Jihad Turning Points: Luthien

Jihad Turning Points: Luthien
Product information
Type Scenario Pack (PDF)
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Ben Rome (Project Development)
Primary writing Ben Rome
Pages 20
Cover Artwork Matt Heerdt (Design & Layout)
Interior Artwork Jason Vargas (Evolved Faction Logos Design)
Ray Arrastia (Maps)
David L. McCulloch (Record Sheets)
Illustrations Ray Arrastia
Doug Chaffee
Chris Lewis
Duane Loose
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35601
First published December 18th, 2008
MSRP $4.95
Era Jihad


Jihad Turning Points: Luthien is primarily a scenario pack set on Luthien during the Jihad that was released in electronic format. The PDF was released alongside Chaos Campaign, which contains the rules for using the scenario tracks. It contains a full color, topographical map of the capital world of the Draconis Combine, along with a printable version for use with BattleForce 2.

For use with the tracks, Luthien includes random map tables, as well as suggested optional rules from Tactical Operations. It also has a listing of the units involved in the campaign and suggestions for which random assignment tables to use for each in addition to optional force abilities.

The ebook contains six, unique tracks that players can use to form a campaign arc that stretch from 3068 until 3074. Finally, record sheets for two unique 'Mechs and four WarShips are included.

From the back cover[edit]

Luthien. The Black Pearl. Jewel of the Dragon. The center of the Draconis Combine, Luthien had never been conquered by an enemy in over four centuries.

Then came the Jihad.

Jihad Turning Points: Luthien fleshes out the details of the conflict surrounding this pivotal world published in various Jihad Plot Sourcebooks. Additionally, players can join one of the myriad of units fighting for control—and survival—of the Combine’s capital world. Enemies from within and without seek to cut off the Dragon’s head, while loyal samurai fight to save it.

This new campaign series uses the Chaos Campaign rules and gives players the option of fighting individual battles, following a campaign arc, inserting it into their own campaigns and even create their own scenarios with optional rules to give their games a "Luthien flavor." The ebook includes a detailed map of the world of Luthien, a run down of the forces involved in the conflict, and several tracks that players can use to run simple lance-on-lance battles, or stage up to a world-wide invasion. Only the players’ imaginations are the limits.


  • Manifest Destiny
  • Jihad Turning Points: Luthien
  • Luthien
  • Combatants
1st Genyosha (Draconis Combine)
2nd Sword of Light - Loyalist (Draconis Combine)
2nd Sword of Light - Traitor (Kokuryu-kai)
Otomo/Izanagi Warriors (Draconis Combine)
Sathen's Snipers (Kokuryu-kai/Word of Blake)
9th Division (Word of Blake)
40th Dieron Regulars (Kokuryu-kai)
42nd Shadow Division (Word of Blake)
Xi Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat)
Alpha Galaxy (Clan Ghost Bear)
Omega Galaxy (Clan Ghost Bear)
Rho Galaxy (Clan Ghost Bear)
  • Tracks: Luthien
Traitor's Kiss
Bullet in the Blue Sky
Feline Ferocity
Tunnel Rats
Light Machine
  • Luthien Planetary Assault Map

Short Story[edit]

Manifest Destiny[edit]

Manifest Destiny is a short story providing the setting for Jihad Turning Points: Luthien: an operation to roust Clan Nova Cat forces from Luthien, in late August 3072. Demi-Precentor Eric Hughes, call sign "Iron Will", is piloting a Deva OmniMech as night approaches. As the story opens, he is engaging a Nova Cat, assisted by a Word of Blake Viking. After the enemy BattleMech retreats, he is ordered by Precentor Belial to engage a Binary of infantry sheltering within a building. As he approaches the target, relishing in the enhanced sensor capabilities afforded by his VDNI hookup, he instinctively reacts to the precentor's warning of an immediate attack upon his unit by an SM1 hovercraft by lurching backwards. The story closes as he incapacitates the tank destroyer with a blow from his 'Mech's right fist and executes the craft's crew members via his autocannon, followed by a death curse.


  • This is the first in a series of Jihad-related campaign books.