Handbook: Major Periphery States

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Handbook: Major Periphery States
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills
Primary writing Diane Piron-Gelman
Herbert A. Beas II
Pages 233
Cover Artwork Alex Iglesias
Illustrations Doug Chaffee
Chris Lewis
Klaus Scherwinski
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35203
First published 2009
ISBN-13 9781934857366
Era Star League era
Succession Wars era
Clan Invasion era
Civil War era
Agency InterStellar Associated Press
Universe Date 17 November 3067
Series Handbook
Preceded by Handbook: House Davion
Followed by Handbook: House Liao


Handbook: Major Periphery States is a sourcebook released electronically in June 2009.

From the back cover[edit]

The peoples of the Inner Sphere often consider themselves the epitome of technology and culture and relegate the denizens of the frontiers of known space to second-class citizenry, or worse. And yet it took the combined armies of the Inner Sphere more than twenty years to subjugate them during the forming of the first Star League half millennia ago.

Magistracy of Canopus, Taurian Concordat, Marian Hegemony, Outworlds Alliance and Circinus Federation. Each is a unique star-spanning empire whose hardy people have carved out their freedom with bare hands: an identity they will not give up without a fight. Even the Great Houses have begun to learn that underestimating these Periphery States is dangerous indeed.

Handbook: Major Periphery States collates the essential history, politics and culture of the Major Periphery States into a single volume. More than a mere sourcebook, Handbook: Major Periphery States provides rules for both BattleTech and A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG game play, including new support vehicles, creatures and more!


