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Randall N. Bills
Occupation Game Designer
BattleTech Line Developer

Randall N. Bills has been working on BattleTech since 1996, when he began working for FASA as Assistant Line Developer for the BattleTech line. He has writing credits in numerous rulebooks and wrote several stories and novels in the BattleTech universe. He is also a cofounder of InMediaRes, the parent company currently publishing and developing BattleTech through their Catalyst Game Labs imprint.

Bills became the product Line Developer for BattleTech in the year 2000, when FASA still published the game until they sold the rights to the BattleTech intellectual property to WizKids in 2001. He remained in place when FanPro LLC acquired the license to what was then Classic BattleTech, yet also worked with WizKids for the new MechWarrior: Dark Age game set in the same universe. When the BattleTech license went to Catalyst Game Labs in 2007, he remained at the helm as Line Developer.

On 22 August, 2007, it was announced that Bills had moved on from BattleTech to become Catalyst Game Labs' roving developer, allowing him to help out on projects that need it, or on any potential future new lines.[1] He was succeeded as BattleTech Line Developer by Herbert A. Beas II, but nominally resumed the mantle again as an interim Line Developer after Beas left the position in August 2013. Brent Evans became the new BattleTech Line Developer on 25 May 2017.[2]

Randall lives in Washington state with his wife Tara, children Bryn, Ryana, and Kenyon; as well as a pet snake.




MechWarrior: Dark Age[edit]

MechWarrior 5: Origins / The Mercenary Life[edit]

Star Trek[edit]

  • Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Aftermath (eBook)
  • 2003 Demon, book 1 (with Loren L. Coleman)
  • 2004 Demon, book 2 (with Loren L. Coleman)


The following are BattleTech sourcebooks wherein Randall is given a writing credit.

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