadow Divisions each have their own unique traits, abilities, and even penalties. In addition to these specific abilities, every Shadow Division also has several standard Force Specific abilities: Immunity from Forced Withdrawal Rules, they can negate Overrun Combat, and Forcing the Initiative abilities an opposing force may have.[25]

Word of Blake's Shadow Division Standard Force Specific abilities
Force Specific Ability/Name Who it Affects What it does
Forced Withdrawal Immunity Shadow Division Immunity to effects of this ability in scenario
Overrun Combat Immunity Opposing Player's Force Opposing Player's Overrun Combat ability is negated
Forcing the Initiative Immunity Opposing Player's Force Opposing Player's Forcing the Initiative ability is negated.


  • In a 2019 posting on the BattleTech forum, author and former Line Developer Herbert A. Beas II explained the nature and outlook of the Manei Domini thus:
    "But, ultimately, Apollyon and his fellow Domini have accepted that their existence is monstrous, and that their ultimate purpose is a form of evil the rest of humanity would condemn. Their lot is much like The Operative from Serenity, in that they know the better world they are expected to carve a path for has no place for them. Unlike the Clans, they don't glorify the slaughter they know they'll be asked to commit. One might actually pity them, were it not for the horrors they basically dedicate themselves to as the Jihad unfolds. This was what we wanted to show every time you saw them on scene, at least whenever they weren't wiping people out wholesale."



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