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Production information
Manufacturer Hollis Industries

Blankenburg Technologies

Diplass BattleMechs[1]

Earthwerks Incorporated[2]

J.B. BattleMechs Incorporated

Red Devil Industries[2]

Trellshire Heavy Industries[2]

Tao 'Mechworks

Production Year 2633[3][4][5]
Model BLR-1G
Class Assault
Cost 8,501,243 C-Bills
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 85 tons
Chassis Hollis Mark X
Armor StarGuard
Engine VOX 340
Communications System HartfordCo COM 4000
Targeting Tracking System HartfordCo XKZ 1
Heat Sinks 18
Speed 64 km/h
BV (1.0) 1,212[6]
BV (2.0) 1,519[7][8]


Versatile and powerful, the BattleMaster was one of the best known BattleMechs in existence. Hollis Industries began production in 2633,[4] originally designing it to be the largest and most powerful 'Mech for the Star League armies at that time.[9] Indeed the sheer size of the BattleMaster, combined with the costs and resources needed to build one, meant the 'Mech could only be manufactured on a few planets. Still, those lucky enough to pilot a BattleMaster can attest to some of the stories surrounding the 'Mech. With good reliability, firepower and armoring, the BattleMaster is equally adept anchoring an assault lance or serving as a command vehicle.[4][10]

Although only produced in modest numbers, examples of the BattleMaster could be found in the arsenals of all the Great Houses and technicians have gone to great lengths in order to repair one. During the First Succession War Hollis' BattleMaster factories on Corey were attacked, their production lines destroyed and any finished BattleMasters purloined by the various House forces. While production of new BattleMasters was taken up by Earthwerks Incorporated on Keystone, Trellshire Heavy Industries on Twycross,[11] and Red Devil Industries on Pandora, they could build only a handful of new 'Mechs every year. This was enough though to make House Steiner and House Marik the largest users of BattleMasters during the Succession Wars. House Liao also fielded a large number of BattleMasters, at least until the devastation of the Fourth Succession War when many fell into the hands of the Federated Suns, themselves lacking any BattleMaster factories.[4][10] By fortuitous accident the Draconis Combine also came into possession of a large number of BattleMasters when a hapless ComStar Precentor, intending to ship unmodified versions of advanced BattleMasters to Com Guard units, sent them to the Combine instead. These BattleMasters served as excellent command vehicles during the War of 3039.[12]

New models of the BattleMaster would be introduced in time to take part in the Clan Invasion. Although the manufacture of new BattleMasters was disrupted when Twycross fell to Clan Jade Falcon, the recapture of that world allowed for a brief resumption of production.[12] While Pandora did not fall during the Invasion an effort was made to relocate its BattleMaster factory, but the haphazard nature of the factory and foot-dragging by the planet's corrupt nobility delayed this effort.[13] It wasn't until 3061 that the Red Devil factory was finally ready to be closed when the nobility's lobbying paid off and instead funds were allocated by Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion to refurbish the factory. As part of the arrangement a deal was struck with J.B. BattleMechs Incorporated to produce a new variant, the BLR-4S. Initial units were built starting in 3062 but the FedCom Civil War would delay full-scale production until 3064, by which time the second Jade Falcon Incursion captured the planet and put these new BattleMasters to work in their second-line units. This left the hard-pressed J.B. BattleMechs' factory on Storfors to build the BLR-4S for the Lyran Alliance, while the Free Worlds League and Combine would come out with their own variants.[14]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The BattleMaster carries a formidable array of weaponry, the primary of which is a Donal PPC in its right arm. For close range combat, the 'Mech is armed with six Martell Medium Lasers, which gave the 'Mech the ability to unleash a devastating barrage of lasers at short to medium ranges. Four of these face forward, split between the left and right torsos, while the other two face backward, giving it protection against 'Mechs attempting to attack its rear. This short-range firepower is further enhanced with a Holly SRM-6 and two tons of ammo in its left torso. Finally, the BattleMaster is equipped with two Sperry Browning Machine Guns, both in its left arm fed by a one-ton ammo bin in the left torso, which deterred infantry attacks. The BattleMaster is also adept at defending itself in close combat, including disengaging its PPC in an emergency for when it needs both hands. Fourteen and a half tons of armor give it excellent protection.[4][10]


