Blood Guard Keshik (Clan Blood Spirit)

Blood Guard Keshik.jpg
Blood Guard Keshik
Disbanded Yes[1]
Nickname Blood Guard Keshik
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit
Parent Command Clan Blood Spirit touman

The Blood Guard Keshik is the elite command unit of the entire Clan Blood Spirit touman.[2]


Every member of the Blood Guard Keshik is chosen by the Khan or saKhan. Once chosen, the warrior must pass a Trial of Position to join the Keshik, though the Loremaster can veto any warrior joining the unit. The Loremaster is responsible for vetting the warrior's ability to work with other Clans, so if the Loremaster votes no, it means that the warrior lacks the heart and soul of a Blood Spirit. These tests and evaluations ensure that the Keshik is composed of only the finest warriors.[2]

They remained on Strana Mechty despite the Star Adder incursion on York in 3066.

In 3069 the Keshik, along with Omicron Galaxy, was led by Khan Karianna Schmitt to Albion capturing several industrial complexes from Clan Star Adder, before returning to Strana Mechty in 3070.[3]

In early January 3072 Khan Karianna Schmitt led Alpha Galaxy, the Rocinante, and the Stooping Kite to Arcadia, hoping to negotiate with Clan Ghost Bear for the remaining Ghost Bear enclaves on the world. It is unclear if the Keshik was part of this force, but as the Rocinante was present it is likely they were. To Schmitt's intense frustration, saKhan Kabrinski was completely unwilling to negotiate; unknown to the Blood Spirits, the Ghost Bears were in the final stages of evacuating the small enclave in preparation for moving it to the Ghost Bear Dominion in the Inner Sphere. Attempting to force the issue, Schmitt brought the Rocinante into a close orbit above Arcadia and shelled one of the Snow Peak Mountains. Rather than forcing Kabrinski to negotiate, this instead caused the Ghost Bear saKhan to shut off all communication with Schmitt, although not without insulting Schmitt first. Enraged, Schmitt ordered the Stooping Kite to the nearby jump point with orders to prevent the nearest Ghost Bear vessel from departing. That vessel was the Star Lord-class JumpShip CGB Alshain Sunset, however the JumpShip refused and the Stooping Kite destroyed it. The reaction from the Ghost Bears was to send every spaceworthy ship against the Rocinante, and within seconds the Blood Spirit flagship had been torn apart, Khan Schmitt barely survived.[1]

It is possible the Keshik was destroyed aboard its DropShip during this debacle as they are not mentioned again in the Clan touman.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Blood Guard Keshik (Clan Blood Spirit)
Khan Karianna Schmitt 3059 - 3067[2][4]


The Blood Guards are equipped with heavy and assault class units, allowing them to engage the enemy in a massive charge. This berserk charge would be disastrous if attempted by other units, but the Guards skill and equipment generally allows them to succeed.[2]

Composition History[edit]


Blood Guard Keshik[2]


If the Blood Guard outnumber their opponent at least 2:1 at the start of a turn they automatically win the initiative. If they win the initiative this way for three turns in a row then on the fourth and later turns a quarter of their forces (round down) receive the overrun combat ability for as long as they outnumber their opponent at least 2:1.[5]


  • Includes a number of Blood Kites among its heavy and assault 'Mechs.[2]


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