Invading Clans (sourcebook)

Invading Clans
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Bryan Nystul
Primary writing Brent Carter
Michael Pellicciotti
Diane Piron-Gelman
Sharon Turner Mulvihill
Pages 160
Cover Artwork Doug Chaffee
Interior Artwork Joel Biske
Jeff Laubenstein
David Martin
William O'Conner
Illustrations Earl Geier
Malcom Hee
Ray Lederer
Jim Nelson
Mike Nielsen
Gary Opasinski
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1645
First published November 1994
ISBN-10 1555602517
ISBN-13 978-1555602512
MSRP $18.00
Era Clan Invasion era

For the Clans who reside in the Inner Sphere, see Invading Clans


Invading Clans is presented as a report by Jaime Wolf about five of the seven Clans that participated in Operation REVIVAL (Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon were covered separately by Comstar). Details on each Clan's history, unit rosters and exclusively-owned BattleMech designs are provided, along with an Occupation Zone section that summarizes each battle fought by that Clan during the Clan Invasion.

It is also the only sourcebook that provides in-depth information on Clan Smoke Jaguar prior to that Clan's annihilation in 3059-60.

From the back cover[edit]

Invaders from Beyond

They came from beyond the Periphery: invaders with advanced weapons, strange tactics and stranger customs. Arriving in 3049, they attacked world after world with unrelenting fury. By 3052 they had conquered more than 200 planets, and their target was clear. They sought to capture the cradle of humanity: Terra. If not for the Battle of Tukayyid and the resulting truce, the Earth would surely have fallen.

We now know these invaders are the Clans, the sons and daughters of the legendary Aleksandr Kerensky, gone from known space for over 250 years. They seek to overthrow the Inner Sphere and recreate the lost Star League in their own image... or so it seems...

Invading Clans describes the history, culture, and military capabilities of Clans Smoke Jaguar, Nova Cat, Ghost Bear, Steel Viper, and Diamond Shark. Also included is an overview of occupied worlds, deadly new BattleMechs, and eight full-color pages featuring renderings of Clan uniforms and ceremonies.


  • Wolfnet Classified Report
    • Current Situation
  • Clan Ghost Bear
    • Time of Decision
    • Second Exodus
    • A New Beginning
    • Inception of the Bear
    • Golden Century
    • Operation Revival
    • Wave One: Looking for a Fight
    • Wave Two: Disaster Strikes
    • Wave Three: Winds of Change
    • Wave Four: Renewal
    • Wave Five: The Roaring Bear
  • Occupation Zone
    • The Periphery
    • First Wave
    • Second Wave
    • Third Wave
    • Fourth Wave
    • Fifth Wave
  • Front-Line Unit Summary
  • BattleMechs
  • Clan Smoke Jaguar
    • Fires of War
    • Golden Century
    • Rise of the Crusaders
    • Operation Revival
    • Into the Void
    • First Wave: The Jaguar Pounces
    • Second Wave: Silent Fury
    • Third Wave: Chasing the Wolf
    • Fourth Wave: The Jaguar Stumbles
    • Fifth Wave: All-Out War
    • Tukayyid: The Crucible
    • Aftermath
  • Occupation Zone
    • The Periphery
    • First Wave
    • Second Wave
    • Third Wave
    • Fourth Wave
    • Fifth Wave
  • Front-Line Unit Summary
  • BattleMechs
  • Clan Steel Viper
    • Birth of the Viper
    • True Vision
    • Golden Century
    • Operation Revival
    • Fifth Wave: The Snake Strikes
  • Occupation Zone
    • Worlds Ceded to Clan Steel Viper by Clan Jade Falcon
    • Fifth Wave
    • Post Invasion
  • Front-Line Unit Summary
  • BattleMechs
  • Clan Nova Cat
    • Phillip Drummond
    • Anna Rosse
    • Civil War
    • New Blood
    • Golden Century
    • Operation Revival
    • Invasion
    • Year of Peace and Prepartion
    • Fifth Wave: The Cat Attacks
  • Occupation Zone
    • Worlds Ceded to Clan Nova Cat by Clan Smoke Jaguar
    • Fifth Wave
  • Front-Line Unit Summary
  • BattleMechs
  • Clan Diamond Shark
    • From Peacemaker to Warrior
    • Peace and Prosperity
    • The Great Change
    • Unlikely Crusaders
    • A Different Kind of Conquest
    • Change of Fortune
    • Baptism of Fire
    • Aftermath: The Invisible Clan
  • BattleMechs
  • Glossary
  • Index


  • A number of notable changes to information provided in earlier sourcebooks were made in this title, such as Clan Diamond Shark not being totally wiped out on Tukayyid or Clan Nova Cat making use of Land-Air 'Mech production lines, "dangerous inaccuracies" in largely in-universe ComStar penned reports that Wolfnet chalks up to the effects of the Schism and insisting its efforts are more truthful.
  • Clan Smoke Jaguar Loremaster Edumund Hoyt is erroneously referred to as the Smoke Jaguar Khan in several places.
  • The Diamond Shark chapter erroneously refers to Vandervahn Chistu as the senior Jade Falcon Khan and Elias Crichell as the Falcon saKhan during the start of the Clan Invasion.[1] At the start of the Clan Invasion, Elias Crichell was the senior Jade Falcon Khan and Timur Malthus was the Falcon saKhan.[2][3] Vandervahn Chistu became the Jade Falcon saKhan after September 3050.[4]


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