Ulric Kerensky

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Ulric Kerensky
Ulric Kerensky
Character Profile
Born 2997[1]
Died 10 December 3057[2][3][4]
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Profession ilKhan of the Clans

Ulric Kerensky was a Khan of Clan Wolf during the initial Clan Invasion, and eventual ilKhan of the Clans.


Early Life and Career[edit]

A trueborn product of Clan sibkos, Ulric distinguished himself early on as a brilliant MechWarrior and tactician, earning recognition from Khan Kerlin Ward himself. Khan Ward mentored the young Ulric, leading to the warrior's ascent through the ranks of Clan Wolf and introducing him to Clan politics.[5] Ward may have been partially responsible for instilling the Warden philosophy within his protégé, a cause that Ulric would ultimately champion throughout his career. One of Ulric's sibkin was a cadet named Erik. Although sharing the same genetic material and Kerensky genes (effectively brothers), Ulric and Erik could not be more physically different, with Ulric growing tall with prematurely gray-white hair, while Erik was short, with a dark complexion and dark brown hair. The two would also develop polar-opposite political views, with Ulric developing into the champion of the Warden cause while Erik became a staunch traditionalist and Crusader. Despite all of this, the two remained close friends throughout their lives. Erik would eventually earn his Bloodname and would serve as a Star Colonel of the 352nd Assault Cluster during the Clan Invasion, serving under Khan (and later ilKhan) Ulric.[6]

While still a Star Captain, Ulric commanded a heavy Trinary. During one Trial on Tranquil against Clan Smoke Jaguar, Ulric's unit faced an opposing Trinary commanded by the future Leo Showers, then an unblooded ristar like Ulric. The fighting was vicious, with Ulric's Wolves carrying the day at the cost of nearly all his 'Mechs. Years later, Ulric would continue to note the unprecedented tenacity shown by the Jaguars under Leo's command.[7] By 3019, Ulric, though still without a Bloodname, had reached the rank of Star Colonel with command of his own Cluster. The Smoke Jaguars had successfully won the exclusive rights to the Clan Wolf-designed Dire Wolf OmniMech in a Trial of Possession in 3010, and Clan honor demanded the Wolves avenge themselves. Realizing that a Trial of Refusal would lead to a wasteful conflict, Ulric instead challenged the Jaguars to a Trial of Possession only for the manufacturing rights to the fearsome OmniMech. Ulric won the challenge in 3019, and soon the Wolf Clan began producing their namesake 'Mech.[8]

Some years later, Ulric again met Leo Showers, this time at a tournament on Strana Mechty. Showers had by this time earned a Bloodname and the rank of Galaxy Commander. He confided in Ulric his ambitions to become Khan of his Clan, and offered to support Ulric's own rise within the Wolves if he would attack Kirin, potentially embarrassing Showers' top rival for leadership among the Jaguars. Trying to avoid Crusader politics, Ulric politely declined the offer. Showers would soon ascend to the post of Khan regardless.[7] Ulric spent much if not all his career with Alpha Galaxy, arguably the most storied and decorated Galaxy-sized formation in the Clans. It is known that at some point Ulric completed the Wolf Rite tradition of Alpha Galaxy, whereby a group of five warriors must venture through the snow and ice of the Strana Mechty wilderness in their underwear and armed only with a knife. They must steal a fresh kill from a pack of Wolves and return it to their base, approximately 100 km away. In doing so, he earned the rare honor of being called KinWolf, and was permitted to wear strips of wolf fur on his uniform.[9]

Ulric chose to await a specific Bloodright of the Kerensky Bloodname, and thus did not win his name until the age of 30 in 3027, which is considered old for Clan warriors.[10] Despite this, in 3029 and within two years of earning his Bloodname, Kerensky would be nominated to succeed the retiring Kerlin Ward as Khan, winning the position with Ward's blessing.[11]

Khan of the Wolves[edit]

ilKhan Leo Showers; Ulric's rival

Among Ulric Kerensky's first acts as Khan came in late 3029 when rumors reached the Clan Homeworlds from the Periphery that the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth had formed an alliance. This union, which would eventually result in the creation of the Federated Commonwealth, reignited the debate between the Wardens and Crusaders, as the Crusader Khans were convinced that a more unified Inner Sphere would endanger their dream of restoring the Star League. Khan Ulric skillfully stalled the vote in the Grand Council until word reached the Clans of the Fourth Succession War. As the conflict was a clear sign the Inner Sphere was not on the verge of reunification, Ulric successfully delayed the Clan Invasion.[12] According to unconfirmed reports, sometime around 3037, Ulric participated in a competency trial where he embarrassed pro-Crusader Wolf Conal Ward.[13] Ward would go on to become a Galaxy Commander and eventually Clan Loremaster, and would attempt to be a constant thorn in Ulric's side for years to come.

For the next twenty years, the Crusaders and the Wardens would battle through politics on the floor of the Hall of Khans, with Showers pushing hard for an invasion and Ulric usually championing the Warden cause. Ulric was ultimately successful in delaying a vote for years, much to Leo Showers' frustration.[14] Khan Ulric and the Wardens were able to use the War of 3039 as further evidence that the Inner Sphere was not ready for a restored Star League, further forestalling the inevitable.[15]

Around 3041, Ulric formally took command of Alpha Galaxy, the most elite and storied formation of its size among the Clans, a unit commanded by Nicholas Kerensky himself during Operation Klondike more than two centuries before.[16] Sometime before Operation Revival, Khan Ulric considered disbanding the 279th Battle Cluster after an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Clan Nova Cat. When Star Captain Lara Ward protested, he was impressed, and allowed her to declare a Trial of Position to command and rebuild her unit. Ward successfully restored the 279th to the previous level of excellence.[17] Although he had clearly emerged as the champion of the Warden cause both within his Clan and without, Khan Ulric put the needs of the Wolf Clan first. Around 3047, Ulric had to appoint a new Galaxy Commander for Gamma Galaxy, after their previous commander, Lena Fetladral, suffered severe injuries that left her in a coma. He would select Mikel Furey, who had previously commanded the 16th Battle Cluster, to take command of the prestigious Wolf Hussars, despite Furey's Crusader leanings.[18] That he did so, and further supported the elevation of Garth Radick to saKhan, demonstrated that Ulric Kerensky was more than willing to advance political opponents if they were, in fact, the best officers and warriors the Wolf Clan had to offer and would make the Wolves stronger. In this same year, Ulric noted with concern the ascension of the ambitious Elias Crichell to the position of Khan of Clan Jade Falcon.

Operation Revival[edit]

Main article: Clan Invasion

Then in 3048, everything changed. The Outbound Light, a ComStar Explorer Corps JumpShip, appeared in the Huntress system, and was immediately captured by the Smoke Jaguars. Showers, with exclusive access to the current situation in the Inner Sphere based on interrogations of the JumpShip's crew, took full advantage of the situation, spinning the information gleaned to favor an invasion. Showers suggested that ComStar might learn the location of the Clan Homeworlds, prompting an attack by the Inner Sphere. There has been a renaissance of LosTech, technology lost since the fall of the Star League, and the Successor State armies were slowly recovering their strength. The Federated Commonwealth was now a reality, resulting in the creation of the AFFC, the largest army seen since the old Star League Defense Force. Showers suggested that if the new Commonwealth succeeded in conquering the rest of the Inner Sphere, they would declare themselves the Star League reborn, which would be a travesty in the eyes of the Clans. With these incredibly persuasive arguments, Showers successfully passed a Grand Council vote in favor of invasion by a stunning margin, with the Wolves representing the only Clan opposed.

A thousand times, neg. This is not the path to the Inner Sphere. This is not the Founder’s dream. By the sacred rede of combat, I call for a Trial of Refusal, so that we might once more rediscover our true purpose.
  — Khan Ulric Kerensky, addressing the Grand Council[19]

Ulric challenged the vote by issuing a Trial of Refusal, despite the long 16:1 odds against the Wolves. Bidding cut those odds to four-to-one, with the 3rd Battle Cluster forming the core of the Wolves' forces. Ulric and the Third first faced the Ghost Bear First Guards. An impressive effort by the Silver Dragoons followed which included Khan Ulric challenging and killing Ghost Bear Khans Nornian Tseng and Ursula Jorgensson in single combat and the systemic destruction of the Gyrfalcon Guards. The final assault of the combined Smoke Jaguar Fourth Jaguar Dragoons and Burrock Fifteenth Rapier forces finally ended the Trial with a blindly fired PPC blast from Star Colonel Aaron Showers after his 'Mech was hit with a disorienting missile strike from the Gargoyle of Kerensky. Despite the Pyrrhic near victory and most of the four leading Crusader Clan Clusters scattered upon the Mars Field Proving Ground, Ulric was forced to accept the Invasion.[20][21][22]

Called Operation Revival, the invasion would include four Clans, with Clan Wolf quickly claiming a place despite their Warden leanings.[23] Indeed, unlike the other Clans, the Wolves were not required (or allowed) to participate in the Trials to determine their place in the invasion. Coyote Khan Robin Steele said of the Wolves: “Through the blood of Wolf flows the blood of the Kerenskys. It is only right that they participate as the conscience and living soul of the Clans.”[24]

Leo Showers, who had been voted ilKhan in preparation for the invasion, attempted to shame Ulric and the Wolf Clan at the Grand Kurultai by assigning them the invasion corridor running through the Free Rasalhague Republic and Federated Commonwealth, a challenge that seemed to offer them the least glory. He further announced that he would station himself on the Wolves' flagship, the CWS Dire Wolf, a Sovetskii Soyuz-class WarShip.[25] Despite the implied insult and his failure to prevent the invasion, Ulric refused to be discouraged. Ulric reached an understanding with his saKhan and ardent Crusader, Garth Radick, along with his Galaxy Commanders and officers, particularly those Wolves with Crusader leanings.[26] Although he had failed to prevent Operation Revival, Ulric decided to beat the Crusaders at their own game by outperforming them in the invasion.[27]

