Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex

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Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Development Randall N. Bills
Herb Beas
Mike Miller
Chris Wheeler (Assistant Development)
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills
Chris Hartford
David L. McCulloch
Ben Rome
Jason Schmetzer
Christoffer Trossen
Andreas Zuber
Pages 224
Cover Artwork Doug Chaffee (Art)
Ray Arrastia (Design)
Illustrations Doug Chaffee
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code 35022
First published 2006
ISBN-10 193256456X
ISBN-13 978-1932564563
MSRP $29.99
Era Jihad era
Timeline 3070
Series Technical Readouts
Followed by Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex Revised Edition


Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex (TRO:Vehicle) is unique as it was the first TRO to focus primarily on civilian and/or Support Vehicles of various kinds. It is at the same time the first to include WiGE vehicles, with the construction rules found in TechManual (published in 2007). Police and security versions of IndustrialMechs are also prominent. It is written from the perspective of a senior IrTech executive collecting information of potential areas for production expansion.

TRO:Vehicle is primarily intended for use with MechWarrior roleplaying game. Through the variety of designs presented, it gives the BattleTech Universe more depth and credibility on the everyday side of life, beyond military and war. For most designs presented no record sheets have been published, although the data provided allows players to create these themselves.[1]

The 2006 TRO:Vehicle by then license holder FanPro was later updated and expanded with the 2013 PDF-only edition Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex Revised Edition by CGL.

From the back cover[edit]

MechWarriors receive all the glory; aerospace fighter pilots a close second; vehicles are considered the workhorses of any military; infantry are even given their day in the sun in the minds of the common citizen. But no battle could be waged, nor won, without the mammoth apparatus of support vehicles that feed the war machines of the Great Houses. From cargo trucks to tanker airships, airborne MASH to communication satellites, armored transport rails to coastal patrol boats, hauler exoskeletons to LoaderMechs, even hover and wheeled police cruisers or civilian vehicles onscripted [sic] into the military: the support vehicle is the true ackbone [sic] of any military machine.

Built using the construction rules found in TechManual™ nd [sic] Combat Equipment™, Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex™ provides a never-before-seen look at the support vehicles behind the militaries of every faction, as well as a slice of every day [sic] life in the BattleTech® universe. From tracked land-trains to police cruisers, luxury VTOLs to fix-wing [sic] passenger planes, satellites, super-heavy naval surface ships, IndustrialMechs and more: the gamut of the BattleTech universe, fully illustrated for the first time.

Table of Contents[edit]

Wheeled Support Vehicles
Prairie Schooner Land Train[2]
Lesseps / Brunel Dump Trucks
Saturnus V / Durandel-British
Mao-Heng Charioteer
Konx [sic] / Bailey Armored Cars
Saurer-Bucher Fire Engine / Simca Ambulance
Aston-Martin Fiver Series[3]
Mótuö Chë Shang No. 2 / Flashbang ZZ10000
Škoda / Iveco Burro Trucks[4]
Bulldog / Pit Bull Medium Trucks
Tracked Support Vehicles
Galaport Ground Tug[5]
Gienah-Durapaq Elite Series 3
Luciano White Wolverine
Hesiod Utility Vehicle / Saturn Harvester
UL-Series Construction Vehicles
Corx Mobile Tunnel Miner
Cellco Ranger UPU-3000
Croyle Cortez
Donovan-Miter Magellan
Sherpa Armored Truck
RRV "Rock Rover" Half-Track
Hover Support Vehicles
BFFL "Buffalo"
Routemaster Shuttle / Lewis Skimmer Bus
Crimson Streak / CS535 Hover Cars
Kressly Dillinger Police Vehicle
Deusenberg VIP Luxury Hovercar
Ina-du Swamp Skimmer
Slipper LX-Series
Bayamo Hoverbike / Freedom 900 Hover Jeep
VTOL Support Vehicles
St. Christopher Cargo Transport C1/C2
SOAR / Peacekeeper SWAT Carrier
Sky Eye News Helicopter
Pegasus / Baronet Passenger VTOLs
Cal-Boeing RTC-215M Swiftran
Lexan Oceanic Series Luxury VTOL[6]
Pion-Laurier Cascatelle / Lama-Deux
WiGE Support Vehicles
Coanda / Quicksilver Personal Sports Craft
Cormorant Cargo Craft / Fulmar Patrol Craft
Koi / Ryu Transport WIGEs
Airship Support Vehicles
Dawn Treader Cargo Airship
Corvair Luxury Passenger Airliner
Schatten Surveillance Airship
Cloud Nine Carrier Airship
EC-1 Eckener Tanker Airship
Dixon Law Enforcement / Firetender Airships
Meteos 9 Manned Dirigible
Fixed Wing Support Vehicles
Avanti Aerospace ACL-800 Airliner
Federated-Boeing FB-335 Longhaul
Jetta Coruna 4X / S 2772
Mosquito IX Radar Plane
C-790 Protector High-Speed Medevac
Torrent Heavy Bomber
Zanadu Air Bus
CBM KC-9 "King Karnov"
Satellite Support Vehicles
Galax SEU-193D Starcomm
D40 /SneakSat Communications Satellites
SkyWard Model XII Warning Satellite
Figyel II Science Satellite
Blankenburg Cassion Payload Satellite
Rail Support Vehicles
Adelante Passenger/Cargo Train
St. Bernard Express
Moray Transfer Monorail
Pressurized Train
RML-447C Nolan/RMC-3050 LevCar
Naval (Surface) Support Vehicles
Ahab Whaler
Whitestreak Speedboat / Whitestreak Jetski
Atlantia-Series Luxury Yacht
Silverfin / Silverback Coastal Cutters
Kaleen Bay Tanker / Anastaka Maro Freighter [sic]
Meabh Heavy Cruiser
Luftenberg Supercarrier
Naval (Submarine) Support Vehicles
JN-002 Jonah Submarine
Baleena Passenger Submarine
Seahorse / Verne Cargo Subs
Triton Missile Submarine
Lysander Carrier Submarine
CEX-205 "Groundhog" Exoskeleton
Gladiator Exoskeleton
Ailette Zero-G Engineering Exoskeleton
GM Tunnel Rat Mining Exoskeleton
PEX-2B Gorilla / PEX-2F Salrilla
HeavyHauler / P-5000 PowerLoader
Resgate / Krise PA(L) Exoskeleton
Smoothdavid II / Smoothgoliath II
HVR-99 "Harvester" AgroMech
SC-V-1 "Vampyr" ScavengerMech
KIC-3 Harvester Ant
SC Powerman LoaderMech / SC Buster HaulerMech
ED-X Crosscut LoggerMech
ATAE-70 "Uni" CargoMech
RA-4 CattleMaster (Hunter/Herder)
RCL-4 Dig Lord
CON-7 "Carbine" ConstructionMech
MR-8C Marco
GM-3A Pompier FireMech
CPK-6 "Copper" SecurityMech

Remarks on content[edit]


Trademarked Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex.


  1. A notable exception is the sourcebook Historical: Operation Klondike, which utilizes support vehicles. Record sheets for these variants have been published in the sourcebook's companion record sheet book, Record Sheets: Operation Klondike
  2. The entry describes the Prairie Schooner tractor as well as the attachable modules
  3. The entry describes the Fiver (Roadster) as well as the Fiver (Traveler)
  4. The entry describes the Burro Heavy Support Truck as well as the Burro II Super Heavy Cargo Truck
  5. The entry describes the Galaport Ground Tug as well as the Galaport Ground Tug Trailer
  6. The entry describes the Oceanic Series VI as well as the Oceanic Series II