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Q: Do you swear upon the words of the Great Kerensky that you will follow the ordained trail through the black firmament of space, the trail that will ultimately lead us back to Terra to restore all that was good and pure in the Star League?
A: Aff. I swear my blood future upon it.

— From the ilKhan oath-taking ceremony


The ilKhan is the "Khan of Khans" within the Clan political structure. This Khan serves as the supreme leader of the Clans.

When the Clans face a time of crisis or all need to coordinate their efforts towards a common objective, each Clan forms a Kurultai and the Khans from each Clan then form a Grand Kurultai. The Grand Kurultai then internally elects a Khan to become the ilKhan who serves as an arbiter between Clans during the time of his or her mandate, acting with the power of the Grand Council. The ilKhan enjoys wide-ranging but not absolute power, as he or she is accountable to the Grand Council. When the Martial code is in effect, however, the ilKhan may operate virtually unhindered.

In theory the ilKhan may not interfere with matters that are internal to a specific Clan or privilege their former Clan over others. In practice some ilKhans have failed in this regard, most notably former Cloud Cobra Khan Tobias Khatib, who with increasing brazenness favored his former Clan at the expense of the others before his deposition, and Lincoln Osis, who even after his election as ilKhan apparently remained Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar as well and acted as such, attempting to use the other Clans to bolster the failing Jaguars before their annihilation. Brett Andrews similarly retained his position as Khan of Clan Steel Viper, and had his motives and legitimacy called into question as well.

After Nicholas Kerensky's death the position of ilKhan became less powerful and less prestigious over time, and following Tobias Khatib's indictment and execution in 2947 lapsed completely for a century. The arrival of the Outbound Light in Clan space in 3048 and resulting invasion of the Inner Sphere led to a revival of the role from 3049 to c. 3075, first to lead the invasion itself and then to handle the crises resulting from that invasion's failure.

The power of the position also eroded due to increasingly complex political situation among the Clans. When Leo Showers was voted ilKhan in 3058, he presided over sixteen Clans. Less than 20 years later, when Hannibal Banacek of the Star Adders stepped down following the Annihilation of Clan Steel Viper, the number of Clans following him numbered only six.[1] Similarly, when Alaric Ward claimed Terra and the title of ilKhan in 3151, no Clans broke the silence coming from the Kerensky Cluster to acknowledge his claims, only those who had been driven from the Clan Homeworlds and formed the Council of Six.

By 3250 an unnamed individual held the position once more.[2]

Roll of ilKhans[edit]

  Name Original Clan Years Notes
1. Nicholas Kerensky Wolf 28152834 Founder of the Clans.
2. Jerome Winson Wolf 28342851 Elected to bring calm after the murder of Nicholas Kerensky.
3. Zenos Danforth Burrock 28582870 Oversaw the Trials of Possession over OmniMech technology and the Absorption of Clan Mongoose by Clan Smoke Jaguar.
4. Victoria Ward Wolf 28732891 ilKhan at the height of the Clan's Golden Century.
5. Corian Tchernovkov Coyote 29202934 Elected to improve inter-Clan relations. Secretly assassinated by Khan Tobias Katib of Clan Cloud Cobra.
6. Tobias Khatib Cloud Cobra 29352947 Used Corian Tchernovkov's death to become elected. Put his own Clan's goals above all the Clans. When his involvement with Tchernovkov's murder was revealed he was stripped of rank and executed.
7. Leo Showers Smoke Jaguar 30483051 Led the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere.
8. Ulric Kerensky Wolf 30513058 ilKhan during the Battle of Tukayyid.
9. Elias Crichell Jade Falcon 3058 Elected in the field and immediately killed by Clan Wolf Khan Vlad Ward in a Trial of Grievance over his warrior qualifications.
10. Lincoln Osis Smoke Jaguar 30583060 Presided during the Annihilation of Clan Smoke Jaguar and the loss of the Great Refusal.
11. Garrett Sainze Fire Mandrill 3071 Was killed in a trial of refusal over his election.
12. Brett Andrews Steel Viper 30713075 Triggered the Wars of Reaving.
13. Hannibal Banacek Star Adder 3075 – 3076 Oversaw the Viper Annihilation.
14. Alaric Ward Wolf 3151 Orchestrated the ilClan Trials for Terra against the Jade Falcon Clan. Became ilKhan of the reborn Star League after the end of the Dark Age Era
 ? Unnamed individual Unknown Clan 3250 ilKhan of the reborn Star League


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