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  • January: The third wave of Operation THUNDERSTRIKE begins.
  • January: The Fredasa-class WarShip Kerensky's Blues is destroyed battling Clan Jade Falcon forces during the invasion of Black Earth.
  • January 5th: A Blakist ambush destroys the Swift Wing Naval Assault Star over Ramona.
  • March: The Thirty-first and Thirty-Sixth Word of Blake divisions are pushed off New Avalon, to orbit.
  • April: FCS Intrepid is destroyed over Galax.
  • April: The Word of Blake's 23rd Division resumes its campaign of conquering.
  • April: The 45th Dieron Regulars are destroyed following a devastating & accidental explosion resulting from fighting with the Word of Blake's 23rd Division.
  • April: The Word of Blake launches a campaign to conquer the world of Sabik.
  • May: The 8th Donegal Guards engage three Capellan Confederation regiments.
  • July 18: The Kokuryu-kai first engage Word of Blake forces and then their intended Loyalist targets in the Battle of the LAW City Ruins.
  • August: The 35th Division takes Liberty & Genoa for the Word of Blake Protectorate.
  • September: The Word of Blake conquers Mirach and Schedar.
  • September: Mercenaries in the employ of the Word of Blake make the first of several unsuccessful attempts to conquer Caselton.
  • October: The Word of Blake conquers Menkar during the last two weeks of this month.
  • November: Clan Steel Viper's Alpha Galaxy attacks Ironhold, destroying both defending Clan Jade Falcon units after declaring them dezgra.
  • December: The Word of Blake conquers Pleione.
  • The Order of the Faithful pirate army destroys the Nimakachi BattleMech factories on Tematagi.
  • Avalon-class cruiser FSS Melissa Davion is captured by the Word of Blake.
  • The Kathil Shipworks shipyards are destroyed by the Word of Blake.
  • The Word of Blake's 19th Division makes its first combat appearance in support of Operation: Thunderstrike.
  • The Word of Blake's 22nd Division captures the planets Azha and New Aragon.
  • The Word of Blake's 15th Division engages the 3rd Oriente Hussars and captures the planet Van Diemen IV.
  • The Word of Blake's 1st Division captures the planet Tikonov.
  • The Word of Blake's 23rd Division captures the planet Sabik and the devastated world of Moore.
  • Capellan forces destroy the HNT-171 Hornet production facilities on Wernke-Talon.
  • The 25th Arcturan Guards are destroyed in combat against Clan Jade Falcon forces invading the Lyran Alliance.


  • February 28: The Magistracy Intelligence Ministry launches an operation to topple the local government on Thraxa.
  • November: Clan Steel Viper invades Ironhold and ejects Clan Jade Falcon from the planet.
  • Interstellar Expeditions first encounters the Star League astronomical observation station known as Shady Palms and the refugees living aboard it in the Deep Periphery.


  • January 4th: Hohiro Kurita is liberated from a Word of Blake prison camp on Dieron.
  • February: Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao announces his engagement to Naomi Centrella and intention to adopt her daughter, Ilsa.
  • June 15th: Duke Kai Allard-Liao returns to the Capellan Confederation with a Death Commando escort.
  • Dan Allard killed in combat by Clan Jade Falcon on Graceland.
  • August: Corinne Marik is installed as Captain-General.
  • August 7th: Prince Kirc Cameron-Jones declares himself Captain-General of the Free Worlds League, citing House Marik's support of the impostor of Thomas Marik.
  • Amanda Hasek, future Duchess of New Syrtis is born.
  • President William Roberts dies unexpectedly, leading to bitter political infighting in the Rim Collection.
  • Thomas DeLon dies from a congestive heart failure.