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  • Draconis Combine introduces the Killer Whale-T.
  • Draconis Combine introduces the White Shark-T.
  • Draconis Combine introduces the Barracuda-T.
  • Clan Steel Viper introduces the Coolant Pod.
  • Free Worlds League introduces the Light Gauss Rifle.
  • New Samarkand Metals and Luthien Armor Works field Kage Light Battle Armor.
  • Upgraded Leopard-class DropShip launches.
  • Shipil Company fields upgraded Overlord-class DropShip variant.
  • Kurita Combine Munitions Corporation launches Chimeisho-class JumpShip.
  • Blue Shot Weapons and Telfar BattleMechs field Lynx BattleMech.
  • The CDA-3G variant of the Cicada BattleMech introduced.
  • Clan Hell's Horses fields Gnome battle armor.
  • Draconis Combine introduces the Nagumo-class DropShip.
  • Luthien Armor Works and General Motors begin production of the Avatar OmniMech.
  • Defiance Industries introduces the Berserker BattleMech.
  • The common CLN-7V variant of the Chameleon is first produced.
  • With assistance from Seekers from Clan Goliath Scorpion the Vannite Pirate Kingdom returns a Merkava factory on Vannes to working order.
  • The Magellan Series Four Exploration Vehicle begins to be offered for sale.
  • Wakazashi Enterprises developed the Koi Heavy Transport.