Field Manual: ComStar

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Field Manual: ComStar
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Randall N. Bills
Bryan Nystul
Primary writing Randall N. Bills
Dan Grendell
Chris Hartford
Pages 168
Cover Artwork Doug Chaffee
Illustrations Doug Alexander
Tom Baxa
John Bridegroom
Doug Chaffee
Mark Gibbons
Des Hanley
Kevin Long
William O'Conner
Paul Phillips
Zak Plucinski
Matthew Plog
Christina Wald
Loston Wallace
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1714
First published 1999
ISBN-10 1555603653
Era Clan Invasion era
Civil War era
Universe Date 3062
Series Field Manuals
Preceded by Field Manual: Warden Clans
Followed by Field Manual: Capellan Confederation


Field Manual: ComStar describes the military arm of the quasi-mystical organization, as well as those of the Word of Blake, Star League, and Free Rasalhague Republic. The book highlights the units, training practices, style, and commanders of the Com Guards, Word of Blake Militia, KungsArmé, and Star League Defense Force (which includes the Eridani Light Horse and Clan Nova Cat). It also updates the history of these groups to 3062.

The book also contains supplemental rules that detail ComStar's Improved C3 Computer and Improved Narc Missile Beacon, including new BattleMech variants that make use of them. In addition, the Tessen and Vanquisher debuted here. Field Manual: ComStar also saw the introduction of the Purifier Adaptive Battle Armor and the Dante-class Frigate. Roleplayers were also given additional academies to use in MechWarrior, Second Edition.

Field Manual: ComStar updates the information in ComStar. The trademarked title is BattleTech Field Manual: ComStar.

From the back cover[edit]

ComStar guards the entire knowledge of Mankind.

Knowledge is Power.

Power Corrupts.

To maintain their monopoly on the flow of information and technology across the vast reaches of space, the powerful organization known as ComStar waged a hidden war of assassination, sabotage and terrorism for more than two hundred years. Now, the Star League has been resurrected and ComStar will play a pivotal role in its continued survival... or its ultimate downfall.

BattleTech Field Manual: ComStar describes the military doctrine, traditions, tactics and battle histories of ComStar's military division, the Com Guards, and the[Word of Blake splinter group. This book also provides complete information on the Free Rasalhague Republic and units of the new Star League, including the Eridani Light Horse and Clan Nova Cat, plus new equipment and 'Mechs unique to ComStar.


  • The Com Guard and the Word of Blake Militia
    • Unit Structure
      • Composition
      • BattleMech Assets
      • Aerospace Forces
      • Armor Units
      • Infantry Troops
    • ComStar Ranks
      • Precentor Martial
      • Precentor
      • Demi-Precentor (Com Guard Only)
      • Adept
      • Acolyte
      • Branch Designations and Seniority
  • Tables of Organization and Equipment