Mitchell Avellar

This article is about the Outworlds Alliance character and politician. For the vessel, see CSR Mitchell Avellar.
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Mitchell Avellar at age 41
Mitchell Avellar
Character Profile
Born 3035[1][2]
Affiliation House Avellar
Profession President
Parents Neil Avellar (father)
Rebecca DeSanders (mother)
Siblings Camillo Avellar
Patrice Avellar

Mitchell Avellar was the President of the Outworlds Alliance from 3056.[3] He was the first child of President Neil Avellar and his wife Rebecca DeSanders.[4]


Mitchell Avellar was influential in negotiating an extensive investment partnership with the Draconis Combine, in order to support his Long Road economic program.[5]

In September 3069 Mitchell found himself facing an internal political crisis within the Outworlds Alliance; a combined operation between Clan Snow Raven and Alliance Military Corps had resulted in a week-long siege of the planet Dante following reports indicating that local terrorists operating from the planet were linked to the Word of Blake. However, the heavy-handed nature of a military siege inflamed secessionist feelings on a number of planets within the Alliance, including Raldamax and the province capital of Baliggora.[6]

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