Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrades

Record Sheet: Phoenix Upgrades
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Type Record Sheets
Pages 58 (2006)
265 (2007)
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Publisher InMediaRes
Product code BC-202
First published 2006
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Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrades is a record sheet compilation available in .pdf format through BattleCorps. The companion to Technical Readout: Project Phoenix, RS:PU contains the record sheets for all the units and variants described in that book. In addition, following the release of Total Warfare, new variants were added to this release that incorporated weapons and equipment that were first introduced in that book, as well as some that were made tournament-legal by their inclusion in it. Included in this update was a foreword by then-line developer Randall N. Bills that explained why the Unseen became the Unseen, the first time an official broke the silence about the decision.

From the Introduction[edit]

Classic BattleTech Record Sheet: Phoenix Upgrade provides more than 200 filled-out record sheets for the standard ’Mech designs detailed in Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: Project Phoenix, spanning from the classic versions common during the Succession Wars to variants utilizing the newest weapons and equipment as presented in Total Warfare.

These new variants represent a large swath of in-universe production capabilities. From simple, easy to install field upgrade kits, to from-the-ground-up new variants requiring the retooling of entire production lines, to a middle ground upgrade which can be accomplished by “remote refit facilities;” a new kind of advanced repair/refit facility appearing throughout the Inner Sphere as the ravages of the Jihad continue to destroy production facilities.


The Developer's Say


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  • The 2006 and 2007 editions have the same cover.
  • Since this is a web-only title, when it was re-released in July 2007 as Version 2.0 with new variants, anybody who had previously purchased it was allowed to download the new version free of charge.
  • Version 2.0 had the trademarked title Classic BattleTech Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrade.