Theodore Kurita (31st c.)

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This article is about the thirty-first-century Coordinator. For his great-grandson, see Theodore Kurita (32nd c.).

Theodore Kurita
Theodore Kurita
Born1 July 2997[1]
Died5 January 3070[2]
AffiliationHouse Kurita
Position(s)Coordinator of Worlds
ParentsTakashi Kurita (father)
Jasmine Isu (mother)
SpouseKathleen Palmer (lover)
Tomoe Sakade (wife)
ChildrenFranklin (illegitimate)

Theodore Kurita succeeded his father as the Coordinator of the Draconis Combine. Theodore was the only child of Takashi Kurita and Jasmine Isu, who were third cousins.[3][4] He was tall and lanky, bearing a closer resemblance to his mother than his father.[5]


Early Life[edit]

Jasmine's was a difficult pregnancy. She was completely bedridden with Theodore, then recovered slowly after his birth. Theodore was born on 1 July in the Imperial City of Luthien. Because Jasmine knew she could never conceive again, she lavished love of her only child in a decidedly un-Kuritan fashion, though the coldness of Takashi balanced this out. When he was a boy he was betrothed to the younger daughter of a noble family, but when her father was discovered in a plot to assassinate Takashi, the whole family was executed. His father was leery of another such contract and for some years he did not press the issue.[6]

Theodore began his schooling when he was six years old with private tutors. He received his MechWarrior training at the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy, where Minoru Tetsuhara was one of his teachers, and finished his military training at the Wisdom of the Dragon. During his time at the academy he became friends with Subhash Indrahar, the Director of the Internal Security Force. While he was stationed on New Samarkand he was inducted into the Sons of the Dragon by Subhash Indrahar.[6] Some time during his academy days, Theodore fathered an illegitimate son with ISF agent Kathleen Palmer. The child, Franklin Sakamoto, was taken away and raised in secret as part of a "secret" plan from Subhash Indrahar in order to secure an heir to House Kurita as Theodore had rejected all the "suggestions" from Takashi Kurita. The day after his graduation, Florimel Kurita presents him with an ON-1K Orion as his personal 'Mech instead, incidentally the refurbished original Orion once piloted by the great Aleksandr Kerensky himself.[7]

In his early career, Theodore served in a number of line units and as a staff officer, most notably as an aide to Dieron District commander Vasily Cherenkoff. In the mid-3020s he had a falling out with his father and was sent off to command the Legion of Vega, a brigade of misfits and malcontents.[5] Theodore resented this assignment deeply as he felt it prevented him from fulfilling his duty-to-one’s-name, or giri.[6]

By 3025 he was Prince of Luthien and Heir-Designate of House Kurita.[6]

Locking Horns[edit]

It was with the Legions of Vega that Theodore began his programs for reform. He saw the problems with the military doctrine of the Draconis Combine, notably their insistence on attacking the center of their enemies' line and the enacting of the rite of seppuku by otherwise good commanders.[8] Thanks to his leadership, the Combine was able to fight off the Lyran Commonwealth's invasion of Vega during the Fourth Succession War. Later, Theodore exploited the machinations of Duke Aldo Lestrade of Skye and led a counterattack on several undefended Lyran worlds near the regional capital of Skye, threatening the important world. This action forced Archon Katrina Steiner to use her reserve forces, including the Tenth Lyran Guards and the First Royal Guards to counterassault the Kuritan juggernaut.

After the Fourth War, Theodore's military acumen had become widely known, so his father was almost forced to promote him to the rank of Gunji-no-Kanrei (Deputy for Military Affairs) in 3031. Takashi planned on reining Theodore in, but Theodore jumped at the opportunity to push his new interpretation of bushido, which he began with the Genyosha and Ryuken. Perhaps his most brilliant move as Kanrei was agreeing to recognize the independence of the Free Rasalhague Republic. In doing so, he bilked the Lyrans out of all of the gains from the Fourth War and received aid from ComStar in the form of new, high-tech BattleMechs. These 'Mechs came in handy when the Federated Commonwealth launched its invasion in 3039.

The War of 3039 was a brief affair. After Prince Hanse Davion launched his invasion, Theodore mustered the forces for a counterattack, which captured the factory world of Quentin. Hanse stopped the assault in the face of the Combine's apparent strength. It was not until more than ten years later that he learned Theodore's counterattack had been a bluff, and that he had banked the survival of the Combine on Hanse backing down.

Reconciliation and Clan Invasion[edit]

The 3040s were peaceful, but 3050 brought news of a strange invader from the Periphery. When the Clans appeared, it fell to Theodore to organize the nation's defenses against what seemed at times to be an unstoppable threat. On Wolcott, he was able to trap the Smoke Jaguars, a plan executed by his son Hohiro and Shin Yodama. The Combine was then able to obtain four fully operational OmniMechs, two dozen Elemental battle armor infantry suits, and considerable salvage from the defeated Jaguars. Perhaps most importantly, the Jaguars were forbidden from attacking the planet ever again.

So we lured the Jaguars into a bog on Wolcott - not honorable, perhaps, but we achieved a great victory and won hope for all the Inner Sphere.

-- Kanrei Theodore Kurita, Luthien, 15 Nov 3050

Later, Theodore traveled with the other leaders of the Inner Sphere to Outreach in 3051 for the purposes of a summit aimed at defeating the Clans. There, Jaime Wolf provided information to Theodore and the others, while he and Hanse agreed on a truce with the threat of a superior enemy. In 3052, Clans Smoke Jaguar and Nova Cat launched a joint invasion of Luthien. Hanse sent both the Kell Hounds and Wolf's Dragoons to aid the DCMS forces, which included units that followed both Theodore's reforms and the old ways that Takashi espoused. The victory by these disparate elements helped reconcile father and son, though successful brain surgery on Takashi also helped his mental state. Ironically, the Clan Invasion helped Theodore's cause by giving so many traditionalist samurai the glorious death in battle that many of them so wanted.

Though father and son would find some measure of respect for one another after these events, life in the Imperial Court remained uneasy at times. Then suddenly on September 15, 3054,[9] Theodore's long power struggle with his father ended with Coordinator Takashi's seppuku.


As Coordinator, Theodore vowed to focus on the Clans and stay out of petty Inner Sphere political squabbles. He instituted the Phoenix Programs, which were targeted at rebuilding the DCMS. To do this, he directed them to recruit heavily from nontraditional sources such as women and yakuza. He also allowed ComStar to stage Explorer Corps missions from DCMS bases, both within the Combine and the Deep Periphery, ostensibly with the goal of finding the Clan territories. Domestically, he initiated the Environmental Reclamation Program, a portion of which transplanted over 5,000 acres of trees to the vicinity of the Buda Weapons Sector on the Luthien continent of Aichi.[10]

Among other reforms, he improved trade and relations with the Outworlds Alliance.[11]

Theodore could not keep his Combine out of the way forever, and sent in peacekeepers under ComStar's aegis into the Chaos March shortly after its creation, mostly in the Lyons Thumb. Reactionary conservative elements within the Combine did not think this was enough, however, and invaded the world of Towne in 3058. Though they were stopped by the mercenary unit Camacho's Caballeros, they then tried to assassinate Theodore at his birthday celebration in that year. The Kokuryu-kai were again stopped by the Caballeros.

3058 also saw the resurrection of the Star League and its goal of annihilating a Clan. Theodore successfully argued for that Clan to be Clan Smoke Jaguar, the most repressive of the Clans towards their conquered peoples. Though DCMS forces made up the bulk of the Star League troops, the Combine benefited greatly from the Inner Sphere coalition that aided them. Theodore worked on reintegrating the liberated worlds into the Combine, while other leaders went after the Jaguar capital on Huntress.

First Lord[edit]

While those forces were gone, Katherine Steiner-Davion usurped the last of her brother's thrones, so Theodore welcomed Victor Steiner-Davion back to the Inner Sphere on Luthien. Shortly thereafter, he was elected the second First Lord of the reconstituted Star League at the Second Whitting Conference in 3061, after Victor cast the deciding vote against Katherine as the Precentor Martial of ComStar.

Theodore was accused of abusing his power as First Lord when he annexed the Lyons Thumb in 3062. In that year, the Kokuryu-kai showed themselves once more when they hired mercenary units to attack Lyran troops under DCMS colors. Similarly: "Lyran" troops attacked DCMS garrisons. When a real Lyran unit counterattacked, Theodore seized the Lyons Thumb to "ensure the stability of the region."[citation needed]

Late Years[edit]

In 3062, forces from Clan Ghost Bear and the Federated Commonwealth's Draconis March attacked the Combine. The Bears did so because of a misjudged assault on their new capital of Alshain by the Kokuryu-kai-influenced Alshain Avengers, while the March did so because of a perceived weakness borne out of distraction. Theodore received unsolicited aid in the form of Clan Hell's Horses, which attacked the Bears from the other flank, causing the Ghost Bears to sue for peace. With one border secured thanks to the Trial of Courchevel, Theodore sent his troops to beat back the nominally FedCom invaders and conquered two planets for the trouble.

With the FedCom Civil War over, the Fourth Whitting Conference saw the dissolution of the Second Star League, which led to the Word of Blake launching their Jihad on the Inner Sphere. Theodore and his contingent had left Tharkad before the attack there started, only to find their capital being fought over by troops loyal to Theodore and Kokuryu-kai rebels, with Word of Blake Militia forces thrown into the mix.

Death and Afterward[edit]

While trying to direct the DCMS from Dieron and plan a campaign to liberate Luthien, Theodore suffered a stroke that rendered him comatose,[12] and which finally killed him in 3070. His reforms of the DCMS would later have to be scaled back by Hohiro to appease the hardliners that still existed within the military.


Early in his career, Theodore piloted an Orion BattleMech that was once famously used by Aleksandr Kerensky. Later, during the Fourth Succession War, he used a Victor. During the War of 3039, he occasionally sat in the commander's seat in a Dual Cockpit-equipped BattleMaster provided by ComStar.[13] As of the Battle of Luthien, Theodore was using a captured Clan Masakari.[14]

Behind the Scenes[edit]

In MechWarrior 5: Rise of Rasalhague, Theodore Kurita was voiced by Ian Russell.[15]


In matters of personal honor and duty, the needs of the nation must always take precedence over the needs of the individual. Even if that individual is the Coordinator.
  — Coordinator Theodore Kurita, 15 December 3063[16]
From the ashes of political divisiveness, Terra rose once more like a proud phoenix. If the analogy holds true, Terra may one day rise again in political importance, capable of casting her shadow over House Kurita and the Draconis Combine. This is something we must not let happen, even if we are forced to attack Terra directly!
  — ISF internal memorandum from Theodore Kurita, Prince of Luthien, to Subhash Indrahar, Director of the ISF, ComStar Archives[17]

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