Field Manual: Warden Clans

Field Manual: Warden Clans
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Bryan Nystul (Development)
Randall N. Bills (Development Assistance)
Primary writing Hugh Brown
Loren L. Coleman
Chris Hartford
Patrick Kirkland
Michael Koennecke
Bryan Nystul
Christoffer Trossen
Pages 208
Cover Artwork Doug Chaffee (art)
Jim Nelson (design)
Illustrations Doug Chaffee
Fred Hooper
David Martin
Jim Nelson
Mike Nielsen
Matthew Plog
Matt Wilson
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1711
First published March 1999
ISBN-10 1555603513
ISBN-13 9781555603519
MSRP $22.00
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 2786 - 3061
Series Field Manuals
Preceded by Field Manual: Crusader Clans
Followed by Field Manual: ComStar


The fifth in the Field Manual series, Field Manual: Warden Clans details the military forces of six Clans, plus the exiled Wolves. The book updates the history and force status of each of the seven groups up to 3061, and tells the early history of some of the Clans for the first time.

In the rules section, the Sylph and Undine Battle armor are introduced for the first time and the Advanced Tactical Missile (ATM) System is unveiled, including the ATM 3, ATM 6, ATM 9, and ATM 12. To make use of the ATMs, new 'Mech variants are introduced, as well as a new OmniMech, the Savage Coyote. Finally, a pair of new WarShips, the Conqueror and Leviathan made their first appearances.

Field Manual: Warden Clans is the companion sourcebook of Field Manual: Crusader Clans.

From the back cover[edit]

Nearly three hundred years ago, the Star League was torn apart when the ambitious House Lords launched the Inner Sphere into endless war. The Great Father Aleksandr Kerensky led our forefathers, the remnants of the noble Star League army, away from that empty conflict. In turn, his son Nicholas forged us into the Clans: a society founded on unity, strength and skill. With each generation we evolved, awaiting the day when we would return to the Inner Sphere to save it from itself.

Now is the time of the Return. Some among the Clans insist that conquest of the Inner Sphere is the only Way, but we know that this path will only lead us into the chaos of the past. Our true mission is far more noble: we must act as the Wardens of the Inner Sphere until the time is right and humanity is truly reunited. Only then will the true Star League have returned to the Inner Sphere.

Ulric Kerensky, ilKhan of the Clans

The second of two volumes on the Clans, Field Manual: Warden Clans describes the Defenders of Kerensky's Vision: Clans Cloud Cobra, Coyote, Diamond Shark, Ghost Bear, Goliath Scorpion, Snow Raven and Steel Viper. This book describes the tactics, military doctrines and battle histories of each Clan, plus special rules that reflect the unique capabilities of each Galaxy, new weapons, equipment, exclusive Warden BattleMechs and more.



  • The trademarked title is BattleTech Field Manual: Warden Clans.
  • On page 132, the book lists the Lola-class WarShip Cold Hunter with the Snow Raven Assault Star and briefly mentions a clash with Clan Jade Falcon forces. This has since been retconned/clarified as an error—no such ship ever existed in the Snow Raven touman, and no other ship took its place. The reference to the Cold Hunter should be ignored. (See also: Cold Hunter)
  • The Steel Viper section is referenced in-universe in Falcon Rising, chapter 28, as a "recent report" by Natalie Breen. The Steel Viper report is dated 5 May 3060, and referenced 8 May.