Periphery Conquest[edit]

Phelan Kell would become Ulric's advisor and protégé

The Invasion began with the Clans' full-scale assault on the coreward Periphery, effectively obliterating most of the Bandit Kingdoms. Few of the many worlds taken by the Wolves during this wave were able to put up a significant fight, although they did face the 3rd Oberon Guards on Crellacor and the 1st Oberon Guards on Oberon, giving them insight into how larger Inner Sphere formations would fight.[28] King Hendrik Grimm III, defeated on Oberon, took his own life rather than serve as a bondsman, effectively signaling the end of the Oberon Confederation.[29]

Unquestionably, the most important incident took place on The Rock, where Khan Ulric personally led Clan Wolf at the head of the Golden Keshik. The Rock was defended by the first battalion of Ryan's Rebels of the Greater Valkyrate, commanded by Kenny Ryan, the illegitimate son of legendary bandit king Redjack Ryan. Unbeknownst to the Rebels or the Wolves, there was a third force arriving. The Rebels had been very active raiding the worlds of the Inner Sphere in the recent past, and the Free Rasalhague Republic had contracted the Third Battalion of the elite mercenary Kell Hounds' Second Regiment. As the Golden Keshik began completely destroying the pirates, the survivors, including Ryan himself, ran headlong into the Kell Hounds. Thus, the Inner Sphere and the Clans would clash for the first time. Ulric, accompanied by Khan Radick, observed that the Hounds were far more skilled than any other force they'd yet met. Their equipment was of much better quality as well, and they made use of two BattleMechs, the Wolfhound and the Hatchetman, never before seen by the Clans. One MechWarrior, Phelan Kell, son of the famous Morgan Kell, attempted to transmit his 'Mech's footage of the invaders, which was intercepted by ComStar. The Inner Sphere's first look at a Clan OmniMech was a Timber Wolf piloted by Vlad of House Ward, who defeated and captured Kell using his superior machine. Although the Kell Hounds fought well, they were no match for the equipment of the Golden Keshik, and the entire battalion was destroyed. The experience fighting the Kell Hounds helped the Wolves prepare for the battles that awaited them.[30][31]

Sensing Phelan Kell would have valuable insight and knowledge that would prove useful in the coming invasion, Ulric used his capacity of Khan to claim the young mercenary as his personal bondsman. Also during this period, the Clans (and Khan Ulric in particular) were contacted by ComStar through Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht, who would act as emissary to the Clans with ilKhan Showers cautious approval, remaining aboard the Dire Wolf. ComStar and the Clans reached an agreement that ComStar would provide intelligence on Clan targets, and in return ComStar personnel would help administer the civilian populations of conquered worlds, and would not be interfered with. By reaching this agreement, the Clans knew what they would face even if defending Inner Sphere forces attempted deception or treachery. Most important, ComStar would cut off all military transmissions from targeted worlds, making it very difficult for the Successor States to learn the full extent of the invasion. Although his agreement was technically with the ilKhan, Focht developed a much stronger rapport with Khan Ulric, due not only to his placement on the Dire Wolf but to Ulric's willingness to allow the Precentor Martial to observe many of the intricacies of Clan society. On 15 January, 3050, Khan Ulric met with Phelan Kell for the first time in the presence of Precentor Martial Focht. There, he informed the young mercenary that he had been taken as a bondsman. Focht immediately connected with the bondsman Kell, as they were the only two "Spheroids" among the Clans.[30][32][33][34]

Clan Wolf secured their Periphery objectives by September 3049, having seized eleven systems. By contrast, the other Clans did not complete their operations until January. Nevertheless, this was well ahead of schedule.[35] Although the conquest of the Periphery had been a stunning success for Clan Wolf, one decision proved to be a mistake. The Wolves elected to bypass Star's End, citing the difficulty of even reaching the settled areas and not deigning the Belt Pirates as a significant threat. This would cause them some inconvenience later on.[36]

Early Victories[edit]

In March 3050, the Clans invaded the Inner Sphere in full force. In most cases, the defenders were completely unprepared for an attack, much less from invaders using advanced weapons, unknown 'Mechs and alien strategy. One notable incident occurred on Saint John in April caught Ulric's disapproving eye, when the 341st Assault Cluster threatened the civilian population if the defending militias did not surrender. Although the FRR troops did give up, Khan Ulric personally reprimanded Star Colonel Ramon Sender for his "dishonorable action".[37] The Wolf Clan conquered ten worlds in the first wave of the Clan Invasion, eight from the Free Rasalhague Republic and two from the Federated Commonwealth.[38] This represented greater gains than any other Clan, and would set the tone for future waves.

IlKhan Showers spent much of his efforts trying to slow Clan Wolf's advance through the Inner Sphere, but even now he frequently found he would be outmaneuvered by Khan Ulric once again. On 3 May in preparation for bidding to take the New Bergen system, Showers pressed Ulric to allow Star Colonel Marcos Radick and his 37th Striker Cluster to bid against Star Colonel Lara Ward of the 279th Battle Cluster. Ulric arranged for Phelan Kell to observe the bidding, deciding that to make better use of the bondsman he would need to teach Kell how the Clans prepared for battle. Lara Ward would win the bidding despite the ilKhan's machinations, taking New Bergen in a hard-fought battle. Ulric, meanwhile, already had his eyes on a much greater prize.[39][40][41] The Wolves seized six more worlds in their second wave, all from the Republic.[42]


Khan Bjorn Jorgensson; Ulric's opponent in the Rasalhague bidding

Having experienced incredible success, even in comparison to the progress of the other Clans, Ulric created a new plan in late May preparation for the Clans' third wave attacks. Instead of targeting only six worlds as had originally been planned, the Wolves instead proposed striking at eleven worlds, including Rasalhague, the heavily defended capital of the Free Rasalhague Republic. Ulric's plan received the full support from his own warriors, including Khan Radick and the Crusader faction within the Wolf Clan. Other Clans expressed serious doubts that the Wolves would be able to make good on their bold proposals, with many hoping they would fail. Ulric even showed impressive insight by setting up supply caches well behind enemy lines, utilizing his Merchant Caste to ease the logistics of the massive operation. The supply caches were hidden in uninhabited systems, well outside of the eyes of the Inner Sphere. These plans meant that the Wolves would no longer have to rely on JumpShips moving more supplies in from their rear areas.[43] Khan Ulric's decision to attack the Republic capital in the third wave (instead of waiting for the fifth, as had originally been planned) violated a preexisting agreement with the Ghost Bears Ulric had made months earlier. However, he knew that the Bears would not press him to abide by that agreement, as they would lose face in doing so.[44][45] Nevertheless, the ilKhan ruled that the Wolf Clan would have to bid against Clan Ghost Bear for the right to conquer Rasalhague, personally contacting the Bear Khans to encourage them to do so. The Khans of the Ghost Bears requested and were granted a month to consider whether their Clan wished to participate in the bidding, forcing Ulric to hold at least a Galaxy in reserve while his Wolves attacked other worlds, creating a new obstacle for the Wolf Khan. This was likely a ploy suggested by ilKhan Showers, who was eager to slow the Wolves so they would not eclipse his own Smoke Jaguars any further. Ironically, during this "free month", both Ghost Bear Khans would be replaced, with Theresa DelVillar falling in battle and Karl Bourjon facing a successful challenge within his own Clan.[45][46][47]

In preparation for the bidding and in expectation of the coming battle, Ulric consulted with Phelan Kell, knowing the bondsman had considerable knowledge and understanding of Inner Sphere tactics and dispositions, and did not lack for strategic instincts. Defending the capital world were the elite 1st Drakøns, with a full regiment of aerospace fighters and permanently attached conventional assets. They were joined by the 3rd Freemen as well as surviving elements of the 2nd Drakøns and 1st Freemen, regiments who had already fought the Clans — and lost — on other worlds.[48] Kell advised that the Third Freemen on the southern continent would be ineffective, suffering from the Fenris Plague. Likewise, the First Freemen would be vulnerable based on the south polar continent with its open spaces, allowing the Clans to make best use of their long-range weaponry. He further suggested a bold plan to neutralize the Drakøns' vaunted aerospace contingent, the Flying Drakøns. The Republic government was in the process of building a new city, Asgard, to serve as its capital, but construction was still underway, and the government remained in Reykjavik. If the Wolves were to attack at Asgard instead of Reykjavik, Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson would have the opportunity to flee Rasalhague, and would likely bring the Flying Drakøns with him as an escort. Finally, concerned at the reports of the Turtle Bay Massacre in the Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone, Phelan asked Khan Ulric to bid away the Dire Wolf. Doing so would not only ensure that Rasalhague would be spared orbital bombardment, but also would throw the aerospace-focused Ghost Bears off, giving Ulric the advantage in the bidding. Ulric accepted this counsel, but expressed concern that the ilKhan would insist Ulric destroy Phelan, who by now had vast operational knowledge of the Clans. Khan Ulric nevertheless went into the bidding armed with superior planning and intelligence.[49][50]