  • BLR-1D 
    The 1D was a basic modification of the 1G model introduced by House Davion in 2867 as a means of increasing its survivability given the fact the Davions couldn't produce the 'Mech. The SRM-6 and the two rear-firing medium lasers were removed so that six heat sinks and an additional ton of armor could be added. This helped to make the 'Mech more forgiving when dealing with the intensive heat load of its energy weapon heavy arsenal.[2][4][16] BV (1.0) = 1,323,[17] BV (2.0) = 1,522[7][18][19]
  • BLR-1Gc 
    A much less radical upgrade of the 1G, the 1Gc upgraded the heat sinks to double strength models and removed the machine guns to make room for a command console.[20] BV (1.0) = ?, BV (2.0) = 1,577[25][26]
  • BLR-1Gd 
    Produced by the Federated Suns during the Star League era, this variant drops the machine guns and ammunition while all the forward firing medium lasers are replaced by Medium Pulse Lasers. Sixteen double heat sinks keep the 'Mech cool.[27]
  • BLR-1S 
    Built for House Steiner by Red Devil industries in 3025, this modification was built around making the BattleMaster a missile support 'Mech by removing the PPC and SRM-6 and replacing these with an LRM-15, an LRM-5, and two SRM-2 launchers, giving the BLR-1S both long and short range capability. Additionally, two heat sinks have been added to the 'Mech.[2][4][28] BV (1.0) = 1,227,[29] BV (2.0) = 1,507[7] (1,504)[30]
  • BLR-2C 
    Dating back from 2925, this designated command vehicle sported a second cockpit (presumably a Command Console) and a Beagle Active Probe wired into the Nirasaki Inciteful Vision targeting system. Instead of the machine guns it carried a SureFire Defender Anti-Missile System in the left arm, retaining the rearward firing lasers. Like with the BLR-1C, House Kurita received at least one BLR-2C from ComStar in full working condition and used it to good effect in the War of 3039. BV (1.0) = ?, BV (2.0) = 1,563[31][32]
  • BLR-3M 
    The 3M was a basic upgrade of the BattleMaster utilizing Star League technology. Introduced by Earthwerks Incorporated for the Free Worlds League in 3049, the 'Mech replaces the standard heat sinks with double heat sinks, upgrades its primary weapon to a Fusigon Longtooth ER PPC and removes one of the machine guns to add CASE to the design to protect itself in the event of an ammunition explosion.[12][33] BV (1.0) = 1,495,[6] BV (2.0) = 1,679[7][34]
  • BLR-3M-DC 
    The 3M-DC drops the rear firing medium lasers of the 3M to make room for a Command Console. BV (2.0) = 1,627[35]
  • BLR-3S 
    Another upgrade of the BattleMaster using lost technology from the Star League, the 3S was introduced in 3050 by Red Devil Industries for the Federated Commonwealth. Still using standard heat sinks it actually removes a half-ton of armor along with the PPC and one of the machine guns, although it still retains the SRM-6. These changes along with the inclusion of an Edasich Motors 340 XL engine make room for a FarFire LRM-20 launcher as its primary weapon backed up by six Defiance P5M Medium Pulse Lasers for fighting close in, with two of the lasers being rear facing.[12][36] BV (1.0) = 1,165,[17][29] BV (2.0) = 1,441[7][37]
  • BLR-5M 
    The 5M was an upgrade that reflected the weapon trends in the Free Worlds League prior to the Jihad. Based on examples captured from Kristen's Krushers and using the BLR-3M as a base, the 'Mech was armed with a Light Gauss Rifle, giving it a range exceeding seven hundred meters. The Light Gauss is backed up by an ER Large Laser for long-range engagements while for close ranges, the 5M carries six ER medium lasers, two of which are rear facing. These models were first fielded in 3067.[14][42] BV (1.0) = 1,484,[43] BV (2.0) = 1,766[7]
  • BLR-6C 
    A specialist design from the Regulan Hussars, this variant replaces the traditional torso- and arm-mounted energy weapons with four Light AC/5s, two in each torso. It retains Small X-Pulse Lasers in the left arm, and a Streak SRM-6 is in the left torso. There is one ton of Streak ammo, but four tons of autocannon ammunition allows the 6C to carry special munitions for particular foes. The most important feature however is the Command Console in the BattleMaster's head. BV (2.0) = 1,557[44]
  • BLR-6G 
