1st Genyosha

1st Genyosha
Formed 3027
Nickname "Legacy of Yorinaga"
Affiliation Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery
Parent Command Genyosha

The First Genyosha is an elite heavy BattleMech regiment in the service of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery.[1]



The Battle for the Silver Eagle[edit]

The unit was formed in 3027 by the personal order of Coordinator Takashi Kurita. The unit was led by Yorinaga Kurita. He was instructed to hand pick and train 50 of the best warriors from any unit in the Combine. He would be their teacher and commander. From there, his men would train 50 more warriors. The Coordinator told Yorinaga these men would form the core of his new command, the Genyosha or the Black Ocean.[2]picked from the best House Kurita soldiers.[3] Its original mission was the destruction of the mercenary Kell Hounds, whom Yorinaga felt had robbed him of his honor. The unit was based on the world of Nashira, where it started to train members according to Yorinaga Kurita's standards. The Genyosha was up to battalion strength by the time it was considered operational to conduct missions for the Dragon.[4]

The unit first saw action on an asteroid in the Styx star system. They were to retrieve the Archon-Designate Melissa Steiner, whom had been kidnapped by the Heimdall terrorist group. The Genyosha was to back up an elite ISF commando team sent from Dieron to assist in the capture.[5] However, once they arrived in the Styx system, they discovered that the ISF raid had failed. Worse, Yorinaga's rivals, the Kell Hounds, were attempting to rescue the hostages. The two forces clashed with the climax of the battle being the fight between Yorinaga and the Kell Hound leader Lt. Colonel Patrick Kell. Their heated engagement resulted in Kell being shot down. However, Yorinaga's victory was short lived. Kell Hound Lieutenant Dan Allard, crashed his Valkyrie into Yorinaga's Warhammer and rendered it disabled. This turn of events resulted in the escape of the Archon-Designate, the hostages and the Hounds from Kurita space.[6] After Lord Kurita was shot down, the Genyosha withdrew to their DropShips and left the system in defeat.

4th Succession War[edit]

Lord Yorinaga now dedicated Genyosha to confronting Colonel Morgan Kell. In the months after the Silver Eagle Incident, he added and trained more troops to raise the Genyosha to full regimental strength. Mixing various Combine ethics groups like Rasalhagians, Azami, and other warriors to do so.[7]

When the 4th Succession War broke out in late August 3028, the Genyosha deployed from its base on Nashira to hunt the Hounds. They had received word of the Kell Hounds being on the Davion held world of Northwind. They discovered the world had already been invaded by Tai-sho Palmer Conti and his 5th Sword of Light in January of 3029. The Sworders and its supporting unit, the 36th Dieron Regulars had destroyed a main line unit there, but were being overrun by Davion mercenaries forces. The Genyosha landed on planet and pushed the invaders back from the 5th's Headquarters and seriously mauled the mercenaries, including Team Banzai.[8] The Genyosha do not find Morgan Kell though, but the newly installed Kell Hound third 'Mech battalion, Bradley's Bravos, who are considered fakes.

Days later, the Northwind Highlanders arrived to reinforce the beleaguered defenders and push the Combine forces off world. They arrived back on Nashira in April, to investigate the reported destruction of their base by the Kell Hounds. Here Yorinaga Kurita is able make out that the ruins are actually a map indicating where the two units should fight next.[9] He determines they must reach the Lyran world of Ryde by June. They arrive only to discover that the Hounds had not arrived, a raid on the world of Lyons had delayed them. Yorinaga Kurita has his son Chu-sa Akira Brahe send a holovid to the Hounds on where to meet next: Nusakan.

The Genyosha goes to Moore, where its leaders meet with Prince Theodore Kurita who pushes for a new offensive into the vulnerable Lyran region of Skye. The Genyosha was to lure the region's only remaining potential defenders, the Kell Hounds, away to their duel on Nusakan, far from the Isle of Skye. The Genyosha assisted Prince Theodore's efforts to secure an advance base on Dromini VI. Afterwards, they left the planet, passing a inbound Lyran raiding force on 15th of September.[10]

On the 24th October, the unit finally catches up with the Hounds. They came to find they had been engaged in a battle with the 5th Sword of Light for the last twenty hours, whose commander came to steal Yorinaga Kurita's victory.[11] The Genyosha arrived at a desert battlefield where they found 'Mechs of the 5th Sword and some of the Kell Hound's strung along the ground. A make-shift area had been made in part of the battlefield where the 5th's commander Conti fought 3rd Battalion commander Scott Bradley who tried to avenge his loss to Conti on Northwind.

