Cameron St. Jamais

Cameron St. Jamais
Cameron St. Jamais
Character Profile
Born 3027[1][2]
Died 3078[2]
Affiliation ComStar
Word of Blake
Position Precentor Martial of the Word of Blake
Spouse Kali Liao (alleged lover)
Children Cameron St. Jamais-Liao (illegitimate)

Cameron St. Jamais was the second Precentor Martial of the Word of Blake Militia, and as head of the Toyama Sect a member of the Ruling Conclave of the Word of Blake during the Jihad era. Even before the Jihad began, he was already secretly serving the Master. During his time as Precentor Martial, he was also in direct command of the Mars colonies.


Little is known about St. Jamais's early life and service in ComStar save that he served in ROM's fearsome Blake's Wraith.[1]

Defecting to the Word of Blake in the wake of the ComStar Schism, the fanatical St. Jamais rose rapidly through the Blakist ranks, aided by his close friendship with Demona Aziz, suspected even to engage in a romantic relationship during the group's early days on Gibson. Taking her place as leader of the extremist Toyama Sect in the wake of her unexpected death, St. Jamais would further rise to the rank of Precentor Martial after the assassination of Trent Arian.[1]

In late 3065 he commissioned an upgrade to the Grim Reaper BattleMech.[3]


On the 30th of April 3078, the allied coalition filed criminal charges against a number of senior Word of Blake officials, including St. Jamais, on behalf of all the allied nations. The coalition intended to charge St. Jamais with terrorism, murder and genocide.[4]


During Operation SCOUR, Cameron led the defense of North America. Blakist forces launched a devastating counterstrike against Devlin Stone's forces near Little Rock, but were forced to retreat to the Devils Tower Castle Brian. Near the castle, St. Jamais fought a terrible duel against Stone, and was defeated.[5][2]


St. Jamais was known to pilot a heavily modified Awesome named "Demona".[6][2]


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