Map Designation of a Clan Trinary


A Trinary is a common formation of Clan military forces which consists of three Stars, making it equivalent to a reinforced company in the Inner Sphere.[1] Requiring only a modest increase in logistical support over a Star, Trinaries are among the most common military deployments fielded by the Clans. A Trinary can either be "pure," consisting of three stars of the same unit type, or "mixed," consisting of three Stars of different unit types; both are used by all Clans, with the former having a slight edge in numbers.[2][3] Trinaries are commanded by a Star Captain.

Pure Trinaries[edit]

A 'Mech Trinary consists of fifteen OmniMechs or BattleMechs and while sometimes organized by weight class, they will just as often contain Stars of mixed weight types.[4][5] Thirty OmniFighters or aerospace fighters, commonly of mixed designs and weight classes, make up an aerospace Trinary, while between fifteen to eighteen vessels make up a naval Trinary.[4][5] An armor Trinary also consists of thirty Combat Vehicles, though the Clans' disregard for conventional armor makes these units rare outside conventional Clusters.[6][7] Infantry Trinaries consist of seventy-five battle armored Elementals and while theoretically possible few Clans ever organize conventional infantry at this level.[6][7]

Mixed Trinaries[edit]

Mixed Trinaries are only slightly less prevalent than pure formations among the Clans, the most common type being a pair of 'Mech Stars and an Elemental Star. Clan Snow Raven deploys a variant of the mixed Trinary known as a Triad that consists of one Star each of 'Mechs or vehicles, Elementals, infantry or aerospace fighters.[8] A Supernova Trinary is a special type of Trinary which combines three Novas.[2][3]


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