After Conti's defeat, Yorinaga Kurita and Morgan Kell finally dueled in the make-shift arena, fighting in the form of a Bushido samurai duel. The two fought unlike anyone had ever seen, resulting in Yorinaga's defeat with Morgan Kell bowing his Archer to Yorinaga.

The Genyosha staff witnessed their beloved leader's seppuku ceremony with the Hounds and the 5th Sword survivors also in attendance. After the ceremonial suicide the Rasalhagean Genyosha members left the Genyosha following the lead of Yorinaga's son Akira to join the Kell Hounds. Chu-sa Narimasa Asano took command of the Genyosha and departed the planet.

Ronin Wars[edit]

War of 3039[edit]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

Deployed in 3059 during Operation Bulldog, the unit was part of the newly formed SLDF Task Force that destroyed Clan Smoke Jaguar's units on Kiamba alongside the Com Guard's 11th Division, the Davion AFFC's 1st Kestrel Grenadiers and the Free Rasalhague Republic's 3rd Drakøns. Caught off-guard due to the efforts of Operation Bird Dog, the commander of the 362nd reacted too late to deploy his AeroSpace Fighters and the SLDF task force landed without incident. Facing overwhelming odds, the 362nd was easily destroyed, with the coalition forces suffering only minimal losses. [12][13]

Traveling to the recaptured world of Yamarovka during the second wave, the 1st Genyosha formed part of Victor Steiner-Davion's "Dream Team" to capture the important target of Schuyler during the third wave.[14] The 1st Genyosha journeyed with Victor Steiner-Davion's task force to Huntress and ultimately the Clan homeworld of Strana Mechty in 3060. There, Tai-sa Hohiro Kurita led the command company as part of the Great Refusal trial against the Clan Invasion. The Genyosha fought Clan Blood Spirit's Blood Guard Keshik, defeating them and their khan.[citation needed]

Dominion War[edit]

In 3062, units of the Alshain Avengers were the trigger of the Combine-Ghost Bear War. During the first offensive, the 1st Genyosha relieved the 4th Pesht Regulars on Kiamba. The unit fought and inflicted severe damage to Ghost Bear's forces later in that year.[citation needed]

Federated Suns Incursion[edit]


Battle of Luthien (3067-3074)[edit]

See also: Battle of Luthien (Jihad)

In February 3068, the 1st Genyosha was augmented by an under-strength battalion of surviving members of the Fourteenth Sun Zhang Cadre on Luthien. Commanded by their executive officer, Tai-sa Shih Chou, as their commanding officer, Hohiro Kurita, was stranded on Tharkad, the unit survived the Luthien campaign with the strength of only two reinforced companies. The shattered remnants of the Otomo and Izanagi Warriors operated under the direction of the First, and Sorenson’s Sabres, a mercenary unit contracted under the 1st Genyosha's command, was used as a flanking and reserve force in some of the larger engagements; they left the planet in 3071.[1]

On 18 July 3069, the 2nd Sword of Light, along with the 6th Benjamin Regulars and 40th Dieron Regulars, moved to disrupt the effectiveness of the Loyalist forces operating in the vicinity of the LAW City ruins on Guthry Island. Prematurely alerted to their presence by an engagement with an encountered Word of Blake salvage team, the 1st Genyosha levied heavy casualties on the 6th, scoring a victory for the Loyalists.[15]

On March 14th 3074, the Word of Blake ROM had leaked information regarding the presence of Buda Weapons Chief Researcher Hideoshi Yamika and his prototype Large X-Pulse Laser to the Kokuryu-kai as a means of wearing down Loyalist defenders in Skytower City. The resulting battle ended with Yamika and his prototypes being hustled aboard a Blakist DropShip.[16]

Republic Era[edit]

After the liberation of Terra and the end of the Jihad the First Genyosha kept the six remaining recruits from the Fourteenth Sun Zhang. Those officers have developed a training program to evaluate the replacements submitted to the regiment. The First Genyosha remained on Luthien as the former capital world's garrison.[17]