On 4 July, Ghost Bear Khan Bjorn Jorgensson and his saKhan, Aletha Kabrinski, arrived aboard the Dire Wolf. With ilKhan Showers in attendance, the two Khans commenced the bidding on 7 July, engaging in what became a legendary duel of wills in the annals of Clan bidding contests. As he planned, Khan Ulric's initial bid dropped the use of the Dire Wolf and other WarShip assets. The bidding continued for over an hour, as it became clear that Ulric was absolutely determined to win the right to take Rasalhague. Ulric finally won the contest with only three front-line Clusters, considered far below what any observer considered viable. The Ghost Bears, the ilKhan and the other Clan observers were convinced the Wolves would be defeated and Ulric shamed.[47][51] On 12 July, Clan Wolf assaulted Rasalhague with the 4th Wolf Guards, the 352nd Assault and the 279th Battle Clusters, all crack units. In addition to the defenders' front-line units, four battalions' worth of reserve 'Mechs were also called up for Rasalhague's defense, along with twenty conventional regiments. The plan Ulric had concocted with Phelan Kell's help worked to perfection. Prince Magnusson chose to flee the capital, and Överbefälhavare General Christian Månsdottir reluctantly ordered his aerospace fighters to accompany him, escorting his DropShip to the waiting Star Lord-class Norseman. Having sacrificed their greatest advantage, the defenders continued to fight valiantly but ultimately succumbed, with the Drakøns fighting almost to the death with their last stand in Reykjavik. Despite all efforts to spare civilian targets, the city was devastated, with over 70 percent of its buildings destroyed.[48][52]

On 17 July, Ulric and his entourage walked through the city, surveying the ruins. When an old man approached the Khan, begging for help, he was assaulted by Star Commander Vlad, who continued to beat helpless civilian. When Phelan insisted Ulric intervene to stop him, Ulric released Phelan to stop the Wolf warrior if he could. With the advantage of surprise, Phelan knocked Vlad to the pavement, freeing the civilian. Elemental Star Commander Evantha Fetladral attempted to intervene and restrain the bondsman, but she underestimated Kell, who caught her unawares with an elbow to the stomach and dropped her with two blows to the head. Vlad attempted to attack Kell from behind, but he anticipated the blow, and pummeled the Clan officer into unconsciousness. Ulric watched all of this without comment or reaction, granting Kell leave to return the old man to his people.[53][54] Afterwards, Ulric was quick to appoint ComStar mediators to aid in Rasalhague's transition, appointing Nikol, a veteran warrior of Epsilon Galaxy, to lead the new council. Most of the other positions he filled with Rasalhague citizens, including former soldiers of the KungsArmé. In doing so, he effectively minimized civilian resistance to Clan occupation, although it would be some months before Överbefälhavare Månsdottir would be found and captured. The three front-line Clusters returned to their JumpShips for repair and refit, and by 25 July, Ulric was ready to leave Rasalhague and press on with the invasion. Clan Wolf had succeeded in taking the greatest prize of the invasion thus far, and had clearly taken the lead in the invasion.[54] Although they had faced much stiffer resistance, their third wave saw Clan Wolf conquer all of the eleven worlds they had targeted, with Rasalhague representing a tremendous coup. Three planets were from the Commonwealth with the remainder hailing from the Republic.[55]

Pressing Ahead[edit]

Khan Ulric and the Wolves did not wait until Rasalhague was safely pacified, launching their fourth wave in mid-July. This shocked ilKhan Showers and the other Clans, who were taking a few weeks between waves to rest, refit and allow for their logistics to catch up with them. The Wolf Clan warriors, however, were highly motivated from their victories, and Ulric's planning had ensured that supplies were not a problem. The Wolves had also benefited from a benevolent stance towards the civilian population of captured worlds, as Ulric had implemented his Logistical Augmentation Program, allowing his Wolves to resupply basic necessities without disturbing the local populace. As a result, the Wolves faced relatively few rebellions despite the legendary defiance of the people of the Rasalhague Republic. Leo Showers attempted to slow the Wolf Clan's progress by refusing them the use of Provisional Garrison Clusters, which were technically not part of the invasion bids. But PGCs were traditionally not part of the bidding process, as they were usually only used in defense. Also, his own Smoke Jaguars were already using the second-line troops, and the other Clans were requesting they be allowed to use them. Challenged by Ulric on these points, Showers was forced to back down, allowing the Wolf Clan PGCs to begin taking positions throughout their ever-growing occupation zone. Indeed, many planetary governments capitulated when the Wolves arrived, knowing they had little hope of putting up an effective defense.[56]

Khan Ulric personally commanded the assault on the Commonwealth planet Dell in September, accompanied by the Golden Keshik and the Fourth Wolf Guards, one of the Wolves' most elite units. The defending 24th Arcturan Guards RCT entrenched themselves in and around the megaplex of Cosmopolis, expecting a direct assault. Ulric displayed his cunning by holding his troops back, engaging in light skirmishing against the Arcturans' defensive positions. The light but constant pressure eventually led the AFFC forces to switch to an offensive approach, quitting their defensive positions and attempting to engage the Wolves in the Mercer Valley. In doing so, they fell into Khan Ulric's trap, as the Wolves had mined the valley with vibrabombs, a tactic rarely used by the Clans. Trapped in a massive kill zone, most of the Lyran troops were destroyed, and Dell was added to Clan Wolf's victories.[57]

The fourth wave ran through October, during which the Wolves took 16 worlds. They had by now thoroughly outpaced the other Clans, taking advantage of the reeling KungsArmé to take a dozen Rasalhague planets and four more Lyran planets. Khan Ulric showed particular trust in his second-line forces when he allowed Epsilon Galaxy to form the core of several of his attacks, most notably New Oslo, a major manufacturing center.[58]

Disaster at Radstadt and Withdrawal[edit]

Faced with the unprecedented success of his bitterest rival, ilKhan Leo Showers called a Grand Kurultai, in an attempt to slow Ulric's progress. Most believe Showers intended to try to censure or remove Khan Ulric, or at the very least to give the other Clans the opportunity to catch up. All 34 Khans were in the Inner Sphere as observers, with a handful of them even seeing combat. Although Ulric could not avoid this coming challenge, he did manage to extract some concessions; most important of those being that the meeting would take place aboard the Dire Wolf in the Radstadt system, the site of Clan Wolf's latest victory and the furthest point towards Terra the invasion had reached. On 31 October as the Khans were still arriving, an Inner Sphere flotilla unexpectedly appeared at the jump point near the Clan ships. It was, in fact, the Norseman and its accompanying vessels, including the elite Flying Drakøns aerospace force. The ships, still carrying the Elected Prince of Rasalhague to safety, had been making their jumps through uninhabited systems, and were unaware the Clans had reached Radstadt. Both sides were shocked to see each other, as they scrambled to launch their fighters and man weapons. The Flying Drakøns targeted the Dire Wolf directly, deciding that it was the primary threat to their Prince, and were soon attacking the heavy cruiser with strafing runs. It took several minutes for the fighters of the Golden Keshik to launch and scramble, finally offering the Drakøns resistance. With other Clan reinforcements en route, momentum soon shifted against the Inner Sphere soldiers. Just then, the Norseman made its escape, employing the extra charge in its Lithium-Fusion Battery to jump to safety. Inspired, the Drakøns attacked again, and Kapten Tyra Miraborg piloted her damaged Shilone into the bridge of the Dire Wolf. IlKhan Showers and numerous other individuals were instantly killed, sucked into the vacuum of space. Ulric was seriously injured during the incident, and would have certainly been killed if Phelan Kell had not breached the ship's emergency systems and rescued the Khan at the risk of his own life.[59][60][61][62]

When the Grand Kurultai finally commenced, many Khans were screaming for revenge on the Inner Sphere, favoring an all-out attack. Khan Ulric calmly asked them who they would attack, leading them to realize the only individual responsible for Showers' death was, indeed, already dead herself. SaKhan Perigard Zalman of the Steel Vipers further pointed out that the invasion could not continue without an ilKhan to broker disputes, and selecting an ilKhan could only be done back on Strana Mechty, where all the Bloodnamed of the Clans could fully participate. Reluctantly, the other Khans agreed to return to the Homeworlds, leaving the defense of their occupation zones to their second-line Clusters and to ComStar, who would help oversee the occupation governments, and to warn the Clans if the Inner Sphere attempted a major offensive. It would be nearly a full year before the Clans returned to resume their invasion.[63] Khan Ulric informed Precentor Martial Focht that the Clans would be leaving for a time, but gave assurances that they would return.[64] Prior to leaving, however, Ulric and his Wolves had other business to take care of. Natasha Kerensky, the infamous Black Widow, had heeded the recall of Bloodnamed warriors and had left Wolf's Dragoons to rejoin her Clan. Among the first duties she would perform would be to participate in the adoption ceremony of Phelan Kell into the warrior caste. Now called Phelan Wolf, Kell's bondcord was cut. It was the first such ceremony among the Wolves in nearly fifty years.[65] During the journey back to the Homeworlds, to prepare Phelan Wolf for the challenges ahead of him, Ulric ordered Star Commanders Evantha Fetladral and Ranna along with aerospace pilot Carew to retrain the former mercenary in hand-to-hand combat, MechWarrior combat and aerospace piloting, respectively.[66]

The Year of Peace and ilKhan[edit]

Conal Ward, who hoped to replace Ulric as Khan
Q: Do you swear upon the words of the Great Kerensky that you will follow the ordained trail through the black firmament of space, the trail that will ultimately lead us back to Terra to restore all that was good and pure in the Star League?
A: Aff. I swear my blood future upon it.— From the ilKhan oath-taking ceremony[67]

