2nd Falcon Jaegers (Clan Jade Falcon)

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Iota Galaxy Logo
Second Falcon Jaegers
Nickname "The Frost Falcons"
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Iota Galaxy
Delta Galaxy (previous)

Unit Description[edit]

The 2nd Falcon Jaegers is a Clan Jade Falcon Cluster, which served originally as part of the Clan's Delta Galaxy.


Operation Revival[edit]

As part of Operation Revival, the unit fought a number of battles during the Invasion.


In August 3050 the 2nd Jaegers struck the planet of Blackjack, inflicting over 80% losses on the defending Blackjack School of Conflict's Training Battilon. Despite many in the LCAF considering graduates of the Blackjack school almost like bandits, the 2nd Jaegers were suitably impressed by their performance, considering them among the most honorable Inner Sphere opponents they'd encountered so far. A number of the Blackjack cadets would be claimed as Bondsman, the most notable being Mark Harris who successfully defeated a Falcon warrior in an impromptu Trial of Possession for his family's home. [1][2]

In September 3050, The Jaegers fought for control of the world of Leskovik, where they fought with the Leskovik Militia at the site of the Leskovik Refinery Complex. During the course of the battle, a liquid natural gas tank was hit by weapon fire and exploded. The Jaegers and the Militia were consumed by the blast. It was not found out until later that the explosion was accidental.[3]

Other Battles[edit]

The Second fought the Tenth Lyran Guards on Alyina.

Battle of Tukayyid[edit]

As the Com Guard forces attempted to block the Jade Falcon withdrawal, the 2nd Jaeger ran into the 309th Division. In some of the most bloodthirsty fighting to have occurred on Tukayyid, both units practically destroyed each other, the green 309th inflicting nearly 70% losses on the Jaegers, but suffering even worse damage in return.[4] [5] [6]

After Operation Revival[edit]

The Second Jaegers and the Fifth Battle Cluster were stationed on Antares in September 3053 when the First and 2nd Viper Guards mounted a diversionary attack in support of a push on Graus to recover a rumored Star League cache.

The defending Jade Falcon forces were hampered by the collaboration of the local population with the Steel Viper attackers and were forced to retreat from the world.

The Second was stationed on Alyina in 3054.[7]

Refusal War[edit]

During the Refusal War, the Jaegers fought on the world of Devin, where they had victory of the Clan Wolf forces on the planet.

Post Refusal War[edit]

In aftermath of the Refusal War, the unit was transferred to the Second Line unit, Iota Galaxy. Mix frontline/second line galaxy, the 2nd Jaegers were assigned with the Galaxy to defend from Clan Wolf. In 3059, the unit adopted a new insignia honoring its Cluster's then commander Malthus's exploits on during Operation Revival. Where the Insignia shows Elemental Battle Armor fighting alongside a Centurion BattleMech.[8]

The Second Falcon Jaegers landed on Engadine in 3058. While there they landed near the 22nd Skye Rangers and destroyed the Lyran unit.[9]

In 3062 the Second was on Sudeten when they were attacked by the One-Eyed Jacks mercenary command, all former alumni of the Blackjack School of Conflict. The Second wasn't prepared for the underhanded tricks and unusual combat methods of the Jacks, and took heavy losses. Despite this, the Second inflicted heavy losses on the mercenaries as well.[10]

In June 3069 elements of the Second Jaegers faced the 1st Kell Hounds on Graceland. The Falcons killed Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Allard in this engagement.[11]


Dark Age[edit]

The Second Falcon Jaegers landed on Zhongshan in 3087. They faced the Thirteenth Wolf Guards and several mercenary and militia units. This conflict was the first time the Falcons employed the Eyrie BattleMech, and it was very effective. Despite this, the Falcons didn't take the world.[12]

In 3140 the Second defended Chahar.[13]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Falcon Jaegers Cluster
Star Colonel Marthe Pryde 3046-3053[14][15]
Star Colonel Taman Malthus 3059[16]


The Second Falcon Jaegers were an aggressive unit, often taking objectives while sustaining high casualties. During the fighting on Leskovik, for example, they lost a Trinary of troops when a natural gas refinery exploded.[14]

Composition History[edit]




  • Command Star - CO: Colonel Marthe Pryde
    • Trinary Alpha - CO: Star Captain Nurten Buhallian
    • Trinary Bravo - CO: Star Captain Lynn Roshak
    • Trinary Charlie - CO: Star Captain Jacob Eagle
    • Trinary Delta - CO: Star Captain Dorende Fore
      • Delta is a Nova unit consisting of Star BattleMech & Elementals and two Stars of Elementals.
    • Trinary Echo - CO: Star Captain Matthew Von Jankmon
      • Echo is the Cluster's Aerospace Fighter formation.


Organization Structure[edit]

Game Rules[edit]


The Second Falcon Jaegers possess the Overrun Combat special ability. They also inflict a -2 Initiative penalty on their opponents in the first turn, and a -1 Initiative penalty in the rest of the turns.[19]


Unit only listed in 3067 with no background on its activities.


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