Technical Readout: 3039

Technical Readout: 3039
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Development Randall N. Bills
Mike Miller and Chris Wheeler (Assistant Development)
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills
Ken Horner
Kevin Killany
Nick Marsala
David McCulloch
Mike Miller
Ben Rome
Jason Schmetzer
Chris Wheeler
Pages 303
Cover Artwork Doug Chaffee (Cover Art)
Ray Arrastia (Cover Design)
Interior Artwork Shane Hartley and Steve Walker (Classic BattleTech Logo)
Illustrations Doug Chaffee
David R. Deitrick
Dana Knutson
Chris Lewis
Kevin Long
Duane Loose
Mike Nielsen
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35121
First published June 1, 2009
ISBN-10 1934857025
ISBN-13 978-1934857021
MSRP $29.99
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 3025 - 3039
Series Technical Readouts
Preceded by Technical Readout: 3025, Technical Readout: 3025 Revised
Followed by Technical Readout: 3050


Technical Readout: 3039 is the latest book to provide technical data for units before the recovery of LosTech and the technological renaissance that accompanied such events as the recovery of the Gray Death Memory Core and the Clan Invasion. This mammoth tome comes from the perspective of the 3070s looking back on the beginning of the War of 3039 and includes the Unseen BattleMechs, combat vehicles, aerospace fighters, conventional fighters, and Star League BattleMechs downgrades.

From the back cover[edit]

In 2781 the Star League was officially abandoned, ending a 200-year-long Golden Age. In 2785 the Successor Lords launched a series of massive conflicts that would rage for centuries and become known as The Succession Wars. Such endless warfare has taken its toll and by the Fourth Succession War of 3028, the technology employed on the battlefields is a mere shadow of the height of the Star League. However, the discovery of the Helm Memory Core is beginning to unlock such sought-after secrets, with new BattleMechs and experimental technologies starting to make a debut for the first time in centuries.

Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: 3039 is the perfect "first Technical Readout" companion to the Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set. Combining the ’Mechs, vehicles and aerospace fighters previously found in Technical Readout: 3025 Revised and Technical Readout: 3026 Revised, this volume features some of the most common units of the Succession Wars. Each machine is illustrated in detail, accompanied by a description of its history, capabilities, game stats, along with their most famous pilots.

Table of Contents[edit]

Ferret Light Scout VTOL
Savannah Master Hovercraft
Swift Wind Scout Car
Armored Personnel Carriers
J-27 Ordnance Transport
Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
Packrat Long Range Patrol Vehicle
Skulker Wheeled Scout Tank
Warrior H-7 Attack Helicopter
Harasser Missile Platform
J. Edgar Light Hover Tank
Mobile HQ
Scorpion Light Tank
Sea Skimmer Hydrofoil
Coolant Truck
Karnov UR Transport
Hunger [sic] Light Support Tank
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank
Saladin Assault Hover Tank
Saracen Medium Hover Tank
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank
Striker Light Tank
Engineering Vehicle
Hetzer Wheeled Assault Gun
Goblin Medium Tank
Condor Heavy Hover Tank
Drillson Heavy Hover Tank
Maxim Heavy Hover Transport
Vedette Medium Tank
Bulldog Medium Tank
Hi-Scout Drone Carrier
LRM/SRM Carrier
Manticore Heavy Tank
Pike Support Vehicle
Mobile Long Tom Artillery
Rommel/Patton Tank
Monitor Naval Vessel
Von Luckner Heavy Tank
Demolisher Heavy Tank
Partisan Heavy Tank
Schrek PPC Carrier
SturmFeur Heavy Tank
Ontos Heavy Tank
Behemoth Heavy Tank
Neptune Submarine

[Light 'Mechs]

[Medium 'Mechs]

[Heavy 'Mechs]

[Assault 'Mechs]

Conventional aircraft
Boomerang Spotter Plane
Angel Light Strike Fighter
Boeing Jump Bomber
Guardian Fighter
Defender Medium Strike Fighter
Meteor Heavy Strike Fighter
Planetlifter Air Transport
Aerospace fighters
First in Centuries...
Star League
Project Phoenix
General Size Comparison Chart

Remarks on content[edit]

  • The title comprises descriptions of 156 units in total, most of them had been previously published. They derive from different eras, Star League until late Succession Wars, all Inner Sphere. In further detail the TRO:3039 contains:
    • 82 BattleMech units, split over three chapters
      • 34 BattleMechs from Succession Wars era (chapter: "BattleMechs"), previously published in TRO:3025,
      • 6 BattleMechs being developed after the Fourth Succession War as a result of Helm Memory Core discovery (chapter: "First in centuries..."), being first published separately in various sourcebooks,
      • 20 BattleMechs from Star League era (chapter: "Star League"), previously published in TRO:2750,
      • 22 BattleMechs from Succession Wars Era, previously published in TRO:3025 and TRO:3050, the so-called Reseen, to address alleged copyright infringements (chapter: "Project Phoenix"). These units were published in TRO:3039 without full image and appeared only as silhouettes.
    • 17 aerospace units, split over two chapters,
      • 16 units from Succession Wars era, previously published in TRO:3025 (chapter: "Aerospace Fighters"), and
      • 1 unit being developed after Helm Memory Core discovery (chapter: "First in centuries..."), previously unpublished.
    • 8 Conventional Aircraft, from different eras, some previously published, some unpublished.
    • 48 Vehicles, from different eras, previously published in TRO:3026 and from other sources,
      • 42 combat and support vehicles,
      • 3 VTOLs and
      • 3 surface vessels.
  • The in-character description of the title's contents is given by Anastasius Focht, ComStar, 12 November 3073.
  • The last page contains an overview of Classic BattleTech Eras, which is not listed in the Table of Contents.


  • TRO:3039 is essentially the replacement for TRO:3025, TRO:3025 Revised, and TRO:3026 due to changes made over the decades since these books were printed. The book uses most of the artwork previously used in the retired books it replaces.
  • Trademarked as Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: 3039.

Foreign-Language Editions[edit]


Hardware-Handbuch 3039.jpg
Hardware Handbuch 3039
Product information
Language German
Contribution Clemens Schnitzler, Michael Mingers (Editors), Benjamin Fox, Sven Finke, Heiko Rippel, Jan Schulze, Kai Großkordt, Christian Pinzinger, Tobias Kegler, Tobias Junge, Martin Hoffmann (Translation) and Christian Lonsing (Layout)
Pages 304
Publication information
Publisher Ulisses Spiele
First published 2012
ISBN-10 3868892230
ISBN-13 978868892239
MSRP 34,99 €

Published by licensee Ulisses Spiele Hardware Handbuch 3039 is the German edition of Technical Readout: 3039 (TRO:3039). Unlike previous TROs, this edition matches the original edition in all aspects. The hyphen that was sometimes used in older German TRO titles (e.g. Hardware-Handbuch 3031) was completely left out in this. The German version is printed as DIN A4, a standard European paper size, which is a little larger then North American Letter.

Spelling and Names[edit]

As with other German products names of organizations have been translated, the respective abbreviations changed as well. Sometimes names of places are translated or its German spelling is corrected. For instance the DCMS (Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery) became VSDK (Vereinigte Streitkräfte des Draconis Kombinats), the Planet Gotterdammerung was respelled to Götterdämmerung and so on. The practice of translating unit names to German ceased altogether in 1997.