Pentagon Powers

Pentagon Powers - These were small political/military factions or proto-states that were formed in the wake of the Pentagon Civil War after 2801.

Brief Description[edit]

These powers were originally part of the five Pentagon Worlds nation known as the Star League In Exile. The nation was established by the SLDF's Exodus Fleet and led by General Alekander Kerensky. However, underlying tensions among the citizenry and soldiers of the SLDF grew after leaving the Inner Sphere. Insurrection in the City of Cathry and ultimately the death of General Alekander Kerensky brought about the demise of the Star League in Exile and gave birth to the fragmented powers which were formed in the fires of unchecked warfare.

These groups were not interstellar powers, but small factions of people divided and united by their past political makeup. The Exodus War Civil War - or Pentagon Civil War as it was sometimes referred to - reduced the technology levels of the Pentagon Powers to a hodgepodge of low technology nations with high-tech artifacts.

It wasn't until 2821, when these nations were destroyed and conquered by ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky and his followers that were known as the Clans that these fractious groups were reunified.

Listing of Pentagon Powers[edit]

The following is a break down of each faction found per world/landmass they resided on.


East Arcadia[edit]

  • Democratic Republic of Rand - 5 mixed regular battalions.[1]
  • Helgren County - 2 mixed veteran battalions.[1]
  • Kingdom of Surev - 5 mixed regular companies.[1]


  • Dragon's Republic - 4 mixed regular battalions.[1]
  • Garrak & Korban - 4 mixed regular companies.[1]
  • Principalities of Breck & Xanadi - 4 mixed regular companies.[1]

West Arcadia[edit]

  • Confederation of Arcadia - 6 mixed regular battalions.[1]
  • Ilkasur Shogunate - 7 mixed regular battalions.[1]
  • Nation of Hastur - 9 mixed regular battalions.[1]
  • Ravisham Collective - 3 mixed regular battalions.[1]



  • Abyssinia - 2 total mixed regular battalions.[2]


  • "Mountain People" - 4 veteran mixed companies.[2]


  • City of Gralen - 4 mixed regular companies.[2]
  • the Oppenreich - 3 mixed regular battalions.[2]


  • Camlaan - 3 mixed regular battalions.[2]
  • East Solath rebels groups - 4 total mixed regular battalions.[2]


  • Sumral Carta - 2 mixed regular battalions.[2]


Northern Habitable Zone[edit]

  • Sand Confederacy - 3 mixed regular battalions. [3] One of the oldest factions on Circe, the Confederacy was a loose collection of nomadic desert tribes that chafed at the rules imposed by the Star League-in-Exile, expanding considerably with refugees from the Pentagon Civil War. Their nomadic nature dragged out their conquest until Clan Snow Raven's capture of the city of Dehra Dun and free offer of access to its aquifer in return of obeying Clan laws ended their military opposition.[4][3]
  • Empire of Hidalgo - 5 mixed regular battalions.[3] More formally known as "the Glorious Imperial Dominion of the God-King Hidalgo", the Empire was ruled by Antonio Hidalgo, a devout but mentally unbalanced SLDF lieutenant who created a theocratic empire, brutally meting out divine justice to those who didn't strictly follow his faith. In the twenty years leading up to Klondike, Hidalgo's white clad Brigada de Dios, literally Brigade of God, slaughtered 20 to 40 thousand people in purges of the unfaithful.[4]
  • Tabor Voivoidate - 2 mixed green battalions.[3] Democratic proto-state of Free Worlds League heritage. In contrast to most of the other battles, most significant opposition to Clan conquest was protest marches and strikes, its military quickly collapsing. [5]
  • Kerensky Dominion - 3 mixed veteran battalions.[3] Terran Loyalist faction that steadfastly held to the attitudes and morals of the Star League and Aleksandr Kerensky. Led by a triumvirate drawn from the military, political and religious elements of society, the Dominion acted only defensively and occasionally attempted to act a neutral part and peacekeeper in the region, retaining a relatively high level of technology and a strong military. Mistakenly believing they would be treated as equals, during Klondike the Dominion leadership pledged its support to the "sons of the great father" and aided the Clans in defeating the Hidalgo Empire and Tabor Voivoidate. Dismayed to find the Clans had little in common with the Star League and aggrieved at their use seemingly only as cannon fodder, a senior Dominion military officer was killed while attempting to protest the treatment of his troops, the Clans brutally putting down the Dominion's "mutiny".[4]
  • Rasmussen Elite - 4 mixed regular battalions.[3] A strange mixture of Lyran, Combine and Terran warriors, the Elite were a "thugocracy", offering "protection" in return for the every whim of its warriors being met. Settling its disputes between warriors in trials by combat, often to the death, in many respects the individual warriors of the Elite were the equal of the Clans in one-on-one combat, only falling thanks to their inferior technology and coordinated Clan Wolverine counterattacks. The ilKhan would ultimately describe the Rasmussen Elite as the Clans' "shadow brothers", their society corrupted by their martial prowess rather than using it to protect it.[3] At the time of their destruction, they were led by Gustav Kran.[6]
  • Isle of the Eagles (L’Isle des Aigles) - 2 veteran battalions.[3] House Davion-originated power, known to favor French language.[4]

Southern Habitable Zone[edit]

  • Emerald Kingdom - 4 mixed regular battalions.[3]
  • Gant Republic - 5 mixed green battalions.
  • Mongrel Mob - 3 mixed regular battalions.[3]
  • Brotherhood of Fianna - 3 mixed veteran battalions.[3]



  • Hailes Commonwealth - 1 mixed regular battalion, 11 coastal cutters.[7]
  • Oriente Dominion - 3 mixed veteran battalions.[7]
  • Ryan's Roughnecks - 4 mixed regular battalions.[7]
  • Imbros collectives - no organized military.[7]
  • Minor Gressen factions - 2 mixed green battalions.[7]


  • McMillan Collective - 2 mixed veteran battalions.[7]
  • Minor Rivan factions - 3 mixed regular companies.[7]
  • The Chosen - 2 mixed veteran battalions.[7]


  • Scattered Salan factions - 6 mixed regular companies.[7]

San Biagio[edit]

  • Brotherhood of Donegal - 4 mixed veteran battalions.[7]


  • The Drakkars - 2 mixed veteran battalions.

Ocean Based Factions[edit]

  • Mimosa Atoll - 1 veteran infantry company.[7]
  • Penn Atoll - 1 regular infantry company.[7]
  • Kepler Atoll - Unknown volume of infantry.[8]



  • Minor Amur factions - 3 mixed regular companies[9]


  • Irkutsk Irregulars - 2 mixed regular battalions.[9]


  • Levic Ascendancy - 2 'Mech battalions, 5 mixed veteran battalions.[9]


  • The McDonald Collective - no organized military.[9]
  • People's Congress - 2 green infantry companies.[9]
  • Sarbat Khanate - 4 mixed veteran battalions.[9]
  • Purgatory Cities - 4 mixed veteran battalions.[9]
  • Abaddon mining settlements - 3 mixed green companies.[9]


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