  • Local Color (short story)
  • Introduction
  • Good Night and Good Luck
The Lucianca Incident
Outworlds Alliance
Magistracy of Canopus
  • A Fateful Choice
Santiago and Aftermath
  • Crossing The Rubicon
Rim Worlds Rebellion
Sowing and Reaping
  • Reconstruction
Brave New Worlds?
  • Decline and Fall
Long Live the King
Vengeance Is Mine
The Boy King
"No Taxation Without Representation"
Road to Hell
Amaris the Liberator
Rim Worlds Ascendant
"The Revolution Will Be on Holovid"
Final Preparations
The Coup
  • Blowback: Events
  • In the Rim Worlds
  • Rim Worlds Campaign
A Dream Deferred
One Brief, Shining Moment
The Republic-Commonwealth War
  • The Star League Disbands
  • Into Exile
  • Succession War Era
Bandit Kings and Pirate Nations
More Perfect Unions?
  • False Dawn
Emma Rising
  • Politics of Fear - The Taurian Concordat
Years of Misfortune
"Phony War"
  • A Delicate Balance - The Outworlds Alliance
"That Foreign Woman"
"New Blood, New Hope"
  • The Coming of the Clans
Where Few Have Gone Before
  • Summits and Spies
  • New Powers, New Foes
The Marshal and the Heir
Laying the Foundation
  • Taurian Concordat - Crisis and Succession
  • From Neighbors to Allies
  • Strange Bedfellows
The Pirates' War
Sound and Fury
  • Star League Redux?
  • Storm Warnings
  • Detroit Debacle
  • Achilles Heel - Events in the Concordat
With Friends Like These...
Rumblings of Rebellion: The Fronc Reaches
Restoration: The Calderon Protectorate
The Pleiades Campaign
  • Shifting Sands - The Magistracy and Its Allies
Taurian Troubles
  • Quiet Renaissance - The Outworlds Alliance
  • Ave, Imperator - Rise of the Marian State
Conscience of the King
  • Days to Come
  • "I Regret That I Must Declare Martial Law"
The TDF and the Marshals
  • Bad to Worse: 3063-3064
  • Birth of the Fronc Reaches
  • Government and Politics
Ebb Tide: Relations with the Concordat
Celestial Wisdom: Relations with the Capellan Confederation
The Fronc Reaches: Detroit and the Magistracy
My Enemy, My Ally: The Marian Hegemony and the Circinus Federation
Internal Affairs: The Word of Blake
Newsmaker Profile: Magestrix Emma Centrella
  • Magistracy Armed Forces
  • Command Structure
Magestrix Command Center
  • Magistracy Army
BattleMech Forces
  • Magistracy Navy
Aerospace fighters
DropShips and JumpShips
  • Militia Defense Forces
  • Magistracy Medical Corps
  • Magistracy Support Corps
  • Magistracy Alliance Liaison
  • Mercenary Commands
  • Uniforms
  • Ranks and Insignia
  • Awards and Decorations
Canopus Cluster
Fist of Raventhir
Ribbon of the Magestrix
  • Military Academies
Canopian Institute of War
  • Cloaks And Daggers: Magistracy Intelligence Ministry
Questions Without Answers
  • Economy
  • Rising Tide: Wealth and Poverty in the Magistracy
  • National Economy
  • Cash and Credit
  • Major Industries
Military Industries
Other Profit Sectors
  • Society and Culture
  • Anything Goes:
  • The Ethos of Openness
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Education
  • Religion
Goddess Religions
Magdalene Church
  • Economics:
  • The Politics of Trade
Irons in the Fire
  • Marshals and Mercs: The Fronc Reaches Military
  • Living in the Reaches
  • Winter Of Discontent
  • Rumors in the Shadows
  • Government And Politics
  • Protector
  • Privy Council
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Exchequer
  • Ministry of the Interior
  • Ministry of Trade and Colonization
  • Ministry of Education
  • Concordat Courts
  • Functionaries
  • Conditions for Citizenship
  • Taurian Nobility
  • Law Enforcement
  • Changing Times: Politics in the Concordat
"No Foreign Entanglements": Relations with House Liao
Fair-Weather Friends: Relations with the Magistracy
"A Protector, Not a King" - Domestic Dissident in Perilous Times
Outside Factions: The Word of Blake
  • Concordat Military
  • Ranks and Insignia
Section Leader
Force Sergeant
Lance Sergeant
Battalion Chief-Sergeant/Air Chief
Subaltern/Air Master, Junior Grade
Brigadier/Air Master, Senior Grade
Colonel/Space Master
  • Concordat Army
BattleMech Forces
Armor and Infantry
Special Forces
Concordat Constabulary
  • Concordat Navy
  • Aerospace Arm
  • Support and Administrative Divisions
Administrative Corps
Medical Division
Propaganda Division
Transport and Service Division
  • Uniforms
Battle Gear
  • Awards and Decorations
Taurian Brand
Hyades Heart
Standard of Taurus
Concordat Sunburst
  • Military Academies
École Militaire
  • Economics
  • National Economy
A Delicate Balance: The Government and the Market
  • Cash and Credit
  • Major Industries
  • Society and Culture
  • Talkin' 'Bout my Generation: Politics and Media
  • Toward the Stars: The Far Lookers' Legacy
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Arts and Recreation
Other Amusements
  • Calderon Protectorate
  • Exile Nation: Government and Politics
  • Under Siege: Economics in a Breakaway Nation
  • Protectorate Military
  • Government and Politics
  • Rights of Citizens
  • Democracy in Action: The Workings of Government
Executive Parliament
Planetary Parliament
Courts of Appeal
Military Review Board
  • Comes the Raven
"Prelude to Takeover"
  • Alliance Military
Alliance Aerospace Arm
Alliance Ground Defense Arm
Alliance Service Arm
  • Ranks and Insignia
Section Leader
  • Uniforms
  • Awards
Pitcairn Star
Gallucci Cross
Cerberus Cluster
  • Columbia Academy
  • The Constant Enemy: Pirates in the Outworlds
Enter the Raven
Other Threats
  • Economics
  • Good Neighbors: Trade with the Inner Sphere
  • Home Front: Trade with Periphery States
  • Cash, Credit and Barter
  • Major Industries
Military Industries
Non-Military Industries
  • Society and Culture
  • Simple Gifts: Technology and its effects
Emergence of the Omniss
Prosperity and Change
New Money, Old Values
Resistance: The Omniss Under Siege
Back to the Future?
  • Brave New Era: Everyday life in 3067
Attitudes Toward Outsiders
Arts, Media and Recreation
  • Government and Politics
  • How Government Works
Spotlight: The Senate
Spotlight: The Caesar
Spotlight: Citizens and Slaves
  • Hegemony Politics in 3067
Julius the Former
Bad Break: The Caesar and the Word of Blake
  • Marian Legions
  • Collegium Bellorum Imperium
  • Force Strength
  • And Organization
BattleMech Forces
Aerospace and Conventional Forces
  • Rank
  • Uniforms and Insignia
  • Decorations and Medals
Corona Graminea
Corona Aurea
Corona Civica
Order of Scipio
  • The Circinus Campaign: Aftermath
  • Economy
  • Costs of Conquest
  • Major Industries
Mining and Ore Refining
Tourism and Entertainment
Military Industries
  • Cash and Credit
  • Society and Culture
  • Slavery in the Hegemony
  • When In Rome: Lothians, Illyrians and their Conquerors
Religion: A Roman Revival
  • Building A Nation: Education Reform
  • Government
"Mister Dictator"
  • Military
Organization, Rank and Tactics
Uniforms and Insignia
  • Economy
Major Industries
  • Society and Culture
Modern Machismo: Circinians Today
Aces in the Hole
  • Coming of Age
  • Military
Battlefield Assets
  • Economy
Hunter's Paradise
  • Society and Culture
  • A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG
  • Creatures
Aphard Mudskipper (Amphibius Aphardis)
Blue Raptor (Raptorus Azurus Vandenburgii)
Cygnus Caribou (Taurinus Tarandus Cygnusii)
Hipposaur (Hipposaurus Amphibius Vixenis)
Khog (Khogus Canisous Circinusii)
Leech Locust (Locusta Canibalus Marknickis)
Selkie (Phocidae Arcticus Lothianus)
Solvent Vine (Vinea Dissolverus Milliganis)
Tariq (Taurus Tariqus Brashae)
Thraxan Devourer (Serpens Mares Thraxis)
Vetchin (Avianus Alae Quaderis Slewesii)
Water Horse (Equus Oceanus Hardiseusi)
  • Personal Equipment
  • Pequod MkI/MkII Harpoon Guns
  • Vibro-Mace
  • Breaching Frame
  • Patchwork Enviro-Suit
  • Stasis Tube
  • New Weapon Trait:
  • Amphibious (Amph.)
  • CBT Infantry Platoon Construction Data
  • Support Vehicles
  • Cost of Living in the near Periphery
  • The Black Market
  • Roleplaying in the near Periphery
  • Frontier Values: Similarities and Differences
  • Nationalities
Nationality and the Newborn Realms
Crossing Borders
The Periphery Border Crossing Roll Results Table
  • Periphery States Adventure Hooks
  • All Politics Is Local
  • Encounter Types
  • Cutthroat Competition
  • Jolly Rogers
  • Enemy Within
  • New Unit Types
Tariq-Mounted Infantry
  • Game Rules