On 5 February, 3051, Ulric and most of the Bloodnamed warriors of Clan Wolf attended a Clan Council meeting in the Hall of the Wolves on Strana Mechty. There, Carol Leroux acted as Inquisitor in an inquiry into Phelan Wolf's adoption into the warrior caste, all with the intention of laying the groundwork for a challenge against Ulric by the Crusaders within his own Clan. With the assistance of Khan Garth Radick, Phelan's adoption passed with council approval.[68] On 28 February, Natasha Kerensky faced a charge of treason as Wolf's Dragoons had failed to answer ilKhan Showers recall order, likewise as part of an effort to undermine Ulric's position. With the assistance of Cyrilla Ward, Natasha put forward that Khan Kerlin Ward had ordered the Dragoons to obey no Khan but him, and further ordered they remain in the Inner Sphere and prepare to oppose the Clan Invasion. When Burke Carson, a leading Crusader, attempted to question her qualifications as a warrior, Ulric stepped in, reminding the council that Natasha held honorary warrior status under Clan law, and that she would enjoy the full rights as a MechWarrior should she pass a Trial of Position. Ultimately, the Dragoons were cleared of wrongdoing by a vote of the council, but the stage was set for the challenge against Ulric.[69][70] Though he had defended her before the Clan Council, Khan Ulric pressed Natasha as well in private, making certain she was ready for not only her upcoming Trial of Position, but other challenges he had in mind.[71] Meanwhile, the Grand Council convened, beginning a three-and-a-half-month process of choosing a new ilKhan. On 25 April, the Bloodnamed of Clan Wolf again met in the Clan Council, this time debating Ulric's posting as Khan. After a long series of hardline Crusaders verbally attacked him, Conal Ward, Ulric's old political rival, stood and praised the Khan's achievements, taking himself out of contention to become Khan. The entire event proved to be a successful plot to see Conal elected Loremaster, potentially undermining Ulric's authority should the Grand Council of the Clans censure him.[72]

On the floor of the Grand Council, the Crusader Khans attempted to blame Ulric for Showers' death, led by Kincaid Furey and Lincoln Osis of Clan Smoke Jaguar, with the support of the Jade Falcon and Ghost Bear Khans. On 19 June, Phelan Wolf was called to testify before the Council, relaying what had occurred on the bridge of the Dire Wolf and sharply and effectively rebuking their accusations. Apparently chastened, the Crusaders went on to nominate Ulric as ilKhan of the Clans, which was quickly seconded by the Wardens of the council. Ulric was elected ilKhan almost unanimously, with only a few Warden Khans abstaining when they realized they were being steamrolled. The Crusaders were under the belief that Ulric would be forced nominate Conal Ward, the true force behind the Crusader movement in Clan Wolf, as his replacement, who paired with Garth Radick (who would now become senior Khan) would effectively transform the strongest Warden Clan into a Crusader Clan. As Loremaster, Ward was traditionally next in line for a nomination to Khan. It was later rumored that Star Colonel Marcos Radick, another hardline Wolf Crusader and supporter of Conal Ward, was actually responsible for this strategy, hoping that this would lead to a promotion to Galaxy Commander. However, ilKhan Ulric had Ward removed from the chambers of the Hall of Khans, and then shocked everyone by nominating Natasha Kerensky as his replacement, easily sidestepped this potential threat. At the time, Natasha was still facing a Trial of Position to confirm her warrior status, and had spent decades "among the barbarians" of the Inner Sphere. The Crusaders attempted to protest this, noting Natasha's age and the fact that she still needed to reaffirm her warrior status. With the aid of Gustavus Michaels, the Black Widow's personal historian, Ulric demonstrated that there was precedent for appointing a warrior as Khan who was inactive at the time, either to injury or some other situation.[73][74][75][76][77][78]

On 21 July, Natasha easily passed in a Trial of Position presided over by ilKhan Ulric himself, defeating four opponents in stunning fashion to claim the rank of Star Colonel. Phelan Wolf defeated two opponents in the same action, beginning his career as a Star Commander.[79] So it was that Natasha Kerensky, nearly eighty years old, became a Khan of the Wolf Clan. IlKhan Ulric presided as Oathmaster over the Wolf Clan Conclave welcoming Natasha and Phelan to the warrior caste. As Ransom for Natasha's unprecedented performance, Ulric used his vast wealth to form a new Cluster command for the Black Widow, creating the 13th Wolf Guards, famously known as the Wolf Spiders. He also had prepared a ransom for Phelan Wolf, having rebuilt his Wolfhound, nicknamed Grinner, with the best of Clan weapons and technologies, turning it into a proper front-line machine.[80][81]

Among ilKhan Ulric's first actions was to call up the two reserve invading Clans, the Steel Vipers and Nova Cats. Though sensible from a military perspective, he promptly paired the Vipers with the Jade Falcons in their invasion corridor and likewise matched had the Nova Cats join the Smoke Jaguars in their assault on the Draconis Combine. This would cost both of the major Crusader Clans significant glory in the continuing invasion. Further, knowing both new Clans would require a base from which to strike at Inner Sphere worlds, ilKhan Ulric granted both the Vipers and Nova Cats the right to bid for Jade Falcon and Smoke Jaguar worlds where resistance still persisted.[82] So furious were the Smoke Jaguar warriors at this turn of events that they voted saKhan Furey out of office.[75] The ilKhan also activated Clan Diamond Shark in a reserve role, allowing them to participate in minor actions and garrison duties as needed.[83] Ulric allowed the Sharks to challenge for the Periphery world of Nyserta, and honored a request by Shark saKhan Barbara Sennet for her Clan to become a clearinghouse for merchant activity in the Clan Occupation Zones.[84] With these and other actions, ilKhan Ulric and the other Bloodnamed prepared to resume the invasion of the Inner Sphere.

The Invasion Resumes[edit]

In October of 3051, the Khans and their Bloodnamed warriors returned to the Inner Sphere to resume the invasion. IlKhan Ulric encouraged other Clans to mind their logistics and to implement their own LAP programs, but outside of Clan Wolf his efforts mostly fell on deaf ears.[85] On 15 October in the Engadin system, Ulric welcomed Precentor Martial Focht back on the Dire Wolf, this time as ilKhan. Here, he revealed the Clans' new strategy. The Wolves, and many of the other Clan, would focus their efforts on the most heavily defended worlds, or "cherry-pick" as Ulric put it. It was believed that once these planets had been conquered, less defended planets in their vicinity could be easily taken. They also hoped the loss of important worlds would demoralize the enemy. Although the technology of the Inner Sphere weaponry had improved during the Clans' absence, this was somewhat neutralized, as the Clans' bids were generally much higher than they had been previously. No longer did they attempt to bid the minimum strength needed to take a planet. Now, they bid what was needed to take a world on their established time schedule. The Clans also began deploying Elementals in Headhunter Stars, special units assigned to go behind an enemy's lines and destroy an enemy's headquarters or other key objectives. This strategy was difficult to defend against, and would devastate many commands. The arrangement with ComStar would remain in place, though the order would have to provide tactical information on enemy troop movements in response to the new plan. ComStar would also help negotiate the surrender of planetary governments who were both unable and unwilling to offer significant resistance.[86][87] Although the ilKhan officially remained in command of Alpha Galaxy, Khan Natasha handled the elite formation's day-to-day business, and personally commanded the Dire Wolves in the field on several occasions. Early in the renewed invasion, ilKhan Ulric would approve a joint plan by Clans Smoke Jaguar and Nova Cat to bring the Draconis Combine to its knees. Called Operation Dragonslayer, the two Clans would combine their forces to assault Luthien, the capital of the Draconis Combine. The loss of Luthien was predicted to shatter House Kurita, leading to an easier path to Terra. The ilKhan, as had become the usual practice, requested intelligence on Luthien's defenses through Precentor Martial Focht, which was provided. Ulric appointed Smoke Jaguar Khan Lincoln Osis to command the overall operation, though not without complaint from the Nova Cats. Over Nova Cat Khan Severen Leroux's objections, the ilKhan approved the dispensing with the batchall as insisted by the Smoke Jaguars.[88][89][90][91][92] The Combine was tipped off to the attack by a ComStar spy, however, and with the aid of Wolf's Dragoons and the Kell Hounds, the Battle of Luthien in early January 3052 proved to be a critical victory for the Inner Sphere, defeating the five Clan front-line Galaxies despite taking heavy losses.[93]

On 20 November, ilKhan Ulric observed the bidding for Memmingen between Khan Natasha and Star Colonel Marcos Radick. Natasha eventually conceded the bid, but not before cutting Marcos' forces so low that he was unable to engage the 3rd Drakøns in a slugging match and began razing villages in frustration.[89][94] Khan Natasha Kerensky quickly validated Ulric's trust and her own reputation when she led Alpha Galaxy in the conquest of Tamar, one of the founding cornerstones of the Lyran Commonwealth, a planet that had resisted conquest by House Kurita for centuries.[95] The Golden Keshik joined Khan Natasha during the battle, though the ilKhan himself apparently did not participate.[96] The Wolves would later make Tamar the capital of their occupation zone. Natasha would later command the invasion of Satalice in the Free Rasalhague Republic, winning another important world, although the fighting took nearly two months. It was on Satalice that Star Commander Phelan Wolf captured Ragnar Magnusson, the son of Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson, dealing a crushing morale blow to the crumbling Republic. The young Magnusson became a bondsman in Clan Wolf.[97][98]

