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  • The Fox's Teeth raid the world of Menke as reprisal for the McCarron's Armored Cavalry's attack on Marlette the year before.
  • The Taurian Concordat world of Pinard is raided by Dedrickson's Devil, a mercenary unit under contract to House Davion that had gone rogue.
    • Thomas Calderon interprets it as covert attack by the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.


  • Warrior House Hiritsu begin to move their stronghold to Randar.
  • ComStar loses all contact with Oberon VI, Elysian Fields, and Santander V.
  • The Peregrine-class corvette Silver Merlin departs on a routine Dark Caste-hunting expedition and vanishes.


  • Ariana Winston succeeds William Erik Petersen as overall commander of the Eridani Light Horse.
  • Future Republic of the Sphere diplomat Lin Murikami is born on Togura.