8th Talon (Clan Jade Falcon)

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Clan Jade Falcon Logo
Eight Falcon Talon Cluster
Nickname Gyrfalcon's Talons
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Delta Galaxy

Unit Description[edit]

The 8th Talon Cluster was an elite Clan Jade Falcon frontline combat unit that was notably used as a supplementary force during the mid-thirty-first century.


Garrison Duty and Transfer[edit]

In 3054, the 8th Talons were part of Epsilon Provisional Galaxy, where it was being used as a garrison unit in the Occupational Zone. The Talons were assigned to protect Maxie's Planet from aggression.[1]

Khan Chistu in early 3057, would transfer the Cluster with its galaxy-mate 7th Talons to bolster the depleted ranks of Delta Galaxy. This move was also other combat units, notably the 5th Battle Cluster and 2nd Falcon Jaegers become available for offensive operations.[2]

The Refusal War and its Aftermath[edit]

During the Refusal War the Eighth Talon was stationed on Butler as that was where the Falcons assumed Clan Wolf would attack. This later proved incorrect, so they were out of position.[3] However they redeployed and engaged the Wolves.

Near the end of the Refusal War, on December 10th, 3057, the 8th Talon and rest of the Gyrfalcons were put to the test against Clan Wolf. The task force of Wolves commanded by former IlKhan Ulric Kerensky arrived on world to challenge Delta Galaxy and saKhan Vandervahn Chistu. The Falcon's saKhan accepted the challenge of defending the planet against the remains of Clan Wolf's Clan Wolf's Tau and Alpha Galaxies and to personally Ulric to a duel. The two sides fought in the city of Borealtown, where they engaged in a brutal battle. The Talons were devastated in the conflict, which reduced it to two trinaries of 'Mechs and a single trinary of fighters.[4] After the Wolves were defeated, the unit took a large number of Wolf Bondsmen. These captured bondsmen gave the unit the prospect of a quick recovery. However, "new" Clan Wolf Khan Vladimir Ward's Trial of Refusal would prevent the Talons from fully recovering. The unit's commander, Star Colonel Allison Sonoma, animosity towards Wolves grew after Trial.[5][6]

Due to its reduced strength, the unit was not be deployed with rest of Delta Galaxy in Marthe Pryde's Incursion to Alliance space.[7][8]

The Eighth Talon was present however when the Steel Vipers struck at several Jade Falcon systems. The Eighth formed a key part of the Falcon task force, and the fighting helped bring the unit into a cohesive whole. The Eighth also added a new Trinary of Steel Viper bondsmen and their machines to their rolls. These bondsmen were not happy with their new status however.[9]

Falcon Incursion during the FedCom Civil War[edit]

In 3064, Khan Marthe Pryde would call up Delta Galaxy to participate in her second expedition into the Lyran Alliance. The 8th Talon would be positioned with the rest of Delta on the world of Roadside prior to launch of the invasion. During this time period, the Alliance had been caught up in its own problems, dealing with its own Civil War. The invasion would take both sides of that conflict by surprise and draw them together.

Delta Galaxy led by saKhan Clees would first attack Kikuyu in May as part of the Falcon's first wave. Among the Lyran forces included the 6th Donegal Guards and Dioscuri mercenary unit. Initially, they and other Falcon forces did well, mauling the Lyran forces. However, an enemy officer would conduct and win a Trial of against a Trinary of Falcon troops and win a two week delay in the fighting. During the two weeks, the 6th Donegal's surviving 'Mech forces were recalled to off-world. This left the Dioscuri and the Donegal's conventional units to continue the fight for the planet. The Talons would take moderate casualties in the fighting on world, with aid of most of Delta would secure the planet. In July in third wave of the invasion, 8th Talon would be teamed with the 1st Falcon Strike Cluster. The Talons remained partnered with the Strikers for rest of the campaign, first moving together to secure Clermont.

