Technical Readout: Project Phoenix

Technical Readout: Project Phoenix
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Author Loren L. Coleman (Stalking the Legends)
Development Randall Bills
Primary writing Randall Bills
Warner Doles
David L. McCulloch
Christoffer Trossen
Pages 104
Cover Artwork Chris Lewis
Illustrations Chris Lewis
Publication information
Publisher FanPro (Original)
Product code 10991 (2003)
35032 (2005)
First published 2003
2005 (2nd printing)
ISBN-10 3890649912
ISBN-13 978-3890649917
MSRP $19.99
Era Civil War era
Timeline 3067
Series Technical Readouts


The Technical Readout: Project Phoenix (TRO:Phoenix) is a special release by then-license-holder FanPro to address and solve the so-called Unseen issue. The TRO contained new artwork for some of the oldest BattleMech designs, to allow their return to publication. The variants presented originate from FedCom Civil War era. The in-character explanation is, that the designs had been modernized (and, hence, been brought back into the spotlight with a different outer appearance).

The TRO is unique with its comparatively few unit designs and a focus on artwork, as it contains 55 additional illustrations of design variants, without delivering any specifications for these. In delivering new artwork for old designs, the book is a belated companion to the Technical Readout: 3025 Revised. The game data for included illustrations on the other hand can mostly be found in Record Sheets: 3067.

The TRO:Phoenix was first released in 2003 under product code FPR 10991 and received a 2nd corrected printing under product code FPR 35032 in 2005.

From the back cover[edit]

As the FedCom Civil War swung into high gear and conflict swept through the Inner Sphere, the need for additional war materials was paramount. However, unlike many companies, which produced new, but expensive, BattleMechs, a new upstart company, Vicore Industries, took a different route. By taking centuries old machines and upgrading both their physical as well as technological capabilities, Vicore almost single-handedly started a revolution that provided a cheap means to bring "new" BattleMechs to the field commanders desperate for more assets.

Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: Project Phoenix provides descriptions, game statistics and illustrations for twenty-nine classic BattleMechs that have been upgraded both in appearance and technology. Also, for the first time in any technical readout, additional illustrations representing all the variants for every design in the book are also included.

Table of Contents[edit]

BattleMech Variant Illustrations
LCT-1V2 Locust/LCT-5V2 Locust
STG-6L Stinger/WSP-3S Wasp
VLK-QD3 Valkyrie/OTT-9S Ostscout
PXH-3PL Phoenix Hawk/PXH-6D Phoenix Hawk
PXH-7CS Phoenix Hawk/PXH-7S Phoenix Hawk
GRF-5M Griffin/GRF-6CS Griffin
SCP-12C Scorpion/SHD-7CS Shadow Hawk
SHD-7M Shadow Hawk/WVR-8C Wolverine
WVR-8D Wolverine/WVR-9D Wolverine
OSR-3C Ostroc/OTL-5D Ostsol
OTL-7M Ostsol/OTL-8M Ostsol
RFL-6X Rifleman/RFL-7M Rifleman
CRD-7L Crusader/CRD-8M Crusader
TDR-7SE Thunderbolt/TDR-9NAIS Thunderbolt
TDR-10SE Thunderbolt/ARC-6S Archer
ARC-6W Archer/ARC-7L Archer
WHM-4L Warhammer/WHM-9D Warhammer
WHM-9S Warhammer/MAD-5R Marauder
MAD-5T Marauder/MAD-7D Marauder
MAD-9M Marauder/MAD-9S Marauder
GOL-2H Goliath/GOL-3S Goliath
GOL-5D Goliath/BLR-5M BattleMaster
BLR-CM BattleMaster/BLR-K3 BattleMaster
MAD-4H Marauder II/Marauder IIC/Locust IIC 5/Griffin IIC 3
Shadow Hawk IIC 3/Rifleman IIC 4
Phoenix Hawk IIC 3/Warhammer IIC 3
Marauder IIC 3

Remarks on content[edit]

  • The title comprises descriptions of 29 BattleMech units in total, all from FedCom Civil War era. All presented units were prior subject to Unseen issue and received new artwork to allow their resumed usage in publications. It contains:
    • 22 Inner Sphere designs and
    • 7 Clan designs,
    • 55 additional illustrations of different variants of presented units, without any further stats or information on them.
  • The title comes with various in-character introductions, these are
  • On page 11 the title states in a Game Note, that the Record Sheets for the designs presented can be found in Record Sheets: 3067, with the exception of the Longbow design, whose record sheet is included in Record Sheets: Upgrades.
  • This product is the first TRO to present fiction in addition to information on unit designs, the short story Stalking the Legends.


  • Though controversial in its commissioning, the title provided relief (of sorts) for which a vocal majority of fans had been clamoring. By incorporating features that suggested evolution of similar features on the Unseen, the Reseen, as they are colloquially known, were able to sidestep the issue of artwork outside of FASA/FanPro's studios. Debate still simmered from two camps: that from those who saw new miniatures lessening the "value" of their limited Unseen figures and from those looking for relief from the ban of artwork from historical period (i.e., occurring before the Clan Invasion).
  • Trademarked Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: Project Phoenix.
  • FanPro released the PDF Version 1.0 dated March 2006, "Based on Corrected Second Printing by FanPro LLC, 2005."
  • A 53-page PDF copyrighted 2002 with the same cover and credits as the 2003 release may represent a beta version. The credits appear on the last page of the document and do not use the standard format for FanPro releases but do note it as being published by FanPro.