Handbook: House Davion

Handbook: House Davion
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Herb Beas
Primary writing Christoffer Trossen
Pages 204
Cover Artwork Franz Vohwinkel
Illustrations Ray Arrastia
Robert Atkinson
Doug Chaffee
Brent Evans
Ted Galaday
Chris Lewis
Klaus Scherwinski
Franz Vohwinkel
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code 35024
First published 2 May 2007
ISBN-10 1932564586
ISBN-13 978-1936876419
Era Civil War era
Jihad era
Agency Federated Suns' Ministry of Foreign Relations
Universe Date 05 November 3067
Series Handbook
Preceded by Handbook: House Marik
Followed by Handbook: Major Periphery States


Handbook: House Davion is the third in the series of books detailing the nations of the Inner Sphere and is the definitive sourcebook on the Federated Suns. It includes a detailed history of the Suns, its capital New Avalon, and House Davion that begins in the twenty-third century and ends in 3067. It includes a description and brief history of many worlds that are representative of the Suns as a whole, and it lays bare the often byzantine, multilayered bureaucracies that run the Suns government and the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. It glosses over the military that Field Manual: Federated Suns detailed, spending more time on the society, culture, and economics of the most popular BattleTech faction, including brief descriptions of many of the companies that drive the Suns' economy. Finally, the book includes a rules annex that expands on the sub-regions from Field Manual: Federated Suns and Classic BattleTech Companion, as well as rules for using the fax machines developed by the New Avalon Institute of Science, among other rules expansions and suggestions. The book closes with new creatures native to the Federated Suns and new terrain and units for use in Classic BattleTech games.

In-universe, the Handbook: House Davion was released on 05 November 3067 for the Fourth Whitting Conference, based upon the New Avalon Institute of Science's A Brief Primer on the Federated Suns, partially compiled in the previous month of October.

From the back cover[edit]

House Davion has dominated Inner Sphere politics, especially the military-industrial complex, for centuries. A drive for technological innovation that reaches both the military and civilian sectors; a society built around the freedoms of the every-day man; a feudal system that empowers the First Prince of House Davion like no other: the swords of the Federated Suns have sliced out the largest and arguably most powerful realm in the history of mankind. Despite of the recent ravages of a civil war, the people of House Davion know their place in history.

Handbook: House Davion provides an in-depth look at the politics, the cultures and the ever-present military of one of the most dominant players in the Inner Sphere. Yet Handbook: House Davion includes more than just background information, providing a plethora of new creatures, personnel weapons, life paths and more, for both Classic BattleTech and Classic BattleTech RPG campaigns set in the Federated Suns!


  • Society and Culture
    • Peoples and Cultures
    • Education
    • Religion and Philosophy
    • Politics and Movements
    • Media and the Arts
    • Science & Technology
    • Crime and Punishment
  • Economics
    • National Economy
    • Civil Industry
    • Military Industry
  • Index


  • This was the first in the series to be published after the rebranding of the CBT line that began with Total Warfare, so the book is slightly different in its visual aesthetics.
  • It should be noted that this publication predates current games rules for roleplaying; A Time of War.