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  • 9th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre attacks Ingress in January.
  • Sorenson's Sabres attacks Fox's Teeth on Benet III.
    • The Battle ends in a draw, with Sabres retreating from the planet.




  • Federated Commonwealth starts Coolant Pod production.
  • The Ibex RV is introduced by Earthwerks Incorporated in the Free Worlds League.
  • The WSP-1S variant of the Wasp BattleMech is introduced by House Steiner.
  • The AS7-K variant of the Atlas BattleMech introduced.
  • The FS9-S variant of the Firestarter BattleMech is introduced.
  • The ARC-4M variant of the Archer BattleMech is introduced.
  • The ON-1M variant of the Orion BattleMech is introduced.
  • The CRD-4D variant of the Crusader BattleMech is introduced by House Davion.
  • The CRD-4K variant of the Crusader BattleMech is introduced by House Kurita.
  • The AXM-2N Axman BattleMech variant is introduced.
  • The AWS-9M Awesome BattleMech variant was introduced.
  • Capriole Dynamics introduces the Dawn Treader.
  • The Caesar BattleMech is introduced by the Federated Commonwealth.