Grand Council

The Grand Council is the supreme governing body of the Clans to which it can issue decrees applicable to all. Each Clan is represented by its Khan and saKhan and vote on a wide range of matters which affect more than one Clan, from ensuring fair play during a Trial of Possession to voting on another Clan's Trial of Annihilation. The Grand Council also serves as the highest court in Clan space, including those where the impartiality of the Clan Council is in question or the matter affects more than one Clan. While few civilian cases are deemed sufficiently worthy to warrant the Grand Council's judgment, those of the Warrior Caste, especially highly ranking officers, are usually taken up for examination. The Grand Council cannot interfere in the internal matters of a Clan or Bloodname House except in matters of Reaving and Propagation.[1]

In peacetime the Grand Council meets in the Hall of Khans on Strana Mechty upon the petition of three or more Clans, though only during solemn occasions are they required to be physically present. Most issues can be handled virtually through the use of real-time HPG links. During times of crisis with the election of an ilKhan the Council may be convened upon their request in a virtual kurultai to allow for the swift resolution of a serious matter.

After the civil war that separated the Home and Invading Clans in 3076, the power of the Grand Council would become severely weakened and splintered as a whole. The Homeworld Clan Council would enact a strict quarantine in Clan Space to protect themselves from Inner Sphere taint, while the Spheroid Clans would form the Council of Six, forswearing any contacts with their brethren in the Homeworlds.


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