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Invader Clans - or Invading Clans (later known as the Spheroid Clans) - were terms used to denote those Clans that had established a presence within the Inner Sphere. Most of the Invading Clans participated in Operation Revival in 3050-3052, with others later joining them. By the late 3060s, a definite rift had arisen between the Invading Clans and their Home Clan kin who had remained within the Clan Homeworlds; the result was a permanent sundering between the two groups.

Historical Overview[edit]

After the Outbound Light incident of 3048, the Crusader Clans' long-nurtured dream of returning to the Inner Sphere in force to conquer the barbarians of the corrupt Successor States became reality. A series of Trials were conducted to determine which Clans would participate. Clan Wolf, notorious for the strong Warden convictions of its leader, Khan Ulric Kerensky, was forced to take part in the Crusader-planned invasion, called Operation Revival. Clan Ghost Bear, Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Smoke Jaguar would each win one of three other open invasion corridors. Clan Steel Viper performed well enough to be listed as a reserve Clan. After a series of Trials to refuse the original Trial results, Clan Nova Cat and Clan Diamond Shark were likewise listed as reserve forces.[1][2][3]

Collectively, these seven Clans would come to be known as the Invader Clans. As the years passed, the Home Clans grew to resent the Invader Clans for everything from their status as invaders, to the spoils and resources that each had access to in the Inner Sphere.[4][5] After the Great Refusal and the Annihilation of the Smoke Jaguars at the hands of the Star League reborn, this resentment turned to anger and even hatred. The Steel Vipers, who had been ejected from the Inner Sphere by the actions of the Jade Falcons in 3062, led the backlash against the Invader Clans. In time, Steel Viper Khan Brett Andrews would direct his Clan at ousting the Jade Falcons and Wolves, while Clan Star Adder fought the remnants of Clan Hell's Horses in the Clan Homeworlds, their parent Clan having left for the Inner Sphere many years earlier. Home Clans such as Clan Snow Raven and Clan Ice Hellion also hatched plots that would see the bulk of their forces depart Clanspace. Inner Sphere taint was blamed, taint brought on by the weakness of the Invader Clans, and Khan Andrews used this rallying cry to help catapult himself into the office of ilKhan as the Wars of Reaving enveloped the Clan Homeworlds.[6][7][8][9]

All Clans that departed for the Inner Sphere were Abjured from Clan society by 3075[10] - including all of the original Invader Clans, as well as those who fled later, such as the Hell's Horses and Snow Ravens. The remnants of the Ice Hellions had been Absorbed by Clan Goliath Scorpion. Six of the Clans in the Inner Sphere called together their own form of the Clan Grand Council, called the Council of Six Clans. Composed of the remaining Invader Clans, minus Clan Nova Cat (whose Abjuration by the Grand Council stands in their eyes) and the Smoke Jaguars who were Annihilated by the reborn Star League, plus the Snow Ravens and Hell's Horses, this assembly became the new guiding body for the Spheroid Clans. Regarding their Homeworld brethren as lost and twisted by their corruption of the Clan Way, the Council of Six gladly take the traditions of the Clans to their worlds in the Inner Sphere.[11]

Invader Clans by Era[edit]

Listing of original Invader Clans (3050-3052).[2]

Listing of Invader Clans as of 3063

Listing of Invader Clans as of 3075

  • Clan Diamond Shark
  • Ghost Bear Dominion
  • Clan Hell's Horses
  • Clan Jade Falcon
  • Clan Snow Raven
  • Clan Wolf

Clan Ice Hellion attempted to conquer their own occupation zone in 3071-3072, but were repelled by the Jade Falcons and Hell's Horses.


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