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This article is about the military rank. For the BattleMech, see Marshal (BattleMech).

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A Marshal is usually a high-ranking officer in a military organization. Oftentimes the Marshal is an administrative rank, overseeing several military districts or prefectures. Occasionally they will lead large formations of troops.

Armed Forces of the Federated Suns[edit]

Marshals of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns[1] are usually given command of a front line Regimental Combat Team, a group of up to 15 regiments of highly motivated and trained soldiers headed by a 'Mech regiment of proven skills.

Marshals are often appointed by Field Marshals after they have proven their ability to plan and execute strategies and handle the massive communications problems associated with coordinating the activities of forces stationed across several worlds.

The equivalent naval rank is Fleet Admiral.

Marshals wear epaulets with four broad bands across the base.

During the time of the Federated Commonwealth, the rank of Marshal was retained throughout the entire AFFC.

AFFS Marshal (Fleet Admiral) insignia by branch of service
Rank MechWarrior Aerospace Fighter Infantry Armor Naval Crew Technical
Administrative Medical Legal Logistics/
(Fleet Admiral)
MarshalMW.png MarshalASF.png MarshalInf.png Marshalarmor.png Marshalnaval.png Marshaltech.png Marshaladmin.png Marshalmedical.png Marshallegal.png Marshallogistics.png

Free Worlds League Military[edit]

In 3025, the Free Worlds League was divided into four military districts, two for the Lyran front and two for the Capellan front. These four districts were commanded by a Marshal, tasked with implementing the policies enacted by the League Central Coordination and Command.[2] These officers were the highest-ranking military officers in the Free Worlds League Military; only the Captain-General was higher. The naval equivalent of a Marshal is known as a Fleet Admiral.

Typically a Free Worlds League Marshal would wear the insignia of a general when they were in the field: a single strip of silver set into a single strip of gold, which is further mounted on a single purple stripe.

FWLM Marshal's Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Marshal MarshalFWL.png

Taurian Defense Force[edit]

Each of the Taurian Defense Force's corps level units is commanded by a Marshal. The Taurian Guard Corps commanding officer is known as the Senior Marshal; this officer also serves as the commander of the entire TDF. Usually the Taurian Concordat's Protector of the Realm (or Protector) is the Senior Marshal, but this is not a requirement.[3]

The Marshals of the TDF wear the stylized bull's head of a Comptroller, but fill the gold ring with a red dot.

Taurian Defense Force Insignia
Rank Insignia
Marshal TaurianConcordat-Marshal.png


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