Kali Liao

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Kali Liao, ca. 3076
Kali Liao
Character Profile
Born 3033[1]
Affiliation House Liao
Thuggee Cult
Title(s) Duchess of Highspire
Profession Noble
Parents Tsen Shang (alleged father)
Romano Liao (mother)
Siblings Sun-Tzu Liao
Spouse Cameron St. Jamais (alleged lover)
Children Cameron Victor St. Jamais-Liao

Kali Liao was the second child of Romano Liao and Tsen Shang, making her Sun-Tzu Liao's younger sister.


It is rumored that her biological father is actually Chad Jackson.[2] She inherited her family's madness and became the leader of the Thuggee cult.

She ordered the Black May attacks in 3062, for which she was tried and convicted in a Star League court and sentenced to internal exile on Highspire.

While in "exile," she redeveloped her Thuggee cult into a blend of cybernetic-enhanced Warrior Houses – with the aid of the Word of Blake – named White Tiger and the Rakshasa.[3]

On 30 November 3073, Death Commandos arrested Duchess Kali Liao on Highspire and transported her to Sian to be presented to the Chancellor. Kali Liao was presented to Sun-Tzu Liao on 28 December and charged with collaborating with the enemy and treason.[4][5]


She gave birth to a son, Cameron Victor St. Jamais-Liao (born in 3064[6]) with Word of Blake Precentor Cameron St. Jamais. There was potentially a second male child born in 3069 as well.[7]



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