Harvester Ant

Harvester Ant
Harvester Ant
Production information
Manufacturer Kong Interstellar Corporation
Use Farming, Bulk Crop Collector
Class Light
Introduced Star League era[1]
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 20 tons
Armor Commercial Armor (BAR 5)
Engine Leenex 60 Internal Combustion Engine
Communications System Basix 100
Targeting Tracking System None
Heat Sinks None
Speed 50 Kph km/h

2x Combine

BV (2.0) 143[2][3]


The Harvester Ant is an Industrial Quad 'Mech originally designed for the use of farmers and colonists during the golden era of the Star League. It was built by Kong Interstellar of Connaught starting in 2650, where the Industrial 'Mech became a successful model for the company. Production continued until the daunting years of the Succession Wars, when Kong's manufacturing abilities were wrecked. Many 'Mechs of this design fell into disrepair, a majority being stripped to repair BattleMechs.[4][5][6]

The design was returned to production in 3058 when a new factory was constructed. During the brief Second Star League period, sales of the Harvester Ant began to rise, however the Civil Wars that dominated the 3060s lowered the demand for this 'Mech design.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The standard KIC-3 Harvester Ant is a simple design used to collect bulk crops (grain, corn, etc.) using two combine heads mounted on its front leg actuators. The 'Mech was designed with colony uses in mind, with intentional inclusion of the flexible Leenex engine. This engine allows the 'Mech to run on any combustible fuel available during the early stages of colonization. It is noted for being an easily controlled design, especially for less experienced pilots available on a new colony world. Its quad design allows the Ant to easily traverse difficult terrain.[4]

The design is protected by two tons of commercial Star Slab armor, which has been shown to be too weak for combat situations.[4]


The 'Mech has a two ton cargo capacity.[4]


Some forces desperate for defense modify their Harvester Ants to mount weaponry. Though not effective against most dedicated combat units, these armed IndustrialMechs can effectively engage conventional infantry and light armor.

  • Harvester Ant KIM-3M MOD 
    Introduced during the Succession Wars Era in year 2801, This variant of the Harvester Ant removes the combines and replaces them with a pair of Machine Guns in each torso. A half ton of ammunition is provided in each torso as well. To deter heavier units, the center torso mounts an SRM-2 launcher with a ton of ammunition. A pair of heat sinks disperse the SRM heat. BV (2.0) = 127[7][8][9][10]
  • Harvester Ant KIM-3M-B MOD 
    This version mounts an LRM-5 in each torso and was introduced in 2801 during the early Succession Wars. Acting in role of a fire support/"missile boat", it provides long-range firepower as supporting unit. It's launchers are fed from a single center torso mounted ammunition bay. A pair of heat sinks disperse the heat from the LRMs. BV (2.0) = 214[11][8][12]

Design Quirks[edit]

The KIC-3 Harvester Ant version's features the following Design Quirks:


Harvester Ant's MOD's were first featured in Record Sheets: Operation Klondike, as units used by the Pentagon Powers during their war among mini-factions of the Pentagon Cluster, what would become Clan space. The later revised version of Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex and Record Sheets: Vehicle Annex, IndustrialMechs and Exoskeletons would re-publish these variants and the base model. It unclear how the Inner Sphere managed to duplicate these modifications due to complete separated nature of these two separate regions. Both introduction years for the MODs are the start of the conflict with Pentagon Powers and the creation of the Clans of Kerensky.


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