For the next six years, the First Genyosha rebuilt. Though they had only four lances after Terra and had lost some personnel to transfers, by 3085 they had quadrupled their numbers. In order to bring their new recruits some field experience, the First Battalion requested a transfer off of Luthien. Since the Second Battalion was nearly at full strength, this request was granted. The First Battalion took up station on Marlowe's Rift, and the battalion found itself initiating raids into the Federated Suns as well as responding to AFFS raids.[18]

Dark Age[edit]

When the Draconis Combine invaded the Republic of the Sphere and recaptured most of the Dieron Military District worlds it had given up years before, the First Genyosha led the way. They took Al Na'ir, Chichibu, and Ashio quickly. In 3141 they were recalled to the Combine in order to smash the rebellious Nova Cats. They struck Algedi and Benjamin before going silent and landing on Irece and destroying the Cats.[19]

Though hoping to join the invasion of the Federated Suns, the First had been assigned to the Rasalhague Dominion border. Once the invasion has reached an end of sorts, the First expects to lead the liberation of the former Vega Prefecture worlds annexed by the Dominion. [20]

During Operation TIAMAT in 3149, the First Genyosha successfully conquered Deneb Kaitos in conjunction with the Sixteenth Sun Zhang Cadre.[21]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Genyosha
Lord Yorinaga Kurita 3027 - 3029[22][23]
Tai-sa Narimasa Asano 3029 - 3052[24][25]
Tai-sa Hohiro Kurita 3056 - 3059[26]
Tai-sa Shih Chou 3067 - 3068[1][27]
Tai-sa Hachirou Ito 3085[28]
Tai-sa Diablo Reed 3141[19]
Tai-sa Willard Graves 3145[29]


The 1st Genyosha is trained in similar tactics to those of the Kell Hounds, including mobile warfare.[26]

Composition History[edit]

3028 to 3029[edit]

Genyosha (BattleMech Regiment/Elite) [22]

  • CO/1st Battalion: Tai-sho Yorinaga Kurita


1st Genyosha (Regiment/Elite/Questionable)[30]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Shitara. [30]


1st Genyosha (Regiment/Elite/Questionable)[31]

  • CO: Tai-sa Narimasa Asano [31]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Shitara. [31]


1st Genyosha (Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[25]


1st Genyosha (Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[32]

  • CO: Tai-sa Narimasa Asano

3059 to 3067[edit]

1st Genyosha (BattleMech Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[26][33]

  • CO/1st Battalion: Tai-sa Hohiro Kurita II
  • 2nd Battalion: Chu-sa Takasuima Nerii
  • 3rd Battalion: Chu-sa Jaqueline Tokawa

1st Genyosha Aerospace (Expanded Wing/Elite/Fanatical)[26][33]

  • Wing Commander (3059): Sho-sa Daniel Evans
  • Wing Commander (3067): Sho-sa Wayne DeMarcos

1st Genyosha Armor (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[26][33]

  • Armor Commander: Tai-sa Shih Chou

1st Genyosha Infantry (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[26][33]

  • Troop Commander: Tai-sa Brent Patterson


1st Genyosha (2 Reinforced BattleMech Companies)[1]


1st Genyosha (Elite/Fanatical)[28]

  • CO: Tai-sa Hachirou Ito

1st Genyosha Aerospace (Wing/Veteran/Fanatical)[28]

1st Genyosha Armor (Elite/Reliable)[28]

  • CO: Tai-sa Emi Akiyama

1st Genyosha Infantry (Elite/Fanatical)[28]

  • CO: Tai-sa Nobuyuki Fujimoto


1st Genyosha (Elite/Reliable)[29]

  • CO: Tai-sa Willard Graves

1st Genyosha Aerospace (Wing/Elite/Fanatical)[29]

1st Genyosha Armor (Veteran/Reliable)[29]

  • CO: Tai-sa Fritz Mullins

1st Genyosha Infantry (Elite/Reliable)[29]

  • CO: Tai-sa Odessa Sato


Game Rules[edit]

Luthien Campaign (Jihad): The 1st Genyosha received a bonus initiative for each enemy element destroyed in the previous turn, with a negative initiative for each unit element destroyed.[1]

Dark Age: In 3145, the First Genyosha can use the Banking the Initiative and Forcing the Initiative special abilities.[34]

Alpha Strike: In 3052 the First Genyosha can use the Forcing the Initiative and Sharp Shooters Special Piloting Ability.[35]


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