In August, Delta Galaxy would be call to reform for the invasion of the Lyran's regional headquarters on Melissia. The unit took modest damage in the fighting to win control of the planet and force the Lyrans to withdraw from the planet. Khan Pryde pull her troops including the Cluster and the Strikers to move to Machida as part their efforts hunt down General Adam Steiner and his surviving Lyran Alliance forces. She had guessed wrong that Machida was where he chose to go, leaving the Talons and Strikers as part garrison force.

In November, the units (with the Strikers) were sent to Medellin as part their efforts to secure worlds surrounding Melissia. They would discover the Chahar MTM had arrived from a pirate Jump Point days. The unit proved to be exhausted from its fighting Medellin, would fragment in battle with the Talons. Losing cohesion, the militia would be easy pickings, but the enemy commander gain control days later and conduct fighting withdraw from the planet.

The Talons and Strikers were called away from Medellin to Blair Atholl by Khan Pryde, where she was having negotiations to end hostilities. Khan was convinced to end hostilities due to threat of the Wolves' invasion of their Occupational Zone. The 8th Talons along the 1st Falcon Strikers be sent as part Falcon forces to repulse the crusader Wolves from their space. The unit's most noted action retaking Colmar in June 3065, where they would take heavy casualties in the fighting, which turn victorious for the Clan. They would remain on planet as its garrison force up to 3067, which they would regain much of the strength from years of fighting.[10][11][12]


The Third Jade Falcon Incursion[edit]

In late 3068, Clan Jade Falcon would commence their third incursion into Lyran Alliance, retaking worlds lost in previous incursion and gaining new ones such as Graus.

In 3069 the 7th and 8th Talon repulsed a counterattack by the Thorin FTM and Knights of St. Cameron on Baker 3.

Near end of the incursion in 3071, the Eighth Talon along with surviving galaxy mates, 1st Falcon Strike and the 7th Talon were caught in brutal battle to take control of Great X. Lyran forces fending off the incursion, led by the 25th Arcturan Guards, had fortified the planet prior to Delta Galaxy's arrival from Morges. In brutal battle for the planet, the 8th Talons were cut off from rest of the Galaxy's forces were annihilated by the Lyran forces.[13][14] [15] [16]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of 8th Talon Cluster
Star Colonel Allison Sonoma 3057 - 3067


No Specific Tactics listed.

Composition History[edit]


  • 8th Talon Cluster

Unit Note: Based on Maxie's World with the old Epsilon Provisional Garrison Galaxy.[17]

Late 3057 - 3059[edit]

  • 8th Talon Cluster (3 Trinaries)
    • Cluster Command Star (BattleMech Star) - CO: Star Colonel Allison Sonoma
    • Trinary Alpha (3 BattleMech Stars) - CO: Star Captain Karen
    • Trinary Beta (3 BattleMech Stars) - CO: Star Captain Camillia
    • Trinary Charlie (2 Aerospace Fighter Stars, 1 Elemental Battle Armor Star) - CO: Star Captain Sheryl

Unit Notes: Both Trinaries Alpha and Beta consist of two Beak (Medium & 'Heavy) Stars, while they differ having single Talon unit in Alpha, and Beta having a light weight Eye Star. The unit was not fully operational as of 3058, however it was listed as elite skilled and reliable as of 3059 with fanatical loyalty to the Clan. Its designated "homeworld" was noted as being Winfield.

Aerospace Support: The Cluster has a single Clan Invader JumpShip, with two Lion Class DropShips and a Union-C.[18][19]


  • 8th Talon Cluster - CO: Star Colonel Allison Sonoma

Unit Note: Stationed on Colmar, the Cluster's strength would be at 95% strength as of 3067, with skills and reliability remaining the same as it was in 3059.[20]


As of this writing, the 8th Talon's actions during the early Jihad which led to its destruction on Great X are unclear. Also unclear it is not certain if the unit would be rebuilt.

Unit Insignia[edit]

The unit's original insignia was a Gyrfalcon holding a blue and green pennant while aloft in flight.[21]


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