When the Wolves attacked Bessarabia in December, the ilKhan personally commanded a force including the Golden Keshik and all of Alpha Galaxy. Defending the planet was the 5th Davion Guards RCT; a crack command entrenched around the capital of Lothas and the industrial-mining center of Cintosh. Appraising the defenders' positions, Ulric landed his forces far from the Guards, repeatedly feinting towards one target and then the other. Taking advantage of their superior speed and weapons, the Wolves would strike back and forth, lulling the Guards' command staff into attempting to second-guess ilKhan Ulric. When the Guards sent reinforcements to Cintosh, the Wolves overwhelmed the understrength defenders at Lothas, inflicting very heavy losses. The Guards retreated from the planet, falling back to La Grave. Ulric, Alpha Galaxy and the Wolves had secured another victory and world.[99]

On 7 January, ilKhan Ulric Kerensky met with Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht and Primus Myndo Waterly of ComStar in Solsveda on Satalice. Waterly attempted to convince Ulric to target Tharkad for invasion, even though the Lyran capital was far from the Clan front. The Primus still hoped to use the Clans as part of her plan to subjugate the Inner Sphere under ComStar's rule. Amused, Ulric informed her that the ultimate goal of the Clans was Terra, which had been held by ComStar as its headquarters almost since the start of the Succession Wars. From Terra, the Clans would re-form the Star League. This shocked Waterly and Focht, who were forced to recognize that they would soon be forced to meet the Clans as an enemy.[100][101][102][103]

While the invasion continued, a Trial of Bloodright commenced for the House Ward Bloodname vacated by the death (by ritual suicide) of Cyrilla Ward, who in her will nominated Phelan Wolf for her Bloodright, knowing that Conal Ward and his Crusaders would not otherwise allow the freebirth to participate. In the first round of the Trial on 8 February, Ulric served as Oathmaster when Phelan faced the Elemental Dean, with the Wolf Clan adoptee winning unaugmented.[104] On 25 February, Ulric summoned Phelan Wolf. He praised the young warrior for his performance on Hyperion, and then gave him an explanation on the importance of superior Bloodheritages over others. The ilKhan then ordered his protégé to begin researching Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht. Ulric understood that an eventual conflict between ComStar and the Clans was now inevitable, in light of the Clan's goal of conquering Terra. Having realized that Focht's name was an alias, he ordered Phelan to discover who he really was, using the work of Gustavus Michaels as a foundation. Even then, Ulric foresaw meeting Focht on the field of battle.[105] On 2 April, Ulric again presided over the House Ward Bloodright Trial, this time as Phelan Wolf faced Lajos, a fellow MechWarrior.[106] Ulric approved Phelan's tactics to win, which Conal Ward found dishonorable. Not long after, Phelan reported his findings on the Focht project to Ulric, concluding that the Precentor Martial had originally been Frederick Steiner.[107]

Overall, the renewed invasion (known as the "fifth wave") saw nothing but continued success for Clan Wolf, as between November 3051 and April 3052, the Wolf Clan took 32 Inner Sphere worlds, as Ulric Kerensky's forces continued to outperform the other Clans.[108]

Aware that they had to prevent the Clans from achieving their goal or else meet their own destruction, Focht concocted a plan to stop the Clans. On 5 April, he met with Ulric again on the Dire Wolf in the Diosd system. There, Focht proposed a Trial of Possession by proxy for Terra, to be fought on the Rasalhague world of Tukayyid between the twelve armies of Focht's Com Guards and the invading Clans. Ulric attempted to distract Focht by hinting he knew the Precentor Martial's true identity, only to be unsettled himself by the extent of Focht's bid. After extensive negotiating, the ilKhan and the Precentor Martial reached terms that both could accept. If the Clans were victorious, ComStar would surrender Terra and place itself under the Clans' control. If ComStar won, the Clans would abide by a fifteen-year truce, vowing not to advance any further towards Terra then Tukayyid.[109][110]


Anastasius Focht, Ulric's opponent on Tukayyid

One week after meeting with Focht, ilKhan Ulric summoned the Khans of the invading Clans to a kurultai in the Lothan system where he presented the agreement. Despite some dissent, the Khans overwhelmingly approved this course of action, anticipating a quick victory. Bidding commenced to determine which Clan would land first, and which cities they would target. The ilKhan attempted to advise the other Clans not to underestimate the Com Guards, and further to prepare for a lengthy campaign. As usual, most ignored his counsel, with only the Ghost Bears heeding his words, equipping most of their 'Mechs primarily with energy weapons as the Wolves did. Ulric privately instructed Khan Natasha to bid conservatively, realizing that the other Clans would overextend themselves. Indeed, the Jade Falcons, Smoke Jaguars and Nova Cats were determined to cost Clan Wolf a chance to earn the most glory. Clan Wolf finished last in the bidding, and would not land until day five. After the targets and timing were determined, it was finally decided that the battle would have no bearing on the ilClan prophecy. Thus the stage was set for a battle to determine the future of humanity.[111][112][113] When he relayed the results of the kurultai to Khan Natasha, Phelan Wolf and Star Captain Ranna, Ulric relaxed with a bottle of Timbiqui Dark that had been taken from Lothan. Enjoying the beverage, the ilKhan casually mentioned his intent to conquer the world of Timbiqui. He also warned Phelan Wolf that Conal Ward may attempt to use the fighting on Tukayyid to his advantage, getting Phelan killed to eliminate the threat of his winning a Bloodname.[114] Ulric's comment regarding Timbiqui, and the ilKhan's preference for the beverage, would later somehow become public knowledge in the Inner Sphere, further boosting the profile of Timbiqui Spirits as they began an advertising campaign around it.[115]

The campaign on Tukayyid proved to be a bloodbath for all participants. The early stages of the battle went particularly poorly for the Clans, with several meeting early defeat as their plans went awry. IlKhan Ulric was forced to order the Smoke Jaguars to retreat to preserve their remaining forces when both of their Khans were taken out of the fighting, only to have elements of the Jaguars' Alpha Galaxy, particularly the 6th Jaguar Dragoons, ignore these orders, resulting in further unnecessary losses.[116] The Ghost Bears fared among the best of the Clans, capturing one city but falling short of taking the second. Their Khans offered no complaint when ilKhan Ulric ordered an end to their campaign, knowing the overall battle for Tukayyid had already been decided.[117] Most of the other Clans also met defeat within hours, days or weeks. When the Wolves landed, they faced the Com Guard Ninth and Tenth Armies, some of the best troops ComStar had to offer. As the campaign dragged on and other Clans were forced to retreat, the Wolves faced further reinforcements from the Eleventh Army as well. During the early stages of the campaign, Ulric himself saw little combat, as the other Clans had declined to allow him to coordinate battles. Instead, he based himself at the Wolf Clan Headquarters, monitoring the Wolves' progress in the advanced holotank. It was from the holotank that ilKhan Ulric was able to determine that ComStar's elite 278th Division was the Tenth Army's linchpin, as the so-called "Clear Courtesy" unit stood their ground against the Thirteenth Wolf Guards and other units. Directing his forces' attention against the 278th, the Com Guard unit was utterly destroyed.[118] At one point, Ulric was forced to order Conal Ward and his Delta Galaxy back from their engagement with the Com Guards, seeing that they were becoming overextended. Ulric finally took the field in the Pozoristu Mountains, leading the Wolves in their finest hour. The Golden Keshik, still officially serving as the ilKhan's honor guard, took heavy losses as did most other Wolf units, and Khan Garth Radick, who had been leading Beta Galaxy, was killed at the peak of the fighting. Despite these heavy losses, Khan Natasha and her Wolf Spiders led the Wolves to victory, securing both their objectives, the only Clan to do so. With only the Ghost Bears and Jade Falcons achieving draws, the Clans as a whole were defeated.[119][120][121]

On 20 May, after 21 days of fighting, ilKhan Ulric Kerensky conceded the battle of Tukayyid to Focht and the Com Guards. Both men acknowledged the great accomplishments of the other.[122][123][124][125] The Truce of Tukayyid, though hard-fought and costly beyond comprehension, became a reality.


Khan Lincoln Osis tried and failed to vacate the Treaty of Tukayyid

Clan Wolf's performance was credited not simply to the superior skill of their warriors, but to Ulric's overall strategy and attention to logistics. The ilKhan alone recognized what Tukayyid would become, and took great care to protect his supply depots and supply lines. Other Clans failed in this, and so were met with defeat.[126][127] On 12 June on board the Dire Wolf, ilKhan Ulric presided over the Bloodname ceremony of Phelan Wolf, who now became Phelan Ward.[128] Moments later, a Clan Council meeting was held to choose a new Khan to replace the slain Garth Radick. There, Conal Ward was forced to resign as Loremaster for having cheated in the Ward Bloodname ceremony, and was further pressured by Natasha Kerensky to nominate Phelan Ward as the Clan's new saKhan. By popular acclaim, the young freebirth warrior was elected, completing his meteoric rise.[129] Immediately thereafter, a Grand Kurultai was held, this time by HPG transmission. Smoke Jaguar Khan Lincoln Osis, citing ComStar's treachery in the aborted Operation Scorpion, pressed a vote for Uric to be removed and the Truce repudiated. IlKhan Ulric recognized the motion, and allowed Osis to speak in favor of it while Khan Phelan Ward spoke against it. Osis claimed that Ulric had failed by not coordinating the Clans on Tukayyid, and that he had acted against the invasion at every turn. Ward gave a spirited rebuttal, challenging Osis' assertions, pointing out that the Wolf Clan had outperformed the other invaders at every turn, that the Inner Sphere had now inflicted several defeats on the Clans, and that the Clans required time to prepare for this new age of warfare. Osis' measure was defeated, and the peace won on Tukayyid was upheld.[130][131][132] Afterwards, Ulric handed Phelan a message disk from the saKhan's father, Morgan Kell, accepting Ulric's invitation to visit Phelan and the Wolf Clan.[130]

At Peace[edit]

One matter that ilKhan Ulric and the Grand Council had to address early on came to light during the fighting on Tukayyid, when a fallen Com Guard officer, Bordon Hallis of ComStar's 1st Division, was found to have shared a genetic link with General Frederick Hallis of the Star League Defense Force, and one of the founding members of Clan Wolverine, the infamous Not-Named Clan. Bordon was, in fact, a descendant of General Hallis from before the Exodus, and his existence meant that others might share his ancestry. Citing Clan law passed down by Nicholas Kerensky, if all descendants of a Bloodname are killed in battle, their vanquishers can lay claim to that Bloodname. Steel Viper Khan Natalie Breen put this before the ilKhan and Grand Council, as Bordon Hallis had been slain by members of the Vipers' 250th Assault Cluster. As ilKhan, Ulric and the High Council eventually ruled that the surviving Steel Viper warriors who killed Bordon were eligible to pursue the Bloodright, if they first determined the existence of other survivors of the Hallis line and eliminated them as well.[133] That Ulric did this despite the fact that having a Clan force operating beneath the Tukayyid line could potentially undermine the Treaty spoke to how serious he held the situation.

