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Wakazashi Enterprises

Wakazashi Enterprises
Corporation Profile
AffiliationDraconis Combine
HeadquartersPeal (Dover IV)[1]
Manufacturing Plant(s)

Wakazashi Enterprises was a Draconis Combine defense manufacturer.


Wakazashi Enterprises was one of the premier aircraft manufacturers in the Star League. After the start of the First Succession War, Wakazashi planned to move its plants to the Periphery so that they could avoid being damaged in the ensuing carnage. Coordinator Minoru Kurita wooed back the corporation's loyalty by offering them a contract to build a medium aerospace fighter. The result was the Shilone, an excellent medium class fighter with more than average firepower and armor.[1][2]

Wakazashi licensed out most of the Slayer's major components over a century ago, making a killing in fees and even attempted to build models to exact specifications for a time, but deep-sixed the idea after a particularly bad runaround with LCAF red tape in 2981. The legal ramifications of that particular incident would later govern Slayer sales to the Lyran Alliance, with half of the Alliance's production runs shipped without weapons.[3]

In 3042, Wakazashi Enterprises acquired and absorbed Mangon Aeronautics into the company. By 3067, Wakazashi accounted for nearly 70 percent of the commercial and civilian aerospace market. Their design division assisted other Combine military aerospace manufacturers and also helped restart the Draconis Combine Admiralty's WarShip program.[1]

During the Jihad, the facilities on Chatham, Dover, and Schuyler suffered no capital or personnel losses, and the operating capacity of the factories was at 100% in 3079.[4]


Wakazashi Enterprises has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

Al Na'ir[edit]

Note: The Al Na'ir factory was destroyed during the First Succession War.[5]

Components produced on Al Na'ir:[5]
Component Type
BMB-12D Bombardier[5] Heavy BattleMech
KetoBond Bombardier[5]
Extralight Fusion Engine
VOX 325 XL Bombardier[5]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Choutaka Armorscale, Ltd. w/CASE Bombardier[5]
Communications System
Neil 9000 Bombardier[5]
Targeting-Tracking System
DLK Type Phased Array Sensors Bombardier[5]
Delphinius-20 Bombardier[5]
Arrowlite-4 Bombardier[5]
Anti-Missile System
Buzzsaw Bombardier[5]


The Chatham plant was a fully functional airport and aerospace port. It served as a test field for all the aircraft produced and could service any of the DCMS' most common aerospace fighters.[6]

Components produced on Chatham:[1][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]
Component Type
Aerospace Fighters
LCF-16K Lucifer II[6][7] Medium aerospace fighter
ON-1 Oni[6][9] Medium aerospace fighter
ON-2X Oni[10] Medium aerospace fighter
Sai[6] Medium aerospace fighter
SL-17 Shilone[6][7][11] Medium aerospace fighter
SL-17R Shilone[11] Medium aerospace fighter
SL-18 Shilone[11] Medium aerospace fighter
SL-19 Shilone[6] Medium aerospace fighter
SL-17X Shilone[12] Medium aerospace fighter
KOS-1A Koroshiya[13] Heavy aerospace fighter (Since 3138)
Maruhanabachi[14] Large Airship Support Vehicle
MIK-O Tatsu[6][8] OmniFighters
Conventional Strike Fighter
Inseki[1] Conventional Strike Fighter
Inseki II[1] Conventional Strike Fighter
Suzume[1] Conventional Strike Fighter
Defender[1] Medium Strike Fighter
Koi Heavy Civilian Transport[citation needed] WiGE Support Vehicle
Ryu Heavy Military Support Transport[citation needed] WiGE
Wakazashi III Shilone SL-17[7][11]
Wakazashi III LCF Lucifer[7]
Wakazashi V-On Oni[9]
Wakazashi VII-Modular Tatsu[8]
Wakazashi IX Koroshiya[13]
Fusion Engine
Mantatwist 300 Shipped to Altair for Riever[7]
Shinobi 260 Shilone SL-17[11]
Shinobi 275 Oni[9]
Shinobi 320 Shipped to Dover for Slayer[7]
Shinobi 260 Shilone SL-17[7]
Extralight Fusion Engine
GM 380 XL Koroshiya[13]
Mantatwist 260 XL Lucifer II[7]
Shinobi 210 XL Tatsu[8]
Armor (Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft)
Naketsu AeroWeave Standard Shilone SL-17[11]
Naketsu MetalWeave Standard Tatsu[8]
Naketsu Nagareboshi Reflective Koroshiya[13]
Armor - FA - aerospace fighters
Chatham Bakemono Ferro-Aluminum Oni[9]
Communications System
Duotech 250 w/Angel ECM Suite Koroshiya[13]
Duoteck 100 Shilone SL-17[11]
Garret T22 Tatsu[8] & Oni[9]
Targeting-Tracking System
Eagle Eye 430 XX w/Apollo FCS Koroshiya[13]
Neko Megane 6 Tatsu[8] & Oni[9]
RCA Instatrac Mark XI Shilone SL-17[11]
ER Small Laser
Diverse Optics Sunbeam Oni[9]
Medium laser
Diverse Optics Type 20 Shilone SL-17[11]
Large Laser
Diverse Optics Type 10 Shilone SL-17[11]
ER Large Laser
Diverse Optics Type 30X Oni[9]
Heavy PPC
Lord's Light 3 Koroshiya[13]
Shigunga Shilone SL-17[11]
Shigunga Oni[9]
Shigunga Koroshiya[13]
NCK "Thornbush" Shilone SL-17[11]