    An Endo Steel Chassis and Light Fusion Engine provide a solid foundation for fifteen and a half tons of armor. Sixteen double heat sinks are fitted, dissipating the heat from a Heavy PPC, two Light PPCs in each side torso, supplemented by a Streak SRM-6 with one ton of ammunition in a CASE II ammo bay. Each side torso carries an ER Small Laser to cover the rear arc, and two Small X-Pulse Lasers are in the left arm to act as anti-infantry firepower. BV (2.0) = 1,960[45]
  • BLR-6M 
    Developed on Keystone, this variant is a command model supplementing the BLR-5M that uses a Thunderbolt launcher and Heavy PPC to provide its main firepower.[46]
  • BLR-6X 
    This 3085 version uses an experimental XXL engine to boost ground speed to 86 km/h. An Endo Steel skeleton provides enough weight savings to allow this BattleMaster to carry an ER PPC, Heavy PPC, Streak SRM-6, and a pair of ER Medium Lasers. Sixteen Double Heat Sinks keep the temperature manageable. BV (2.0) = 2,029[47]
  • BLR-10S 
    The 10S first fielded in 3070 was built around a rugged Edasich compact engine that give it a maximum speed of 54.4 km/h. It also has a Heavy-Duty Gyro that further adds to the 'Mech's durability. The 10S is armed with a Defiance 1001 ER PPC as its primary weapon and is backed up by six Diverse Optics ER Medium Lasers, a Diverse Optics ER Small Laser, and a Coventry TH4b Streak SRM-4 for close combat with two Defiance Razorback B-Pods for anti-battle armor use. The 10S also has a Guardian ECM Suite for defense against electronic warfare systems.[48][49] BV (1.0) = ?, BV (2.0) = 1,927[50]
  • BLR-10S2 
    This variant is identical to the 10S, but was introduced in 3072 and replaces one heat sink with a C3 Slave unit. BV (2.0) = 1,930[51]
  • BLR-CM 
    The CM variant of the BattleMaster was built by the Kuritans in 3064 to command a C3 company. A smaller engine means the 'Mech's speed has been reduced to 54.0 km/h in order to allow it to carry two C3 Master Computers. The 'Mech is armed with an ER PPC, two ER medium lasers, and a Shigunga MRM 30. It is armored with sixteen tons of armor to better protect the valuable computers that allow it to coordinate an entire company.[14][52] BV (1.0) = 1,651 (C3: 182),[53] BV (1.0) = ?, BV (2.0) = 1,883[7]
  • BLR-K3 
    Another Kuritan 'Mech that was built to utilize C3 technology, the K3 BattleMaster was introduced the same year as the CM but uses an XL engine. The 'Mech is armed with an ER PPC and two ER large lasers for long-range combat with four ER Medium Lasers and a Streak SRM-6 launcher for close combat situations. Finally, the 'Mech carries a single C3 Master Computer.[54] BV (1.0) = 1,498 (C3: 291),[53] BV (2.0) = 1,851[7]
  • BLR-M3 
    A C3 command version of the BattleMaster introduced in 3070, the M3 utilizes a Light Gauss Rifle as well as two Light PPCs to keep its enemies at long range. The 'Mech has an MML-5 launcher that is capable of firing both LRM and SRM ammunition, allowing it to be used in any range bracket. It is powered by a Light Fusion Engine that gives it a top speed of 64.8 km/h and is protected by thirteen and a half tons of Heavy Ferro-Fibrous armor with CASE to guard against ammunition explosions. The M3 also has two medium pulse lasers for close range defense and a C3 Master Computer to link together a lance of C3 equipped units.[56][49] BV (1.0) = ?, BV (2.0) = 1,674
  • Dual Cockpit refits: The BattleMaster was one of the Federated Suns' (and Federated Commonwealth's) preferred 'Mechs to install Dual Cockpits. Standard refits usually installed the Dual Cockpit on a BLR-1G or BLR-3M, removing one heat sink. BV (1.0) = varies, BV (2.0) = varies
  • BattleMaster
    This variant was designed in 3070 by Clan Jade Falcon scientists following the capture of Red Devil Industries during the FedCom Civil War. This 'Mech is built on an Endo Steel chassis protected by sixteen and a half tons of armor. Based on the 4S, the Clan-tech variant replaces the gauss rifle with a Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle 30 and four tons of ammunition. All the medium lasers are front facing, with four medium pulse lasers and two ER medium lasers. All of these weapons are guided by a Targeting Computer. The short-range missile launcher is replaced with an ATM 6 and three tons of ammunition to ensure the ability to make use of the flexibility offered by the Advanced Tactical Missile System.[57][49] BV (1.0) = ?, BV (2.0) = 3,025[7]
  • BattleMaster C 2 
    This variant is a production version of the BattleMaster Red Corsair, and is used by the Wolf Empire.[58]

