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  • January 3rd: Towne invaded by Black Dragon influenced forces.
  • February 28th: Word of Blake begins assault on Terra.
  • March 15th-May 10th: Invasion of Coventry by Clan Jade Falcon.
  • April 18th-23rd:17th Recon and resistence force end Black Dragon's occupation of Towne.
  • June 5th: Victor Steiner-Davion arrives on Coventry with a multinational task force.
  • Aug 8th: Pirates War ends.
  • September 19th: Sirian Lancers and 4th Free Worlds Legionnaires liberate Procyon and Sirius.
  • Word of Blake conquers Terra.
  • Capellan Confederation sends Warrior House Hiritsu to conquer Kaifeng, subduing the Sarna Supremacy.
  • End of the Refusal War.