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  • Word of Blake attacks Marian Hegemony.
  • Sherwood starts to suffer from escalating bandit raids.
  • February 14th-28th: The Draconis Combine cleanses Galedon V by nuclear strike.
  • June: Elements of the Solaris Home Defense League on Solaris VII successfully raid several Word of Blake supply caches and recover valuable war matériel.
  • June 7th-14th: Clan Jade Falcon attack Zanderij.
  • July 11th: The Ghost Bear forces arrive at Tukayyid and destroy the Word of Blake ships.
  • August 22nd: Rebel WarShips in the Shiloh system destroy two Word of Blake WarShips.
  • September 13th-15th: Word of Blake attacks St. Ives and Sian.
  • November 14th-28th: Clan Hell's Horses returns to the Inner Sphere and invades Clan Wolf Occupation Zone, the Hell's Horses capture Nyserta and Oberon VI.
  • November 25th: The DropShip Irregulars are destroyed on Bethel by a Blakist orbital nuclear strike.
  • December 1st-14th: The Hell's Horses take Paulus Prime from Clan Wolf.
  • December 28th: Word of Blake destroys Clan Wolf's headquarters on Tamar with a nuclear weapon.
  • Word of Blake's 14th Division strikes worlds of McAlister, Jeanette and Matamoras in Draconis Combine.
  • Late 3070: elements of the Blakist 9th Division and the Black Angus Boys unsuccessfully attempt to raid Beid.



  • His son Hohiro succeeds him as Coordinator of the Draconis Combine.