IlKhan Ulric placed his new junior Khan, Phelan Ward, in command of Beta Galaxy, previously led by Garth Radick.[134] Despite the Galaxy's pro-Crusader leanings, Ward excelled, rebuilding the Arctic Wolves into an elite Clan unit once again. Further, to replace Conal Ward as Galaxy Commander of Delta Galaxy, Ulric tapped Star Colonel John Ward, a dedicated Warden despite being a descendant of Conal's. Ward had previously commanded the 11th Wolf Guards.[135] Although he was an excellent commander, there were rumors that his new posting was something of a snub towards Marcos Radick, who had expected the promotion.

During the invasion, Kerensky and the Wolves had recognized their touman's relative lack of jump-capable BattleMechs had proven to be a disadvantage in many battles, where they were outmaneuvered by the many Inner Sphere units employing jump jets. Ordering his Technician Caste to provide jump-capable 'Mechs to his warriors, this led to the deployment of the Pouncer OmniMech, which had previously been a test vehicle based on the popular Adder.[136]

One development within the invading Clans that came to pass under ilKhan Ulric's tenure was the development of the Clan Watch. Though many of the Clans disapproved of it, others recognized during the invasion that a dedicated intelligence gathering agency was necessary, especially given that ComStar would no longer be providing military intelligence on their targets. Most important, they needed to defend against the spy agencies of the Successor States. Each Clan developed their own agency, with most treated with scorn and disrespect by the warrior caste. Only in Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon were the Watch contingents treated seriously, putting them ahead of the other Clans. The ilKhan took a hands-off approach to this matter, allowing the various Clans to look to their own affairs. It is suggested that as a Warden, Ulric was satisfied that most of the Clans ignored this vital resource. The Wolf Clan, in contrast, laid the foundation for a potent agency, where the Watch operated as a military subcaste. This was due in a large part to the influence of Khans Phelan Ward and Natasha Kerensky, who learned to value spy agencies of the Inner Sphere.[137]

When the Belt Pirates of Star's End, bolstered by survivors of other pirate bands, began to raid Wolf-held worlds, ilKhan Kerensky did not hesitate to deploy solahma Clusters to beat them off. While successful, the Wolves did not penetrate the asteroid belt to eliminate the pirates completely.[36]

These other actions aside, ilKhan Ulric was said to have spent almost his entire reign as ilKhan protecting the hard-won peace of Tukayyid.[138]

The Red Corsair Affair

On 21 June, 3055, Ulric summoned saKhan Phelan Ward to his quarters on Tamar. There, he informed the young warrior that Archon Melissa Steiner-Davion had been killed on Tharkad by an assassin's bomb, along with Phelan's mother, Salome Ward, formerly of the Kell Hounds. Morgan Kell was also critically injured during the bombing. Ulric watched Phelan's reaction with curiosity, expressing the sentiment that he wished he could feel what Phelan was feeling. Khan Ward accepted this reaction as a display of sympathy, given that as a Trueborn, Kerensky had no relationship or even knowledge of his parents. Ulric further informed Ward that Conal Ward's 31st Wolf Solahma had attacked the mercenary unit, Zimmer's Zouaves, that they were supposed to be reinforcing on Deia, in the process of hunting the supposed pirate band known as the Red Corsairs. This violated an agreement brokered by ComStar between Prince Victor Steiner-Davion and the Wolves to eliminate the Corsairs, who were suspected of being Clan renegades and considered a threat to the Truce of Tukayyid. Ulric sent the young Khan with an honor guard, ordering him to take control of the situation.[139] The entire affair was eventually revealed to be a Crusader plot, with Khan Phelan slaying Conal Ward to help preserve the peace.[140] In December 3055, Kerensky approved an invitation from Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion (relayed through ComStar) to allow Khan Phelan Ward to attend the funeral of his mother on Arc-Royal, which had been delayed by the Corsair incident.[141] Receiving the Phelan Ward's report on the Red Corsair affair, Ulric classified the report to the rank of Khan and above. He also ordered that no Trial of Bloodright would be held for the Bloodright opened by Conal Ward's death, effectively reaving the name.[142]

Although the other Clans had accepted the Treaty, Ulric became a target of Crusader conspiracy theories, alleging that he had entered into secret agreements with Focht, and that he had intentionally sabotaged other Clans by pairing them with rivals in their invasion corridors. None of these accusers would ever challenge Ulric directly.[143] In the meantime, as the sibkos produced more young warriors, discontent grew within the ranks of Clan Wolf that the halt in the invasion was preventing them from seeing real combat. Contributing to this problem was the fact that because Clan Wolf's casualties on Tukayyid were lighter than the losses of other Clans, there were fewer Bloodnames to contend for. Even young Wardens such as Ranna, now a Star Colonel and Natasha Kerensky's granddaughter, lamented that they had little hope of earning a Bloodname while the Treaty remained in effect.[144][145][146] This would all eventually lead to massive changes for Ulric, the Wolves and for all the Clans.

On Trial[edit]

Jade Falcon Khan Elias Crichell

On 10 June, 3057, ilKhan Ulric was meeting with both Wolf Clan Khans on Tamar when Dalk Carns, the Clan Wolf Loremaster and a hardline Crusader, delivered an indictment against Ulric, accusing him of colluding with ComStar in the battle of Tukayyid and of elevating an agent of the Inner Sphere (namely Phelan Ward) to the position of Khan.[147] Although he had the authority to dismiss the charges out of hand as the Loremaster had conducted the investigation improperly, Ulric met the challenge before the Clan Council in an effort to break up the growing Crusader movement within the Wolf Clan. Ulric's Trial commenced on 4 July in a meeting of the Clan Council on Tamar, with the prosecution represented by Star Captains Vlad of House Ward and Marialle Radick, both leaders in Clan Wolf's young supremacist movement which favored the Crusader cause. Ulric, under his authority as ilKhan during a period of martial law, dismissed both charges out of hand, eloquently rebuking the allegations against saKhan Phelan Ward. He further pointed out that the charge of conspiracy with respect to the battle of Tukayyid had been addressed by the Grand Council years earlier, and Ulric had been cleared of wrongdoing. When Star Captain Radick protested the ilKhan's actions, Ulric pressed her, asking if she intended to challenge him to a Trial of Refusal. Radick immediately backed down, unwilling to meet the legendary leader of the Clans in combat. It was at this point that Loremaster Carns closed his trap, revealing there was a third charge on the indictment that had "accidentally" been left off the document submitted to Ulric. To the shock of all assembled, Carns charged Ulric with Genocide, claiming that by honoring the Treaty of Tukayyid, Ulric was engaging in an attempt to destroy Clan Wolf's genetic legacy by preventing three generations of Wolf warriors (the number reckoned among the Clans in 15 years) from seeing serious combat, aside from Trials, training exercises or raiding against other Clans. Although Phelan Ward began to answer against this heinous charge, ilKhan Ulric told him to hold his peace, feigning defeat and declaring that the charges were far too serious to be heard in the Clan Council and moving them instead to the Grand Council. Once the Council had cleared, Ulric revealed his logic to Natasha and Phelan: the charges would be brought before the Grand Council regardless of what happened in the Clan Council. By moving it before the other Clans himself, however, the battle would no longer be between the Warden Wolves and Crusader Wolves. Instead, Clan Wolf would be united in what was to come, rather than attempting to rip itself apart.[148][149][150][151][152]

On 8 August, the Grand Council met on Tamar. Those Khans who remained back on the Clan Homeworlds participated via video monitors. Vandervahn Chistu, saKhan of the Jade Falcons, brought forth the formal charges, while the senior Falcon Khan, Elias Crichell spoke on behalf of Ulric's accusers as prosecutors, weaving a tale of massive conspiracies, including accusing the Wolf Clan of plotting the formation of a "tainted" Star League with Prince Victor Steiner-Davion as First Lord. Phelan Ward, though taken aback by the absurdities in Crichell's arguments, gave an eloquent if futile response, deconstructing Crichell's arguments. With the Crusaders and invading Clan holding a decided edge in the Council, the outcome was preordained. The Khans voted 19-15 in favor of guilty, stripping Ulric of the office of ilKhan and effectively demoting him to Star Colonel. Ulric immediately called for a Trial of Refusal, and over Crichell's protests, bidding the entirety of Clan Wolf's touman to fight on his behalf. Ulric's laughter filled the chamber.[153][154][155][156][157] And so the seeds of the Refusal War were sown.[157]

