Record Sheets: 3039

Record Sheets: 3039
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Pages 88
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35160
First published 2008
ISBN-10 1934857181
Era Succession Wars era


The companion to Technical Readout: 3039, Record Sheets: 3039 contains the record sheets to many of the 'Mechs and combat vehicles in the technical readout. Each of the record sheets also includes the unit's Battle Value and cost.

As TRO: 3039 is primarily aimed at new players, specifically those who just picked up the Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set, the units in RS: 3039 are primarily those available to the Inner Sphere and Periphery in 3039. Notably, this product does not contain sheets for the Unseen, which had the record sheets for every variant compiled in Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrades, and so are not reproduced. In addition, there are no record sheets for fighters, as the rules for these units do not appear in the Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set as the equipment they use was first introduced in Total Warfare and TechManual.

From the back cover[edit]

More 'Mechs for the battlefield...

You’ve blown your opponent up using the ’Mechs from the Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set and would like more firepower. Now you own Technical Readout: 3039 and would love to see some of those ’Mechs and vehicles on your gaming table. Grab your dice and start rolling, because these sheets are for you!

Record Sheets: 3039 contains over fifty pre-printed ’Mech record sheets that will have players firing autocannons, missiles and PPCs at each other in no time. More than thirty vehicle sheets bring the excitement of combined-arms game play to any table top. Two ready-to-play scenarios focus on the highlights of this volume, while the Quick-Start Creating Scenarios rules give players the tools they need to create their own fun scenarios. Finally, the complete Combat Vehicle rules take combined-arms warfare to a whole new level.

Record Sheets: 3039 is a stand-alone book, but Technical Readout: 3039 is recommended for use.

Table of Contents[edit]



  • How To Use This Book
  • Rules Addendum
  • Why Doesn't this Book Match Technical Reaout: 3039?

Rules Addendum

  • Weapons and Equipment
  • Scenarios
    • Scenario 1: Business As Usual (Offensive Campaign)
    • Scenario 2: The Pendulum Swings (Defensive Campaign)
    • Quick-Start Creating Scenarios
  • Combat Vehicles
    • Random Assignment Table: Inner Sphere 3039
    • Movement
    • Combat
    • Destroying A Vehicle
  • Ground Combat Vehicle Tables

[Combat Vehicles]


[Light 'Mechs]

[Medium 'Mechs]

[Heavy 'Mechs]

[Assault 'Mechs]

More Battletechnology!

[Heavy Clan 'Mech]

Classic BattleTech Eras


  • In December 2010, Catalyst Game Labs released the more comprehensive Record Sheets: 3039 Unabridged. This new release differs extensively from the original. As with older releases, the Heavy Metal program was used to create the standard Record Sheets: 3039. The unabridged release, using Total Warfare style Record Sheets, was created reportedly 'by hand', rather than with Heavy Metal. The unabridged differs from the standard release also due to the inclusion of unique and advanced tech variants.
  • The trademarked title was Classic BattleTech Record Sheets: 3039.