In 3079, the plant was installing a new production line. It also manufactured (unnamed) Autocannon/10 and Autocannon/20s for various aircraft.[15]

Components produced on Dover:[16][17][18]
Component Type
Valiant[15] Light BattleMech
Bombardier (refits)[15] Heavy BattleMech
Aerospace Fighters
SL-22 Sholagar[15] Light aerospace fighter
SL-15 Slayer[17] Heavy aerospace fighter
SL-15K Slayer[17][18] Heavy aerospace fighter
SL-27 Slayer[15] Heavy aerospace fighter
Koi Heavy Civilian Transport[citation needed] WiGE Support Vehicle
Ryu Heavy Military Support Transport[citation needed] WiGE
Yasha[16] VTOL
Mangon Mark II Sholagar[citation needed]
Wakazashi V Slayer SL-15[17] & Slayer SL-15K[18]
Fusion Engine
Shinobi 320 Slayer SL-15[17]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Indy 70 XL Yasha[16]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
New Samarkand Royal ferro-fibrous w/CASE Yasha[16]
Armor (Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft)
Naketsu AeroWeave Standard Slayer SL-15[17]
Communications System
Sony MSF-21 Slayer SL-15[17]
Sony MSF-23 w/C3 Yasha[16]
Targeting-Tracking System
RadCom TII Slayer[citation needed]
RadCom T11 Slayer SL-15[17] & Yasha[16]
Zeus 56 Mark IV Slayer SL-15[17]
Medium laser
Diverse Optics Type 20 Slayer SL-15[17]


In 3079, Kervil was controlled by the Republic of the Sphere.[19]

Components produced on Kervil:[20][21][22][23]
Component Type
Aerospace Fighters
SB-27 Sabre[20] Light aerospace fighter
SB-31D Sabre[21] Light aerospace fighter
SB-31 Sabre "Defense Special"[22] Light aerospace fighter
Tsuru VIP Aircraft[23] Support Vehicles
Inazuma SI-32 SB-27 Sabre[20]
Inazuma SI-32b SB-31D Sabre[21]
Armor (Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft)
Nimakachi Type 3 SB-27 Sabre[20]
Armor - FA - aerospace fighters
Nimakachi Type G Heavy Ferro-Aluminum SB-31D Sabre[21]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Nissan 225 XL SB-27 Sabre[20] & SB-31D Sabre[21]
Communications System
BipStar 49-G SB-27 Sabre[20] & SB-31D Sabre[21]
Targeting-Tracking System
Ki-II TTS SB-27 Sabre[20] & SB-31D Sabre[21]
Medium laser
Tronel II SB-27 Sabre[20]
ER medium laser
Diverse Optics 20X SB-31D Sabre[21]
Laser Anti-Missile System
Victory Star Screen SB-31D Sabre[21]

New Samarkand[edit]

During the Early Republic Era, the plant was primarily mothballed as part of the military drawdowns, only keeping limited production of spare parts. After the 3132 collapse of the HPG network, the facility was reactivated and brought up to full production capacity.[24]

Components produced on New Samarkand:[25][26][27]
Component Type
PNT-10K Panther[25] Light BattleMech
PNT-12A Panther[25] Light BattleMech
PNT-13K Panther[26] Light BattleMech
PNT-16K Panther[25] Light BattleMech
Bombardier (refits)[27] Heavy BattleMech
Alshain-560 Carrier Endo Steel Panther[25]
Fusion Engine
Hermes 140 Panther[25]
Jump Jets
Lexington Ltd. Lifters Panther[25]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Maximillian 42 Panther[25]
Communications System
SipherCommCon SCU-4 Panther[25]
Targeting-Tracking System
Cat's Eyes 5 w/Artemis IV Panther[25]
Lord's Light 2 Panther[25]


This plant used to belong to Mangon Aeronautics.[1] During the Jihad, production never slowed or stopped, mainly because the workers continued to show up to their jobs. The Smoke Jaguars used the output of the factory for their second-line and defensive forces.[28]

Components produced on Schuyler:[29][30][31]
Component Type
Aerospace Fighters
S-3 Sai[30] Light aerospace fighter
S-4 Sai[29][30] Light aerospace fighter
S-7 Sai[30] Light aerospace fighter
S-8 Sai[30] Light aerospace fighter
Sholagar[28] Light aerospace fighter
SL-27X Sholagar[31] Light aerospace fighter
Koi Heavy Civilian Transport[citation needed] WiGE Support Vehicle
Ryu Heavy Military Support Transport[citation needed] WiGE
Wakazashi I Sai[30]
Armor (Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft)
Shinobi Standard Sai[30]
Fusion Engine
Shinobi 240 Sai[30]
Communications System
Neil 4000 Sai[30]
Targeting-Tracking System
Chichester ASR-26 Sai[30]


  • Objectives: Draconis Combine (2011) describes a remarkable Togura shipyard belonging to Stellar Trek that was destroyed in the Jihad.[32] It's unclear if this is an error and should have said Wakazashi Enterprises, since Handbook: House Kurita (2015) has the Togura WarShip Yards (presumably one in the same) listed as being under their control in 3067.[1] Furthermore, it's worth adding that while Wakazashi had brilliant designers who helped restart the Combine's WarShip program, they were not the powerhouse in jump-capable ships that Stellar Trek had been for centuries; yet Stellar Trek was financially strapped,[33] and it's possible there could have been a collaboration between the two companies.



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