Ulric Kerensky had foreseen the Refusal War, however, and knew that even if the Wolves triumphed, they would not be strong enough to face the next challenge, and would inevitably wind up destroyed or absorbed by the other Clans. He therefore took precautions to prepare for the Wolf Clan to relocate to the Inner Sphere. Knowing that the rights of traditional Bloodname holders could be stripped through abjurement, on the eve of his Trial before the Grand Council, Ulric created the Bloodname "Kell", so that Phelan Ward (who would become Phelan Kell again) could continue to lead the Wolves. He included this in a message sent to Anastasius Focht for the Precentor Martial's safekeeping. As he was still ilKhan at the time, this was entirely legal under Clan law.[158][159]

The Refusal War[edit]

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Vlad of House Ward

On 14 September, Khan Elias Crichell returned to Tamar to discuss the terms of the Trial of Refusal. He was brought by Phelan Ward to meet with Ulric and Natasha Kerensky in the holotank. Crichell was offended to be forced to negotiate with Ulric, as he no longer held the position of ilKhan and stated "A Khan only negotiates with his equals." Ulric informed Crichell that the Wolves approved of the Falcons' choice of Colmar to defend the Grand Council's decision, but only as the first battleground. Ulric made clear he intended to attack the entire Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, and would destroy the entire Falcon touman to decide the matter. He made it clear the only solution he would accept would be an end to the Invasion, or at the very least that the Treaty of Tukayyid be honored. Crichell departed, and the die was cast.[160]

Ulric, along with Khans Phelan and Natasha, plotted a bold plan to preserve the best of the Warden Wolves while virtually gutting the Crusader movement by striking deep into the Jade Falcons with the most conservative elements of Clan Wolf. Each of the three Khans (as Ulric was still considered ilKhan by his Warden Wolf supporters) would each lead a separate task force into the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, inflicting as much damage as possible on the Jade Falcon forces, rendering the leading Crusader Clan unable to pursue the invasion, at least in the short term.[161] Khan Phelan would ultimately take most of the remaining Wardens along with Clan Wolf's genetic legacies and a third of their equipment and form a safe haven in the Inner Sphere.[161] Star Colonel Kerensky forged his task force primarily of the Crusader elements within Clan Wolf. Taking overall command of Delta Galaxy, Ulric began transferring personnel in and out, sending younger warriors with Warden or moderate political leanings to join with Natasha and Phelan's task forces while bringing in most of the fanatical Crusaders within Clan Wolf. Ulric also formed Tau Galaxy, primarily a second-line unit also composed of Crusader warriors. This new command would include the First Wolf Cavalry Cluster and the 11th Wolf Regulars, both relatively newly formed Clusters. The Eleventh Wolf Regulars would effectively serve as Ulric's personal Keshik, with Star Captain Vlad in command. Despite having led the investigation against Ulric in the Clan Council mere weeks earlier, Vlad would become Ulric's aide-de-camp, ultimately become a protégé under Ulric, learning strategy and leadership.[162][163][164] Throughout the campaign, the Falcons would send their second-line units at the Wolves, taking a meat-grinder approach. Typically, the Wolf Clan units held a significant edge in ability, equipment and senior leadership. The Jade Falcons, as defenders of a successful vote, held a slight numerical advantage in most engagements, as the Wolves had to bid down to an acceptable level. The Wolf Clan warriors also largely dispensed with zellbrigen with respect to one-on-one combat, often using concentrated fire on their enemies when an advantage might be gained, in contrast to the Falcons, who held stubbornly to their tactics.[165]


Ulric explained the reasoning of all these decisions directly to Star Captain Vlad at a meeting on 24 September in orbit over Zoetermeer, their first target. Kerensky intended to put Crusader Wolves against Clan Jade Falcon, effectively shattering the strength of both his Crusader enemies. Ulric demonstrated that even the most devout of Crusaders among the Wolves such as Vlad held the Jade Falcons in contempt, and would rather die than surrender to them.[163] Zoetermeer proved to be a victory for Clan Wolf, but at heavy cost. Although the Falcons' 10th Provisional Garrison Cluster was completely destroyed, the Eleventh Wolf Regulars suffered 40 percent losses, while the 4th Striker Cluster lost 39 percent of their troops. The 21st Battle Cluster took 32 percent casualties, but the 2nd Wolf Cavaliers lost only 15 percent of their effective strength. Even using salvage, it would take the technicians two weeks to recover the damaged units to 70 percent strength. The Wolves also destroyed an orbital repair facility the Falcons had been constructing, which would damage any potential renewed invasion. Despite the losses, Ulric was dismissive of the overall performance of the Falcons on Zoetermeer.[166][167]


On Leskovik, Ulric's task force struck again, destroying the Falcons' 9th Provisional Garrison Cluster. Star Colonel Kerensky actually bid less than he was required to do, leading to higher casualties to his forces. In particular, his forces needlessly pursued the Falcons into the city of Belsen, even though the Wolf units were not well equipped for an urban fighting. During the peak of the fighting at Belsen, a Star of Falcons ambushed Star Captain Vlad, nearly killing him. Ulric personally intervened, saving the Crusader warrior. When Vlad questioned Ulric later as to why he did so, Kerensky told him that he was using Vlad as he had used Phelan during the Clan Invasion, as Vlad knew the Crusaders as well as Phelan knew the Inner Sphere soldiers. Vlad was offended by the comparison, but accepted the explanation.[168]


On 17 October, Task Force Delta struck at Evciler. Several Falcon units defended the planet, including the 73rd Strike Cluster, the 7th Falcon Regulars the Ninth and 51st Garrison Clusters and the 6th Provisional Assault Cluster. The Falcons had painted their 'Mechs a dirty blue-white, as they fought in a wintry landscape, ambushing the Wolves at Semore Chasm.[169] The Falcons had not chosen their positions well, however, and lost several units when the ice their machines were standing on collapsed, dropping the warriors into the freezing river below.[170] As before, the Wolves took heavy damage during the battle,[171] and they did not utterly destroy all the Falcon Clusters thrown at them. Ultimately, however, they were able to move on.


Vandervahn Chistu, Ulric's murderer

Butler was the next planet along Ulric's line of attack. Indeed, he had Vlad prepare an assault plan, and the Jade Falcons had a significant force defending the planet. The 7th and 8th Talon Clusters and 7th and 8th Provisional Garrison Clusters all stood ready the bleed Task Force Delta even further, fighting from entrenched positions.[172] Ulric knew, however, that if he fought on Butler, win or lose, it would be impossible for the Wolves to succeed on Wotan, the Jade Falcon capital, where Crichell and Chistu awaited him. On 10 December as they approached the planet, Ulric made these points to Star Captain Vlad, and then apologized for wasting the young warrior's time. The Wolf fleet then jumped to Wotan via a Pirate Jump Point, there to decide the fate of two Clans.[173]

Death on Wotan[edit]

Arriving in the Wotan system, Ulric's task force was joined by the surviving elements of Natasha Kerensky's Alpha Galaxy. The Black Widow had met her end on Twycross, but had ensured enough of her warriors had survived to give Ulric a chance for victory on Wotan.[174][175] As they prepared to drop on the planet, Ulric ordered Vlad to send the message intended for Phelan and the Wolves who had followed him to the Inner Sphere, through ComStar. Vlad confirmed he had not listened to it.[176] Ulric himself opened a batchall to the planet, communicating with Khan Vandervahn Chistu. Ulric pledged a Galaxy of front-line troops to the battle, with Chistu countering with the fresh troops of Delta Galaxy, approximately an equal number of warriors. Chistu then challenged Ulric to meet him in a Circle of Equals, a 'Mech duel in the center of Borealtown. Ulric accepted the challenge.[175][177] While in the cockpits of their 'Mechs, Ulric conversed with Vlad to the site of the coming duel. Vlad told the ilKhan that, if Ulric fell and Vlad lived, that if a new ilKhan repudiated the Truce, he would take the surviving Wolves and press on to take Terra. Ulric expressed regret at Vlad's comments, saying "I think it would be best for all if you die here with me today."[178]

Arriving at the chosen site, they found Chistu apparently alone in his Executioner. As they spoke, Chistu employed a small laser to spot for hidden elements of the Jade Falcon Keshik, who then launched their Long Range Missiles upon Ulric and his honor guard Star. Ulric's Gargoyle charged towards Chistu, but was incinerated by the mass fire.[179][180][181][182] His death, though a complete violation of Clan laws, effectively brought the Trial of Refusal against the Grand Council vote to an end.


