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  • March: The first wave of Operation REVIVAL begins. Clans invade the Inner Sphere proper.
  • May: The second wave of Operation REVIVAL begins.
  • June: The third wave of Operation REVIVAL begins.
    • First and Second Drakøns, First and Third Freemen regiments are destroyed on Rasalhague.
    • The Third Kavalleri are defeated by the Fourth Wolf Guards on Kirchbach.
  • July: The fourth wave of Operation REVIVAL begins.
  • August: The Third Kavalleri are destroyed on Basiliano by Clan Wolf forces.
  • 31 October: ilKhan Leo Showers is killed, halting Operation REVIVAL.
  • The Fourth An Ting Legion are destroyed on Itabaiana battling Clan Smoke Jaguar forces.


  • February 18: IlKhan Leo Showers holds a kurultai over Paulus Prime after the conquest of the Periphery worlds.
  • December 1: The Bloodnamed Clan warriors in the Inner Sphere met at Paulus Prime to begin their journey back to the Clan Homeworlds.
  • Free Rasalhague Republic capital falls to Clan Wolf.
  • Earthwerks Incorporated purchases an abandoned Brigadier Corporation 'Mech factory on Procyon.