An Demi-Precentor was originally an informal rank within the Order of ComStar and the Word of Blake faction to refer to a senior Adept or junior Precentor.[1] When Conrad Toyama reformed the organization from its original corporate structure into a monastic order, the support staff of a Precentor were also known as Demi-Precentors.[2] After the ComStar Schism, the reforms instituted by Primus Sharilar Mori included making the rank of Demi-Precentor an official part of Order's structure, with five or more Demi-Precentors reporting to each Precentor on rotating assignments. As with other ComStar ranks, these new Demi-Precentor's seniority and branch were classified through the use of Greek letters and Roman numerals appended to the end of the rank, e.g. Demi-Precentor Sigma IX being a ninth-year member of that rank in the Order's Public Relations Branch.[3]

The pre-Schism Com Guards and the Word of Blake Militia used the rank of Demi-Precentor to informally refer to a senior Adept in charge of several Level II units or a junior Precentor in charge of a Level III unit. The reformed Com Guards made official the rank of the Demi-Precentor as the commander of a Level III unit (and sometimes a Level IV), making it rought analogous to the Inner Sphere rank of Major.[1]


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