Tyra Miraborg

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Tyra Miraborg
Character Profile
Died 31 October 3050
Affiliation House Miraborg
Rank Kapten
Parents Tor Miraborg (father)

Tyra Miraborg was the daughter of Tor Miraborg. An aerospace fighter pilot, she was responsible for the death of ilKhan Leo Showers of Clan Smoke Jaguar in the Battle of Radstadt through a heroic suicide run, leading to a temporary halt of the Clan invasion.


Early life[edit]

Tyra was born and raised on the planet of Gunzburg to Tor Miraborg and his wife. Her mother died while Tyra was still young, leaving her upbringing to her father. During this time, the Free Rasalhague Republic was just emerging from independence from the Draconis Combine. With the Combine administrative structure gone, however, chaos ensued as people left and right attempted to fill the power vacuum with their own visions of utopia. Into the fray stepped Tor Miraborg, who returned order to Gunzburg and become its ruler as the "Iron Jarl". He did not come out on top unscathed, however. Tor was left scarred and crippled when the mercenary company Vincent's Vigilantes broke contract over technicalities. The people of Gunzburg held Tor up as a symbol of sacrifice for the good of the nation and became fanatical in their devotion to him, including taking up his perceived hatred of all mercenaries. In the background, Tyra witnessed it all. She wanted to make him proud by joining the Gunzburg Eagles, climbing to the rank of Kapten in its aerospace contingent, but she could only stand by helplessly as her father slipped deeper into bitterness and hatred, fueled by the feelings and impressions of his subjects.

Love and loss[edit]

Tyra's life would reach a turning point when elements of the Kell Hounds mercenary unit were marooned on Gunzburg while en route to the Periphery on a pirate hunting assignment. At this time she met Phelan Kell in a concert. She was unaware of the fact that he was the son of mercenary leader Morgan Kell and a MechWarrior in the Kell Hounds, as he was unaware that she was Tor Miraborg's daughter. Though raised on anti-mercenary sentiment, Tyra fell for Phelan and Phelan did likewise. Their romance was short but intense, even leading Phelan to petition for a spot in the Kell Hounds for her. Most importantly Phelan, showed her a life beyond the confines of Gunzburg, things that she had never and would never be able to do if she stayed.

The presence of the mercenaries also seemed to bring out the worst in Tor Miraborg and showed Tyra the kind of man her father had become. Reluctantly, Tyra refused Phelan's offer but petitioned for, and received, a transfer from the Gunzburg Eagles to the First Rasalhague Drakøns. She left her homeworld behind to serve as the Honor Guard for Haakon Magnusson, the Elected Prince of the Free Rasalhague Republic.

Clan invasion[edit]

Tyra and the Flying Drakøns, the aerospace wing of the First Rasalhague Drakøns, were tasked with escorting the Rasalhague Minister of Defense on his tour of worlds bordering the periphery when the Clan Invasion began. Piloting a Shilone and operating from the carrier DropShip Bragi, Tyra first saw action against Clan Ghost Bear when they attacked the world of Thule. Tyra achieved the first known kill of a Clan fighter in this engagement, destroying a Jengiz Prime.[1]

The Drakøns managed to escape this initial encounter and were recalled to Rasalhague to aid in its defense. Soon thereafter Clan Wolf forces appeared in orbit over Rasalhague to claim the world for themselves. Tyra only saw limited action in the battle, for the decision was made to evacuate the Elected Prince from Rasalhague, which necessitated the redeployment of the Flying Drakøns to cover the Elected Prince's DropShip. Tyra would not get a chance to return to the fight on Rasalhague; low on fuel and hounded by Clan Wolf fighters, the Flying Drakøns followed the Elected Prince out of the Rasalhague system to safety.

Death and glory in the Radstadt system[edit]

The Elected Prince was to be taken to Radstadt, a provincial capital and an important world in its own right, with his JumpShip Norseman and its escorts. Numerous mechanical failures delayed the flotilla to the point the Flying Drakøns had been listed as "Missing in Action" by the KungsArmé. For safety reasons, the fleet escorting the Norseman only moved through uninhabited systems for two months.

