Angel Light Strike Fighter
Production information
Manufacturer Andurien NGL[1]
Equipment Rating
Use Recon/Fast Strike
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 260,365[2]
Introduced 2643[3]
Technical specifications
Mass 10 tons
Engine (Type) Hermes 100 AeroFusion
Fuel 160 - 1 ton
Communications System Lassitor 2MA
Targeting Tracking System IMB Hawkeye 30
Heat Sinks 10
Armament 1x SRM-4
Armor Durallex Light
Crew 1
BV (1.0) 137[2]
BV (2.0) 145[1]


The Angel is a fusion-powered light-weight conventional fighter originally from the Free Worlds League. Like the Defender, the Angel was exported to every Successor State, becoming common across the Inner Sphere. In fact it is often known as the Light Strike Fighter.[1]

With its light weight and easy to produce equipment, the Angel can be built on nearly any industrialized world. Though not a substitute for an AeroSpace Fighter, the Angel serves very well as a reconnaissance craft and a light strike fighter. Capable of harassing ground units and outrunning nearly anything else in the air, in the right hands the Angel is a deadly foe.[1]

The only drawback to this craft is its extremely light armor. A few well-placed SRM rounds or Machine Gun hits will easily destroy the Angel. Fortunately for its pilots, the extreme speed of the craft makes it difficult to hit.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The standard Angel mounts a single SRM-4 in the nose, fed by a ton of ammunition. Though unlikely to cause any serious fear in a MechWarrior or AeroSpace Fighter pilot, loading the launcher with Inferno ammunition rounds makes the Angel much more dangerous.[1]


The Angel mounts two external hardpoints for bombs and other external ordnance. Combined with the craft's high speed, this capability makes it a decent tactical bomber.[1]


As the Angel was distributed so widely across the Inner Sphere, every Great House is capable of manufacturing it. The Angel platform has also served as the basis for several variants.

  • Angel Upgrade 
    This variant of the Angel replaces the SRM-4 with a Streak SRM-2 rack. BV (2.0) = 111[6]
  • Suzume (Sparrow) 
    A Kurita variant using the Shinobi 70 Turbine, it upgrades the wing armor by 50% and swaps the SRM launcher for a single LRM-5 rack. BV (2.0)= 116[9], 120=[10]
  • Owl III 
    This variant has the same fuel capacity of the Owl II, but replaces the standard lasers with two nose-mounted |Extended Range Medium Lasers. BV (1.0) = ??, BV (2.0) = 329[14], 345[15]
  • Andurien 
    This variant used an AeroOmni 70 engine, this variant carries one ton of additional fuel, but also has a reduced maximum speed. Taking a cue from the Owl variants, the SRM launcher is replaced with nose-mounted medium and small pulse lasers, and carrying a rear-mounted ER Small Laser. BV (1.0) = ??, BV (2.0) = 158[16], BV (2.0) = 184[17]



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