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  • Lima faces a light raid by the Draconis Combine.
  • Grim Determination mercenary unit defends Sarna against a raid from the 12th Atrean Dragoons, ejecting the Free Worlds League unit with heavy losses.
  • DCMS BattleMech battalion launches raid against the Lyran Commonwealth world of Ryde, the defending 12th Donegal Guards inflicting heavy damage on the Combine raiders before pushing them off-world.
  • Rider Chism and Carson Kurita duel on Kaus Media.
  • A crisis or campaign on Westover necessitates deployment of First Free World Legionnaires.



  • Clan Hell's Horses Khan Lair Seidman is killed by a Ghost Bear assault on Niles.
  • Scientist-General Mohammed (Kepler) is born.
  • Marthe Pryde assumes command of Clan Jade Falcon's 2nd Falcon Jaegers.
  • Brenda Bradley is elected to the rank of General and commanding officer of the Illician Lancers mercenary brigade.
  • Heir-Designate of the Taurian Concordat Felix Calderon disappears during a deep space star mapping mission and is presumed dead.
    • Jeffrey Calderon, fifth-born child of Thomas Calderon, is named Heir-Designate of the Taurian Concordat.
  • First Prince Hanse Davion awards Helen Trempeleau with the title of Marquess for her efforts to improve life for citizens in the Federated Suns' Outback region.
  • Shelly Brubaker graduates as a MechWarrior and reaches the rank of Lance Corporal in Wolf's Dragoons' Delta Regiment.
  • Elizabeth Nichole promoted to command of Wolf's Dragoons' Epsilon Regiment.
  • Ian Hawker named Khan of Clan Diamond Shark.