Despite his death and the attempt by the Jade Falcons to declare a Trial of Absorption against the surviving Wolves, Ulric ultimately succeeded in his goals.[183] Nineteen Jade Falcon Clusters were destroyed or shattered, and the renewal of the invasion was forestalled. By the time the Crusader Clans had arranged their affairs and elected Lincoln Osis as ilKhan, the Inner Sphere had united into the Second Star League, leading to the Great Refusal and the end of the invasion. Ulric's erstwhile protégé, Star Captain Vlad, survived the ambush, slew Vandervahn Chistu in a Circle of Equals, restored the Wolves as an independent Clan as the short-lived Clan Jade Wolf, successfully claimed the Ward Bloodname, killed Elias Crichell in a challenge immediately following Crichell's ascent to the post of ilKhan, and then restored the Wolves, albeit as a Crusader Clan. Now Khan Vladimir Ward, Vlad regarded his actions as a kind of legacy to Ulric.[184]

After their victory over the Jade Falcons on Morges, Precentor Martial Focht presented the Warden Wolves with Ulric's message, announcing the creation of the Kell Bloodname and issuing a final command to defend the Inner Sphere.[185] Khan Phelan Kell and his Wolves, though officially abjured by the other Clans, became Clan Wolf-in-Exile, and would remain a shield of the Lyran Alliance against the Jade Falcons and other enemies for decades to come.[158] Clan Wolf-in-Exile renamed the CWiE Mother Jocasta, a Cameron-class Battlecruiser, the Ulric Kerensky in his honor on 31 December, 3057.[186] The CWiE Ulric Kerensky served with distinction for many years until meeting its destruction in 3074 in the Skye system, a victim of Blakist nuclear weapons during one of the pivotal battles of the Jihad.[187]

Among Ulric's rumored trueborn descendants was Katya Kerensky, a ristar among the Wolf Clan during the Clan Invasion who became the second-youngest warrior ever to earn a Bloodname at the time, behind only Natasha Kerensky (and later Phelan Ward).[188] Katya Kerensky remained with the "reborn" Clan Wolf after the Refusal War, eventually rising to the position of Loremaster and effectively becoming the "nominal" leader of Clan Wolf's Warden minority.[189] Katya Kerensky continued to serve with distinction well into the Jihad era before eventually joining the Republic of the Sphere as a Paladin. Ulric was also known to have "parented" a sibko with Star Colonel Jera Carns, commander of the Fourth Wolf Guards. Carns had long been one of Ulric's top supporters, and was rumored to be his occasional lover.[190] He was a genetic cousin, one generation removed, of Ranna Kerensky,[191] who was a talented ristar with Clan Wolf during the Clan Invasion who achieved her potential with Clan Wolf-in-Exile, winning Natasha Kerensky's Bloodname and taking command of the Fourth Wolf Guards.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Ulric Kerensky was a strategic genius among a warrior class that ignored top-level strategic considerations, a political mastermind amidst a society that publicly loathed politicians, a Wolf supremacist in an era where plotting between Clans was common, a champion of the Warden cause in an age when the Crusaders were ascendant, and above all, a warrior among warriors.[192][193] Ulric proved himself a master of improvisation both on the battlefield and in the Clan council, adjusting to challenges and rapidly changing situations seemingly without effort. A natural leader, Ulric commanded great loyalty from his warriors, even those with radically different political views. He was an impeccable judge of character and merit, as he constantly tested and probed people to better assess them. He most notably did this with Phelan Kell, helping push the young man from Inner Sphere bondsman to Clan Khan in just over two years. He also pressed such established warriors as Natasha Kerensky and Anastasius Focht, leading to impressive results on both occasions, and likewise aided the ascent of Vladimir Ward.[71][194] He was considered an incredible leader, and his attention to logistics and overall strategic planning allowed him to outperform his fellow Khans during the Clan invasion, as did his superior utilization of his castes.[43] Even Vlad Ward, among the most extreme of the Crusaders, came to regard Ulric with great respect and even reverence during the campaign against the Jade Falcons.[168] Like many members of the Kerensky Bloodline, Ulric was blessed with great vision; able to see years ahead when most Clan warriors could only see what was in front of them, and often able to anticipate the actions of others.[195] Although he may not have anticipated Chistu attempting to turn the Refusal War into a Trial of Absorption, his orders to both Phelan and Vlad ensured the Wolf Clan would survive the outcome, regardless. Ulric used his abilities to guide allies and beguile enemies in the Council, making him a superior politician.[14] It is a great testament of Ulric's political skill that he was able to maintain the peace won on Tukayyid for over five years before his removal as ilKhan,[132] and an even greater testament to his will and prowess that he successfully fought to preserve that same peace in the aftermath. As dedicated as he was to the Warden cause, Ulric's comments to Vlad during the Refusal War prove he was even more determined to see the Wolf Clan retain its leadership of the Clans, one way or another.[196] Ulric was an Elite MechWarrior even among Bloodnamed Clan warriors. Unlike some of his contemporaries (such as Elias Crichell), Ulric did not allow age to diminish his abilities, remaining an elite Clan MechWarrior into his sixties. Like most Clan warriors, Ulric had little value for aesthetic luxuries. His quarters and offices were typically spartan aside from practical necessities, which were of the finest quality.[32] Physically, Ulric was described as a slender, white-haired and bearded man, and even the stresses of the early years of the Clan Invasion Era did not seem to change his appearance much.[32][139]


"Do not plan for how to defeat the enemy. Plan for how you will avoiding acting like a surat when — not if — the enemy does the totally unexpected."
  — ilKhan Ulric Kerensky, addressing the 13th Wolf Guards[197]
"His ambition has propelled him further than he could have imagined. Let us hope it does not do the same to the Clans."
  — Khan Ulric Kerensky, speaking in regards to Khan Elias Crichell of Clan Jade Falcon, Strana Mechty, 15 Mar 3047
"The best revenge against those who forced it on us is to best them at it."
  — Khan Ulric Kerensky, regarding the Clan Invasion[198]
Shortsighted and vain. Tainted by the very things we as a people disdain, yet proclaiming himself to be the leader of us all.
-Excerpt from the private diary of Ulric Kerensky, criticizing Khan Vandervahn Chistu[citation needed]

Ulric Kerensky: Precentor Martial, perhaps you could request data on one more world in your transmission?
Anastasius Focht: It would be my pleasure, ilKhan. Which world is it?
Kerensky: A target for the Smoke Jaguars and Nova Cats. It is in the Draconis Combine. According to what they say, it may be a world of some importance. The name escapes me.
Focht: Irece? Teniente? Pesht? Do they mean to take Pesht? Pesht is a Military District capital.
Kerensky: No, no, none of those, Precentor, but thank you. Ah yes, now I remember. The name is Luthien. The world for which they want information is known as Luthien.
-Precentor Martial Anastatius Focht meets with ilKhan Kerensky, Memmingen, November 20, 3051[89]

Myndo Waterly: Believe me ilKhan, you have the troops and experience necessary to take Tharkad.
Ulric Kerensky: Oh, I believe you, but taking Tharkad would deflect us from our goal and that I cannot allow to happen.
Waterly: Your goal?
Kerensky: You did not know? You truly do not know?
Waterly: I do not.
Kerensky: Our goal is the conquest of Terra, my dear Primus. It was once the seat of the Star League, and it will belong to the Star League again. This is our will, our goal, and no one in the Inner Sphere can stop us from achieving it.
-Primus Myndo Waterly and Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht meet with ilKhan Kerensky, Satalice, January 7, 3052[101]

"Our bidding promotes brilliance and audacity, but it also minimizes losses."
  — IlKhan Ulric Kerensky after the Clan loss on Tukayyid, 3052[199]

"By setting Crusaders against Crusaders, I will destroy you."
  — Star Colonel Ulric Kerensky, to Vlad Ward, Zoetermeer system, 24 September, 3057[163]

"The Crusaders may be your philosophical kin, but they are not Wolves. You hate the Inner Sphere because of our teachings. We are told that they are below us, yet on every front they have adapted and are now a match for most of the Clans. Perhaps before we assault them again we should study their ways of war, lest we run the risk of being defeated just as the Falcons - your philosophical leaders - were."
  — Star Colonel Ulric Kerensky, addressing the 11th Wolf Regulars before the drop to Zoetermeer[200]

A man of vision, Ulric looks to the future. He dreams of a world where the Wolves occupy their rightful place within the history of both the Clans and mankind.
  — Loremaster Conal Ward, Clan Wolf, Strana Mechty, 25 April 3051[201]

"His thinking may have been flawed, but none can deny that Ulric Kerensky was a warrior born."
  — Khan Vladimir Ward, addressing the Grand Council, 2 January, 3058[202]

And the ilKhan gave us his final words,
Charging us to protect those
With whom we found refuge in our time of need.
In this, our final duty, we shall not fail.
  — The Remembrance (Clan Wolf in Exile), Passage 411, Verse 16, Lines 1-4[203]

"You are embarking on a grand mission that will shape the future of our Clan, the Inner Sphere, and humanity. Remember that you are Wolves. Be true to your traditions, but do not become reactionaries. Never abandon that which makes the Wolves strong, but adopt that which will make us stronger!"
  — Ulric Kerensky in his message to the Exiled Wolves, 31 December, 3057[204]



Ulric Kerensky piloted a Gargoyle OmniMech during the Clan Invasion and up until his death during the Refusal War, apparently favoring the primary configuration.[205][206]


  • According to an offhanded remark from Cyrilla Ward, Ulric won his Bloodname approximately 15 years before the events of 3051, at the age of 30.[207] Ulric himself supports this timeframe with his own later comments.[105] While his age at the time he earned his Bloodname matches other sources, the date does not, as it would put his year of birth around 3006, in sharp contrast to later works.
  • It may be assumed, based on the text, that Ulric was directly elected to the senior Khan position (properly kaKhan) when he succeeded Kerlin Ward.[11] Though unusual, it would not be unprecedented, especially given Ulric's age and accomplishments at the time.
  • Etymology: The name Ulric was originally a medieval form of the Old English name Wulfric meaning "wolf power", an apt name for the future Khan and ilKhan.

Game Notes[edit]

An Elite Clan MechWarrior, Ulric was also considered an Elite Officer, an uncommon feat in the Clans. To reflect this in A Time of War rules, Ulric's command Star automatically succeeds in any morale checks while in combat, and receives a +2 initiative roll modifier. Kerensky also possessed the Demoralizer and Tactical Genius special abilities. With outstanding an innate ability to read people, Ulric receives a +9 Skill roll modifier in Leadership and Negotiation, as well as a +7 in Acting and Interrogation.[193][208]


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