Apocryphal Variants[edit]

Apocryphal Content Starts

The information after this notice comes from apocryphal sources; the canonicity of such information is uncertain.
Please view the reference page for information regarding their canonicity.

These variants were introduced in various apocryphal sources, and thus far have not appeared in any canonical media.

From MechWarrior 5: Heroes of the Inner Sphere Expansion Pack

  • BLR-1P
    This version of the BattleMaster comes with a EWAP and an EWCM. A single machine gun is located in each arm, with an additional large laser mounted in the right arm, the right torso contains the EWAP and the EWCM along with 2 medium lasers, 2 medium lasers along with a SRM-4 sit in the left torso.[61]

From MechWarrior 5: Call to Arms Expansion Pack

  • BLR-1M
    This melee-focused version of the BattleMaster mounts arm-mounted Large Laser in place of the PPC, adding a Small Laser beside the classic twin Medium Lasers in each side torso along with a left-shoulder mounted SRM-4, the saved weight allowing it to carry an Assault Claymore in its left hand.[61]

Apocryphal Content Ends

Custom Variants[edit]

  • BLR-1G BattleMaster Red Corsair 
    The personal 'Mech of the mysterious Red Corsair started life as a Royal BLR-1Gbc model, but was refitted with Clan-tech weaponry and structural components. A single ER PPC is located in each arm, with a Large Pulse Laser installed in the center torso, and all six the medium lasers are upgraded to medium pulse lasers. Twenty-one double heat sinks manage the heat generated by these weapons. To command her force, the Red Corsair's BattleMaster mounted a Command Console in the head. Sixteen tons of standard armor protected an Endo Steel skeleton and an XL engine. BV (2.0) = 2,472[62]
  • BLR-1GHE BattleMaster HellSlinger 
    This Star League era variant removes two of the forward medium lasers, both machine guns, the SRM launcher and their ammunition. In place of the SRM launcher are three Streak SRM-2 launchers with a single ton of ammunition with an extra PPC mounted in the left arm. Sixteen double heat sinks keep the 'Mech cool, and the 'Mech's armor is upgraded to Ferro-Fibrous armor. An extra half ton of armor is also installed.[63]
  • BLR-3M BattleMaster Rogers 
    Used by Colonel Wayne Rogers of Waco Rangers during the Coventry campaign, this BattleMaster drops five heat sinks, the single machine gun, and the SRM-6 of a BLR-3M and replaces them with seven Streak SRM-2 launchers. The loss of some armor is compensated for by using Ferro-Fibrous Armor instead. BV (2.0) = 1,818[64]
  • BLR-4S BattleMaster Calvin 
    Captured during the destruction of the Broadsword Legion in 3070, Calvin Magdaleno's BattleMaster was refitted by the Word of Blake on Hall to the BLR-4S standard but with a unique new weapons array. Carrying a Mydron Model RC Rotary AC/5 in its right arm and a pair of Defiance 1003 Light PPCs in its left, the torso mounted weapons consisted of two Diverse Optics ER medium lasers and a single standard medium laser on each side supported by a left torso mounted Shannon Super-60 Streak SRM-6 launcher. Two tons of autocannon reloads and a single ton for Streak Missile Launcher are supported by two extra double heat sinks. BV (2.0) = 2,029[65]

Design Quirks[edit]

The BattleMaster has the following Design Quirks:[67][68]

Related BattleMechs[edit]

  • Warlord - Produced in a new GM facility on El Dorado, the BLR-2G Warlord is an industrially streamlined, all-energy weapon variation of the venerable BLR-1G BattleMaster introduced during the Jihad.

Notable Pilots[edit]

See Category: Notable BattleMaster Pilots


  • The BattleMaster was once one of the iconic BattleMechs of early BattleTech. However, the 'Mech's image was removed from all publications due to a dispute regarding copyright, becoming Unseen. BattleTech now features the BattleMaster prominently again, gracing the covers of Total Warfare, TechManual, and the Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set, due to a retcon of the artwork.
  • In German products the unit's proper name was altered to Kampftitan, which literally means "Battle Titan". The model code was accordingly changed to KMT-1N.
  • In French products the unit's proper name was perfectly translated as Maître de Guerre.



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