Finally arriving in the Radstadt system on 31 October 3050, the Elected Prince and his entourage happened to jump in right next to an entire Clan battle fleet. Clan Wolf had just taken Radstadt, marking the deepest incursion into Inner Sphere space yet seen by the Clans. A Grand Kurultai (war council) was called by ilKhan Leo Showers, who wanted to use the meeting as a means of censuring Clan Wolf and putting the spotlight back on his Smoke Jaguars. The meeting was to take place aboard the Clan Wolf flagship Dire Wolf, a powerful Sovetskii Soyuz-class WarShip, in the Radstadt system at just this time.

The Flying Drakøns immediately deployed to buy the Elected Prince time to escape. At least four squadrons of six aerospace fighters each (Valkyrie, Fenrir, Aesir and Norn squadron, equipped with Corsairs, Seydlitzes, Shilones, Sholagars and Sparrowhawks) and five combat DropShips (Vengeance-class Raven, Union-class Gungnir and Sleipnir, Seeker-class Karlshefni, and Fury-class Stöng) attacked the Dire Wolf, its DropShip complement (the Overlord-class Lair, Snap, Snarl and Howl) and fighter screen.[2] Launching from the carrier DropShip Korp, Tyra Miraborg was among the attacking fighters.

The Drakøns made several runs on the Dire Wolf without opposition; the Clans were just as surprised by the appearance of the Elected Prince's JumpShip and had no time to deploy their fighters. The tables began to turn, however, as Clan fighters were finally deployed and began to push back the Drakøns. It was at this point that the Norseman managed to successfully jump out of the system. Knowing that their charge was finally safe, the Drakøns made one final attack. Many Drakøn fighters were badly damaged in this final push, Tyra's included. Instead of turning back, however, Tyra piloted her stricken Shilone on a collision course with the Dire Wolf. She had a moment of peace before her fighter slammed into the weakest part of the massive WarShip: the bridge. The collision breached the bridge, killing many crew members and ilKhan Leo Showers, and almost killed the Clan Wolf Khan (and future ilKhan) Ulric Kerensky as well as Vlad Ward, the future Wolf Khan. (Ironically, Tyra's old lover, Phelan Kell, who was held as a captive/bondsman by Clan Wolf, was just outside the bridge at that moment, and he would subsequently save the lives of both Ulric Kerensky and Vlad Ward. All three of them would go on to shape the history of the Inner Sphere, each in their own way.)

Tyra Miraborg's kamikaze run into the Dire Wolf


Miraborg's action severely crippled the Dire Wolf, but had a more profound impact than simple material damage as she had also managed to kill ilKhan Showers. Without a leader, the Clans needed to pull back in order to elect a new ilKhan. Tyra's sacrifice thus brought the Inner Sphere a year-long lull in hostilities, enough time for them to adapt to new tactics, bring new martial technologies to bear, and rally their forces to present a more united front against the Clan threat.


Tyra's fighter during all the Clan Invasion was a Shilone.[3]


Tyra loved and greatly admired her father, but at the same time, hated and felt sorry for the lonely and bitter man he had become.[4] Her best friend was Anika Janssen, also a native from Gunzburg, who she met during their training, and since then, both were together throughout her career. Tyra last's words were a farewell to Anika, right before her suicide attack. Anika was devastated by her friend's loss.[5] The only known sentimental relationship of Tyra was with Phelan Kell, and it appears both genuinely loved each other. The only cause of their separation was their respective responsibilities and loyalties to their families. Tyra deeply mourned Phelan's apparent death.


Tyra was awarded the highest honors (posthumously) by the KungsArmé for her heroic and selfless action over Radstadt, even going so far as creating a new medal, the Miraborg Gron, and founding a new military academy, the Tyra Miraborg Memorial Academy. Perhaps the greatest testimony to her achievement, however, are several lines in the Clan epic poem, The Remembrance:

Tyra of the Rasalhague led,
Forth her fiery flying Drakøns,
Gallant in bronze. A warrior woman whose hands
Were unskilled in the ways of hearth and home,
In skills of war she was hard and trained
To leave behind the airy winds and fight
Where the void is eternal and life fleeting.
Tyra and her warriors fought
Like crazed demons above Radstadt.
When her fighter was crippled by ours,
And her life leaked away into the endless night,
She chose to die
And sent her fighter like a spear
Through the Dire Wolf, claiming as isorla
Our mighty ilKhan's life. Sing of our loss, warriors!
Sing, but of Tyra also,
For though an enemy, her courage none can deny.

  — The Remembrance, Passage 294, Verse 8, Lines 17-33

The Clans also renamed the Charybdis-class, a new carrier DropShip type under development at the time, the Miraborg class in her honor.


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