Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis
Occupation artist

Chris Lewis is an artist who has produced BattleTech art for FanPro, BattleCorps, and Catalyst Game Labs. Lewis's first official BattleTech work was Technical Readout: Project Phoenix, and he is most notably recalled for producing art for a number of Technical Readouts.

Character Brief[edit]

Playing BattleTech while at high school, Lewis focused on becoming a professional comics artist. Graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Lewis entered the field as an inker in 1989, working for both Marvel and DC during the 90s comic boom. When the boom turned to bust and work dried up, he started to send his portfolio to various game companies. Attending Gen Con in 1999, Lewis impressed FASA staff with his work just as FASA began to collapse. Slowly losing hope on doing BattleTech work, Warner Doles then approached Lewis with the idea of redeveloping the visual look of Unseen, the pair working on what would become the Project Phoenix redesigns. Lewis would attract near-continuous employment as an interior artist for rights-holders for Classic BattleTech from then on.


There is a BattleTech character named with the same name: Chris Lewis.

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